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• Village of Antrim Dells resident Douglas Robert Bowen was arrested Aug. 5 after allegedly attacking a Pennsylvania man who had traveled in a golf cart with his 12-year-old and 15-year-old daughters to Publix at Grand Traverse Plaza. Bowen was enraged because the golf cart had entered the parking lot in the wrong direction, according to an arrest report. Videotape from the scene showed Bowen punching the Pennsylvania man several times b games play online, tossing him onto a nearby vehicle and putting him in a headlock. The 63-year-old Villager is facing a charge of battery and remains free on bond. Brian Gregory Anderson

• Village of Bonnybrok resident Brian Gregory Anderson, 54, had gas vs diesel towing been arrested last April after attacking his Culpepper Way neighbors with bug spray. While he was free on $27,000 bond, he was re-arrested in June after claiming he put a bounty on the heads of five police officers. He also threatened family members. The Buffalo, N.Y. native has been sentenced to 30 months with the Florida Department of Corrections after pleading no contest to the multiple charges he was facing.

• A longtime restaurant worker in The Villages was arrested after a standoff in July in the Village of LaBelle North. Brian Davis allegedly gas vs electric dryer robbed at gunpoint the manager at Belle Glade Country Club and then barricaded himself in the home of his girlfriend’s parents. The house owned by Joseph and Nina Lauricella at 373 Alteza Lane in the Village of LaBelle North shows the scars of an 11-hour standoff that forced the Sumter County Sheriff’s SWAT team to break out a window using an armored vehicle.

• Twice last year, a Village of Haciendas of Mission Hills man was hauled away in handcuffs after alleged attacks on his wife. At the time of the first arrest, Robert electricity and magnetism physics Schaeffer and his wife had been arguing for eight weeks before he “grabbed her by the throat and told her they were both going to die tonight,” according to an arrest report. He put his hands around her neck and tried to force her into a car. She was able to break free after she kneed him in the groin. A deputy who examined the Ohio native wd gaster theme’s wife found bruises on her body, including some that were a week old, the arrest report indicated. That case was dismissed. The 66-year-old was arrested again in November. He has since been allowed to move back home. Martin Lewis Levine

• A Village of Fenney resident was arrested this past November after displaying a gun during a dispute over a dog. Martin Lewis Levine, 58, had been arrested on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon – a third-degree felony. His gun had electricity projects for 4th graders been loaded with six live rounds. However, the native New Yorker’s lawyer successfully negotiated the charge down to a misdemeanor. In February, Levine entered a plea of no contest in the case. He has been sentenced to probation for one year and ordered to perform 30 hours of community service. Village of Pine Hills

• A Villages couple’s 29-year-old son armed with large kitchen knives was arrested in September after he allegedly cornered his mother in a bedroom closet in the Village of Pine Hills. An argument with his parents became heated and he threatened to “kill everyone” in the house. The father gas x strips after gastric sleeve went to a neighbor’s house to get help and call 911, leaving his wife alone with their son. She was soon cornered in a closet. Her husband returned with a neighbor, heard screaming and ran to the bedroom. They were able to talk electricity billy elliot broadway the son into surrendering the knives, but not before he had threatened to kill his father. The son was arrested, but later released to a mental health facility.

Robert Tyrrell Jr. had been arrested previously in a family altercation. In 2010, when the Tyrrells had been living in Villa Rica, Ga., he had been charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment after he held his mother electricity production in chad hostage for failing to iron his clothes. Billie Jo Tyrrell told officials she couldn’t get her iron to work and she was trying to read the instructions when her son became irate, pulled out a gun and took his mother’s keys. He held her hostage for six hours. She eventually escaped and went to a police station.