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The United States of America has warned Nigeria not to rely on what top administration officials described as rogue nation’s in it’s quest to acquire nuclear technology. White House Spokeswoman, Dana Perino, said Washington was closely monitoring the growing clamour by Abuja to join the elite group of nuclear nations with great apprehension.

"It’s a concern that is shared by the administration about the spread of nuclear materials. We are also concerned about Nigeria’s discussions with Iran on the acquisition of nuclear materials, when the country is in breach of a United Nation’s mandate to make public it’s nuclear programs," she said.

The administration was reacting to a statement by the Minister of Science and Technology, Mrs. Grace Ekpiwhre, that the government will continue efforts to build nuclear power plants as an answer to the country’s electricity needs. Mrs Ekpiwhre spoke at the commissioning of a Tandem Accelerator at the Obafemi Awolowo University.

The State Department has listed Nigeria as a prime target for terrorist attack, warning the Al-Quida already has havens in the country and recruiting unemployed youths to fill it’s ranks. "Nigeria has a weak security system that might encourage terror organizations to make attempts at either stealing or buying nuclear materials from crooked officials and that is a nightmare scenario for the administration. Why we respect the country’s sovereignty, we are also bound to prevent the possibility that such materials might fall into the wrong hands," a Pentagon official stated.

Performing the inauguration of the nuclear accelerator device, otherwise called tandem accelerator, the minister noted that the society must be supported by a solid industrial base founded on science and technology to achieve socio-economic development.

Going by the agreement, Iran will provide civil nuclear technology to the country, she viewed and called on the science and technology community to make effective use of the tandem facility to justify the huge resources government and developmental partners invested on it.

Yes I did. The reason I made my comment, because I know exactly what America is trying to "get at". Who are they to tell Nigeria not to associate with a country, where they can’t even prove they have nuclear arms? It may not say that in those exact words in the article, but anyone who is capable of putting anything in perspective, can see that’s what they’re trying to say.

The USA has NEVER insinuated that Iran has nuclear weapons. they’ve never tried to prove that either. They know the Iranians are still several years away from constructing a nuclear device, but they are convinced that the Iranian nuclear programme is geared towards making a bomb and they are trying to prevent this.

For years US defense has worried over a more likely nuclear treat: dirty bombs. these are far easier to obtain than Nuclear weapons and can cause dangerous radioactive fallout. As such, they tend to keep a close eye on sources of radioactivity around the world. Nigeria has a history of mismanagement and misappropriation, so they are bound to view any Nuclear gist from Naija with some apprehension.

We all signed the Non Proliferation Treaty and in that document, it says that countries like Nigeria who didn’t have nuclear technology should refrain from Nuclear Technology and in return, the countries that already had Nuclear weapons and had advanced deep into nuclear technology will provide the Non-Nuclear nations with all civilian nuclear technology they require including medical and power generation, and also, the nuclear countries will go ahead to start cutting back on their nuclear weapons immediately the NPT was signed so that in the nearest future, all would have no nuclear weapons.

It’s been decades since we signed that agreement and though Nigeria and several other nations have kept their own part of the bargain, stay off Nuclear Weapons, but so long as we have waited, none of these countries like USA, Russia, France or the UK have come forward to build us our FREE nuclear power plants. None of them have cut back on their nuclear arsenal, instead we hear of newer more destructive weapons.

Stay there and keep waiting. I’m sure most of you do not know the benefits associated with signing the NPT if not you will now realise that we are not the ones defaulting. It is actually those on the United Nations Security Council that have refused to live by the document they created.

Well, if the USA is so concerned about Nuclear Weapons, then they should fulfil their obligations as enshrined in the NPT which they basically wrote. Build nuclear power plants in Nigeria, Iran, North Korea, Columbia, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, Cuba, or just SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Re: US Warns Nigeria Over Nuclear Technology And Iran by ocelot2006( m): 12:19pm On Aug 31, 2009