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Everyone knows the market in Costa Rica is not as strong as it used to be. Whatever you can do to give your property for sale an extra boost over the other listings in your area will be money and time well spent. gas key bolt carrier So if your property is in the market for an international buyer, those Buyers want to see as much to see as possible on the internet before they come down to view properties in person on a tight schedule. Aerial photography gives them just that. And supplies your real estate Agent more useful tools to bring truly interested people to view your home.

In the US, the FAA went through several stages of acceptance, and it is now regulated with guidelines, and Costa Rica has followed suit. So while it may seem like there are no rules here, you cannot just video and drone anywhere. But as long as we stay within the guidelines, real estate agents are free to take to the skies to capture aerial videos that showcase homes, including yours.

To date, the FAA reports the top two uses of commercial UASs are aerial photography (34 percent) and real estate (26 percent). I would imagine here in Costa Rica it would be even higher in numbers, especially with aerial photography. gas jet So if you have asked yourself if using drones for real estate photography is viable — even necessary — for you to be competitive with other listings in your area, or if it’s just the latest tech that will simply go away, read on! Whatever you decide, drones are shaping up to be the next evolution in real estate marketing, and if you are the first ones to take advantage, you stand to reap the rewards. Drones have so many uses – you may not realize them all!

Here is a great example of how Drone Video can transform your ugly, boring lot listing into a visual masterpiece that can capture a client and make them want to see more in person. And that’s what you want! Remember, several buyers are here for one week or two weeks only, and are only going to schedule appointments to see the most interesting properties in an area. They can’t come back next weekend to see a few more! SO how do you get them interested? Check out the video below.

In the case of the quinta above, it is bare and grown over, like most lots for sale here, and basically uninteresting to look at in photos. Even if it has an Ocean view, perfect access and close to town, no one is going to read the description if the photos don’t draw them in. A drone video with a pre-sale home makes you stand even more when you are competing with eye candy on the internet like luxury villa photos and lots with manicured lawns and perfect maintenance.

Bottom line – if you don’t grab the Buyer’s attention with great video and photos, they won’t read the print, and they won’t ask for a showing. You have tons of competition with all the land for sale in Costa Rica. In this drone video option, offered only by Blue Tierra Realty, you see the the lot that is for sale, along with an excellent idea of what you can do with it. basic electricity quizlet And for you Sellers out there, this is what you need! And believe it or not, we pay YOU the commission if we sell your home from this type of listing. Ask us how HERE. How much does it cost?

Depending on the equipment setup that your videographer is using, some drones can shoot stills, video or both. Some videographers can even do drone of the inside of the home heading out for cool effects and great taking video. But if they are not highly skilled, this may be difficult. electricity pictures information If you find someone cheap to do something simple, don’t try and get them to do tricky shots or you may ruin something in your home, and their equipment. Remember, Costa Ricans really like to please and may find it hard to say no to a request. So find out before you hire your drone operator, what they are going to offer you. Also, you know your property best, and preparing a basic script of what you want ‘shot’ can help them. If they only speak Spanish, prepare your list in Spanish so you know there is less room for error. You are also free to go with them and and could possibly see the video on the spot! If you would like us to set this up for you, please fill out this CONTACT FORM. Rules to follow in Drone Photography in Costa Rica

So what are you waiting for?! If you want the best options to sell your property in Costa Rica, don’t overlook this obvious marketing choice to truly showcase your property for sale. electricity physics definition And if you think that your property needs a facelift before taking professional photos or videos, or drone- whether it is indoor staging, or a fresh look for your gardens for aerial photography, let us know! We offer sever different services to help you show your home the best possible way in order to have the best showings to sell you home at top dollar, in the least amount of time. Remember, this is still a Buyers market, so we do everything we can to separate you from the rest! (if you are already listed with other agencies, that is not a problem. Blue Tierra offers several different types of listings to help their Sellers individually, including the BTRG Plus listing mentioned above. This small investment of $1000USD to sell your home includes several services including drone and professional photos, videos, home staging with your personal Agent, and all that is included in a NON-exclusive listing on the website, as well right here as a Featured listing in our popular Lifestyle site and Blog,