Us wants to work with europeans on new iran deal pompeo gas jokes


President Donald Trump frustrated key European allies when he withdrew the US from the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal last week and signed an order reimposing sanctions on Iran that had been in place prior to the deal. "I certainly stand by what I said at the time, but those are my opinions then", Bolton said Sunday. But in an interview aired on the ABC program "This Week", Bolton said, "That’s not the policy of the administration". Bolton told Tapper that the president will demand verifiable and irreversible denuclearization for a deal to be reached with North Korea. But Bolton left open the possibility that if they do not, the United States might sanction foreign corporations that continue to do business with Iran. "Indeed, I would argue that they thought they could act with impunity", he said.

National Security Adviser John Bolton also commented on "This Week" Sunday on the U.S.’s imminent move of its Israeli embassy, saying that relocating the embassy to Jerusalem will make peace "easier" because it recognizes the "reality" that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. On the contrary, it provided cover for Iran to continue its efforts, and, if the US had continued to be a part of the deal, it would have given Iran extraordinary economic benefits. China and Russian Federation also have affirmed support for the deal, which was created to keep Iran from building nuclear weapons.

U.S. sanctions on Iran reimposed following Trump’s withdrawal not only block American firms from doing business in the country, but also bar foreign firms that do business there from accessing the entire USA banking and financial system. "Let them see each other, and decide, in our case, whether we judge that Kim Jong-Un has made a strategic decision to give up nuclear weapons".

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She conceded that "it is certainly anything but ideal" and acknowledged that there are many other issues of concern with Iran. President Donald Trump has changed the dynamics of the great game by terminating the JCPOA Iran nuclear "arrangement".

"The rationale for getting out of the deal is that it was contrary to American national security interests when we entered into it, and it hasn’t gotten any better with age", Bolton said Sunday, citing what he believed to be the "fundamental deficiencies" with the deal, such as the economic benefits to Iran and ability to continue their nuclear and ballistic missile programs in a limited fashion.

Bolton on Sunday reiterated the administration line that the US wants to work with its partners in new ways to counter a whole range of Iranian activity ― from its nuclear development to its support for forces around the Middle East that often work against American interests. "I think recognizing reality always enhances the chances for peace". The E.U. exported €10.8 billion in goods to Iran in 2017, and a number of European companies, including Siemens and Airbus, have signed deals with Iran. "That’s what we are going to do, and I will be hard at it with the Europeans in the next several days".

Those sanctions could involve secondary sanctions, which would penalize countries whose companies continue to trade with Iran. Responding to a question , Bolton said that the leadership of the previous Obama administration lied to the American people.

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