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"So we’ve been looking for a place to dispose of all the refuse that’s been accumulating since we started baking – burnt cookies, failed experiments, unruly workers – and well, we figured rather than sell it to poor countries like we’ve been doing, we could just dump it in some alternate trash dimension where it’s not gonna bother anybody! Probably!"

"This unassuming bovine was excruciatingly expensive and it may seem at first like you were ripped off. On closer inspection however, you notice that its earrings (it’s wearing earrings) are actually fully functional copies of itself, each of which also wearing their own cow earrings, and so on, infinitely. It appears your dairy concerns will be taken care of for a while, although you’ll have to put up with the cow’s annoying snickering."

Infused with the power of several hydrogen bombs through a process that left most nuclear engineers and shareholders perplexed. Currently at the center of some rather heated United Nations meetings. electricity merit badge requirements Going in more detail about this chocolate would violate several state secrets, but we’ll just add that someone’s bust seems to be pictured on it. kansas gas service bill pay Perhaps yours?"

This chocolate is so pure and so flawless that it has no color of its own, instead taking on the appearance of whatever is around it. You’re a bit surprised to notice that this one isn’t stamped with your effigy, as its surface is perfectly smooth (to the picometer) – until you realize it’s quite literally reflecting your own face like a mirror."

After you have the elder achievement and own at least 7 grandmas you are eligible to get the "Bingo Center/Research Facility", which costs 1 quadrillion cookies (as of version 2). After you purchase it, it will research an upgrade with each research period taking 30 minutes without "Persistent memory" heavenly upgrade and 3 minutes with it. HOWEVER: research time is based on frames, not minutes. The game naturally runs at 30fps. If you alter that to 5fps to reduce load on your CPU, upgrades will then take 3 hours. electricity outage At 10fps they take 1 hour 30 minutes, at 20fps they take 45 minutes, and so on. Research on the next upgrade will not begin until the previously researched item has been purchased.

• The flavor text for the Time Machine upgrade "Time paradox resolver", "No more fooling around with your own grandmother!" is a reference to the episode "Roswell That Ends Well" of the television series Futurama, wherein the character Fry has intercourse with his own grandmother when he goes back in time, and in doing so, becomes his own grandfather.

• The previous flavor text of the Time Machine upgrade "Quantum Conundrum" ( "It’s full of stars!") and the flavor text of the Shipment upgrade "Chocolate Monoliths" ( "My god. gas near me now It’s full of chocolate bars.") are references to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and its quote "My God! It’s full of stars!". The name of the "Chocolate Monoliths" upgrade may be a reference to the mysterious objects ‘Monoliths’, which are the focus of the movie.

• The flavor text on the Time Machine upgrade "Causality Enforcer" is a reference to the movie The Matrix, shortly after they meet the causality program of the Matrix, when Morpheus says, "What happened, happened, and couldn’t have happened any other way." It is also possible this is a reference to the television series, Lost, in which Daniel Faraday says the very same quote.

• The quote for the cookie upgrade "Eclipse Cookies" ( "Look to the cookie.") is from a Seinfeld episode, "The Dinner Party", where Jerry orders an eclipse cookie. He explains to Elaine that they must ‘look to the cookie’ and all our race problems will be solved (this is referring to the black and white colors on the cookie, in harmony). It may also refer to a Mortal Kombat easter egg, "Look to la luna."

• The description of the upgrade Jaffa Cakes is a reference to a product of the same name introduced by the company McVitie’s, and is a reference to Carl Sagan’s quote "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe" from his book Cosmos. It could also be a reference to the YouTube channel "The Yogscast" where in a modded version of Minecraft called Tekkit, they created a factory to automatically make jaffa cakes.

• Communal Brainsweep may be a reference to the Brainsweeper enemy from that other well known browser game, Kingdom of Loathing (which is an abomination created "For Science!", similar to a lot of the Research Center upgrades); alternatively, it may refer instead – or as well – to Brainsweeping from the Mysterious Benedict Society novels, a drastic form of brainwashing which erases almost all of the subject’s memories. In either case, it ain’t good.

• Starting with the version 2, base cost of "Licorice macarons" upgrade increased 10 million times, from 1 quintillion to 10 septillion, which makes it most significant upgrade cost increase both in absolute and relative numbers at the moment. Next cost increase in absolute numbers to consider is " Brane transplant" — from 1.667 trillion to 5 quintillion (cost of efficiency increase upgrades for buildings is calculated based on building base price and tier multiplier common for all building types).

• Upgrades that add to the cookie production multiplier (i.e. arkansas gas association Santa’s Dominion adds +20% cookie production) were buffed to be global, so the percentages were reduced. Cookie upgrades that added +5% made the percentage, for example, go from 1,000% go up to 1,005% production. Now, those +5% cookie upgrades give +1% cookie production, and would boost the percentage from 1,000% to 1,010%.

• The description of certain research upgrades were changed to match how they really act. gastroenterology One Mind, for example, originally said "grandmas gain +1 base CpS per 50 grandmas," implying you may need to get 50 grandmas for a CpS boost. Now, it says "grandmas gain +0.02 CpS per grandma," showing that each grandma boosts every other grandma by 0.02 base CpS, instead of requiring 50 to get the boost.