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Of course we all know about George W. Bush and Al Gore in 2000. electricity billy elliot backing track But also Gov. Rick Scott won both of his elections for governor by a percentage point. It’s just common. And that, Harris said, means that all the little hiccups that happen routinely in elections become greatly magnified because of the tightness of races. She pointed out that elections offices across the country have anomalies and problems in voting, but it never rises to be a big deal when the margins aren’t close.

The five-day machine recount of more than 8.3 million Floridian votes cast in the midterm elections resulted in very little change in the overall vote totals. Because Gov. Rick Scott has less than a 0.25 percent lead over Nelson, Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner ordered hand recounts Thursday afternoon, as state law requires, along with a hand recount of the race for agriculture commissioner between Nicole “Nikki” Fried and Matt Caldwell.

DeSantis issued a statement that was a reiteration of his acceptance speech on election night. “I remain humbled by your support and the great honor the people of Florida have shown me as I prepare to serve as your next governor,” he said, adding that the campaigning must “give way to governing and bringing people together to secure Florida’s future.”

Bay County remains devastated by Hurricane Michael that blew through about a month ago, with places such as Mexico Beach erased from the map and Panama City and others severely damaged. Thousands of people lost their homes and are displaced. Dozens of polling places were destroyed. Nelson doesn’t think there should be any extenuating circumstances for them, presumably because it is a heavily Republican county.

Judge Mark Walker ruled early today that apparently all of the state’s elections offices have wrongly applied the law that lays out how voters can fix rejected signatures on absentee and provisional ballots. There were more than 3,700 ballots rejected in the Midterm election after canvassing boards determined that the signature on a mail-in or provisional ballot did not match the signature the state had on file for that voter.

The Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times teamed up to confirm at least 33,000 votes will likely need to be manually recounted in the U.S. gas laws worksheet pdf Senate race between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and incumbent Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson (plus 113,600 in the race between Republican Matt Caldwell and Democrat Nicole “Nikki” Fried for commissioner of agriculture.)

While the deadline is 3 p.m. Thursday for all counties to report in their machine recount results, Broward is still sorting the first page from ballots and has not started recounting them. FYI, Broward is the most dominant Democratic county in Florida. gas and supply locations Palm Beach County, which started recounting votes Saturday afternoon, is warning that they may miss the deadline, according to the Supervisor of Elections. FYI, Palm Beach is the second most dominant Democratic county in Florida.

In other developments this evening, a judge said he could find no evidence for the improper activities that would justify impounding Broward’s voting machines, Rick Scott on Monday dropped his motion to do so. Sure seems like there are grounds considering the number of irregularities and violations of state law, but surely the Broward judge knows best.

According to an analysis by the nonpartisan group FairVote, which advocates for electoral reforms that make it easier to vote, out of 4,687 statewide general elections between 2000 and 2016, just 26 went to a recount. Of those 26, just three recounts wound up changing the initial result of the race: The 2004 Washington governor’s race, the 2006 Vermont state auditor’s race and the 2008 Minnesota U.S. Senate race. The average swing in those three elections after the recounts? About 311 votes.”

In the letter embedded below to Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Rick Swearingen, Bondi wrote that she was “deeply troubled” that Swearingen had not opened an investigation, despite the bevy of claims from candidates for office, members of the media and the actual actions of the Broward and Palm Beach supervisors of elections.

“It is troubling your agency stated that a complaint by a candidate, government official or elections officer was not put in writing and therefore the failure to reduce a request to writing is a legitimate reason for refusing to investigate,” she wrote. “Regardless of who the complainant is, I expect any responsible law enforcement agency, and certainly the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, to evaluate the credibility of the source who made the verbal request, gather facts, and conduct an inquiry rather than simply citing the lack of piece of paper.”

Under Florida law, the state’s 67 counties have five days to recount about 8.2 million ballots that were cast over a month, culminating in Tuesday’s midterms. If a race result is found to be within 0.25 percent, then a manual recount must be done. No one wants to go through that. But it looks like it will be the case at least for the U.S. Senate seat, maybe more.

While Miami-Dade is recounting its 813,000 ballots with the rest of Florida, triggered by the three races that were within 0.5 percent in the final tallies (sort of final because Broward is still part of the state) the ballots that Democratic activists were up in chants about at the Opa-locka mail sorting facility arrived at Miami-Dade’s elections office. There were 266 total and they will not be counted.

The reason is simple and legal: Florida law stipulates that only mail-in ballots that arrive by the time polls close at 7 p.m. on Election Day may be counted towards the election results. Miami-Dade received 15,000 mail-in ballots on Tuesday while voting was under way, and those were added to the county’s total of more than 813,000 votes. But all the ballots received after that will not. electricity cost las vegas And that is a lot more than the activists got all fired up about at the mail facility.

Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis led Democrat Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum in the race for governor by 0.41 percent (33,684 votes). Republican Gov. Rick Scott led Democrat sen. Bill Nelson in the Senate race by 0.15 percent (12,562). gas bubble in back Democrat Nikki Fried led Republican Matt Caldwell in the agriculture commissioner race by 0.18 percent (5,326 votes).

So in a display of dizzying chutzpah, she has claimed victory and started working on a transition team — before the recount…in a race where she is ahead by six-one-hundredths of one percent (0.06). That’s a problem for a few reasons. Of course the closeness, but also the reality that the most recent tallies do not include the overseas votes, which are primarily military and those tend to skew heavily Republican.

This was mandatory. Statewide contests decided by less than a half a percentage point must go through a machine recount — everything is fed back through the machines. This is the case for the races between Gov. Rick Scott and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson; Congressman Ron DeSantis and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum; and Matt Caldwell and Nikki Fried.

So those of us who have lived in Florida a long time recognize this pattern of recount corruption. Nonetheless, this time we have a Governor who will come out firing and already has filed a lawsuit against Broward and directed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate the county elections office. And it goes without saying, yet we will say, we have a President who is more than willing to enter the fray and fight back.

The Democratic voting “indiscretions” have already flipped one statewide Florida race to a Democrat. Nikki Fried now has a lead of 0.04 percent over Republican Matt Caldwell for the Cabinet post of agriculture commissioner. gas density and molar mass That’s 2,915 votes. But we all know it will only grow for the Democrat. Caldwell had won that race on election night.