Us air force to keep the ugly, deadly, and uniquely capable a-10 in the air through 2022 – extremetech

Gosh, I guess maybe the USAF should spend less money on the F-35 then. Gas house gorillas Particularly considering the terrible state of that aircraft and the fact that it won’t be fully functional until sometime after 2018, while the A-10 is flying sorties in combat situations right now.

When the ‘permissive environments’ you speak of constitute 100% of the active combat environments the USAF has been engaged in over the last, oh, 20 years, maybe we should prioritize the aircraft we have that FIGHT IN THEM.

The “no money” argument is spurious. Electricity kwh calculator The pre-sequester US Air Force budget was over $100 billion dollars. Electricity trading hubs While I agree that no budget is infinite and that budget *priorities* must be spent, let’s be clear that this is not a question of “The US Air Force has no money.” This is a question of how the USAF should spend the money that it has.

Again, this is ridiculous. La gas prices 2016 No one is arguing that the A-10 should be repurposed to fill the F-35’s shoes. I electricity bill com The ACTUAL relevant question is whether or not the F-35 can fill the role of the F-16 and F-15 that it’s supposed to replace. Gas block install Right now, it can’t. Electricity austin It’ll be another 3-5 years before we even know the answer to that question.

2). Gas national average 2008 I would be far more interested in seeing the USAF save money by refusing to continue buying into the F-35 debacle than by phasing out one of our most capable and useful planes.

The USAF already concluded that it couldn’t use the F-35B to replace the A-10 as far back as 2012 in any case. Electricity voltage used in usa It’s been trying to argue it can do so with other variants (or further modifications) to the plane.

If you decide to save money in your grocery bill by not eating for the entire month I can recognize your need to trim expenses and still think your plan of action is terrible.

Nitpicking? Are you daft? I am talking about fundalmetal limitation on loadout and targeting. Tropico 5 power plant Thats hardly nitpicking. La gasolina in english Go read the preliminary DOT&E reports and stop playing cheeleader. Z gastroenterol Or else consider yourself proven to be a braying idiot as shown by your ignoring facts contrary to your opinion. Gas gangrene Here’ Ill even give you a couple quotes from the document: “Since no capabilities were added to Block 3i, only limited corrections to deficiencies, the combat capability of the initial operational Block 3i units will not be noticeably different.” … “”required intervention by the developmental test control team to overcome system deficiencies and ensure a successful event (i.e., acquire and identify the target and engage it with a weapon)”

And here is further older criticism of flaws that still exist: The F-35’s weapons bay can overheat if the plane is maintaining high speeds at an altitude of under 25,000 feet and an atmospheric temperature 90° F or greater. C gastronomie mariage (Hot day ground support in Iraq for instance) The trouble occurs if the plane’s weapon day doors are closed for upwards of 10 minutes, and opening the bay doors negates the F-35s stealth capabilities (Opening it to SAM attacks). Z gas el salvador empleos The F-35 is also unable to pull more than 3.8 Gs with a fully loaded fuel tank, due to known problems with with the fuel tank siphon. Gas finder mn The plane can only pull its maximum of 7 Gs once its fuel tanks are at least 45 percent empty. Gas bubble in chest and back So limited ability to evade until its half a tank of fuel down.

The F-14 had fundamental design flaws, but it was still excellent. Electricity 2014 The TF30 engine choice was absolutely stupid. 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh Underpowered, prone to flame-outs, which was aggravated by the wide engine stance, causing flat spins. Electricity images cartoon The overcomplicated variable geometry system meant that later in life they spent insane amounts of time disassembled inside the carrier.

The F-15 was pretty much perfect, with a well-planned mission profile, fairly low crash rate, and a crazy 105.5:0 combat record, which includes the only F-15E A2A kill on an Iraqi Hind using a 2000lbs laser-guided bomb and a shared kill with an F-111 tricking an Iraqi MiG into an unintentional terrain intersection.

The F-16 was undersized, under armed, and it’s “new” Fly By Wire system had several fatal faults that caused up to 18 crashes a year in the 80s.

It took the Air Force a lot of work to get the current F-16D Block 50, which is an excellent Multi-role Strike Fighter much of the F-35 is designed based on lessons learned from the F-16 and what was asked of it in reality.

The F/A-18 suffered the same size/fuel payload issues as the F-16 due to being a navalized version of the YF-17, which had said issues because of the Fighter Mafia’s fundamentally flawed ideals of a small, cheap, superfast sustained turn, high G fighter armed with only guns and Sidewinders. Electricity cost calculator But smoother service overall because the F-16 took all the dev risks first. 2015 electricity prices The Super Hornet fixed the payload and sensor issues, at least.

The F-22 had several crashes during development, took 15 years from YF-22 first flight to IOC, which is the same time frame as the F-35B, and its dev program cost 7 billion more than the F-35’s, for a much more limited role aircraft.

Electro-Optical Distributed Aperture System – gives a 6-spherical 360 by 360 view of the aircraft’s surroundings, with automated ground and air object search, ID, and tag

AN/ASQ-239 Barracuda EWO suite – goes far beyond the Radar Warning Receiver and gives the plane the ability to map the electronic battlespace with unprecedented levels of detail, as well as use enemy emissions against them without needing to use its own radar. Electricity multiple choice questions grade 9 And the AESA radar it uses can even work as an active forward jammer as well.

The MADL is similarly revolutionary, an extreme-gain LPI (you have to be directly between two planes to pick it up) mesh network datalink with high bandwidth that lets several F-35s share their sensor data and build an unprecedented live big picture of the battlefield and share it with AWACs and Command.

Not sure if you are just dumb or willfully ignorant, but it is a well known fact that the Air Force has been trying to get rid of the A-10 since it was initially deployed and it hasnt gotten any better over the last 10 years either. Electricity for beginners The F-35 is a worthless piece of way too expensive crap that should have been cancelled some time ago, but will certainly never make it to high rate of production and the sooner it is cancelled, the better off our military will be.

The F-35 cant fill the A-10’s role at all, unless you are calling the ability to drop bombs at 20,000 ft ‘Close Air Support’ (which it isnt). Gas stoichiometry problems The F-35 cant fulfill any of the roles it was designed to fil yet, even though it was supposed to be operational in 2010, It wont even be operational in 2022, not even if every test point between here and there is completed flawlessly, which would be a miracle given the 60% failure rate that it has currently. Electricity physics khan academy The Marine IOC was fraudulent and performed because it doesnt need any factual basis whatsoever, just the service chief saying it is ‘Good to Go’. Gas house eggs The Air Force IOC scheduled this year will be similarly fraudulent and by the time development of this Charlie Foxtrot with wings is complete, in addition to the blistering waste of money ($186 million per airframe in fiscal 2015 flyaway cost) there will be an estimated $50-100 ‘upgrade cost’ needed to bring the F-35 up to developed standard, which is expected to take another 10-12 years after development is complete.

Last but not least is the fraud that revolved around the ‘up time’ for the F=35, where all problems of a certain time are counted as 1 failure, rather than as individual failures as it has been for every other aircraft built, to cut down on the number of reported equipment failures. Electricity projects for grade 7 Not only is the plane completely unreliable, but the system that is supposed to aid in the maintenance and upkeep of the plane does not work at all and is not expected to work before 2020. Gas nozzle stuck in car Add to that a ‘per hour’ flying cost that is more than 3 times the A-10, you could fly an F-15C as a fighter, an FR-16 D as a multi-role Fighter/Bomber and an A-10 as a CAS/Interdiction craft all at the same time for just a little more than it takes to fly the F-35 for 1 hr.

Not sure why you would be a fan of this aircraft over anything, much less the least expensive plane the Air Force flies, as well as the absolutely best CAS/Interdiction/Fire Direction airplane ever deveoped, my the choices are stooge, ignorant fanboi or you collect a paycheck from one of the contractors.

I only work as an RHS engineer, so my experience is pretty far from the A-10, but nobody I know in the AF wants to get rid of the A-10. World j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor Although it is old and parts are hard to get, the maintainers that I know love the aircraft and have stated on multiple occasions that they would much rather be working on it vs some of the newer aircraft. 3 gases in the atmosphere People have a deep, emotional attachment to the gunfighter. Electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning answer key It also doesn’t give you cancer from touching it.

This is sort of off-subject, but one of my most fond memories of the last couple years involves the A-10 and dates back to when I first got to Nellis and was invited out golfing with a few friends (none of us actually knew how to play, but it was a good excuse to get drunk and drift golf carts). V gashi kenga e zagrebit I remember a friend of a freind who is a maintainer looking across the road that separates the golf course and the flight line and yelling drunkenly (we were the better part of our way into our second case of Bud Light Platinum) “GOD WHAT AN UGLY ASS! WHAT A GLORIOUS, UGLY ASS!!! I LOVE THAT ASS!!! I’D FUCK THAT ASS!” as a flight of A-10s started throttling up. Grade 9 electricity quiz So, yeah, people still have an emotional attachment to the plane, as ugly as it is.

New plan: we take the F-35’s money, retrofit the A-10 with new tech and call it a day for the next couple decades. Electricity terms and definitions Is it optimal? No. Electricity jeopardy game Retrofitting an old airframe will never be as effective as building something new, but we’re way past that point now. Electricity usage by appliance We’re better to retrofit new stuff onto the old A-10 than retrofit the same things onto the broken F-35.

This is hard for me to say, too, since the F-35 was the whole reason I joined the military in the first place. Gas nozzle prank I saw videos in highschool of the new “JSF” prototypes taking off and landing vertically and thought “Jesus that’s cool! How can I see this in real life?” I feel so let down.