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Installing the Firewall 64X into my system in May 2018, I noticed the immediate emergence of subtle cues that had previously been inaudibly submerged beneath the parasitic noise "riding" the current into my audio system. Of course, as one would expect, those cues infused the musical presentation with a latent natural delicacy only hinted at previously. grade 6 electricity project In my system (Oppo 105 –_ Music Reference RM-200 –_ Magnepan 3.7s), I found the most benefit when used in conjunction with the tube amplifier.

One major (and somewhat embarrassing) ancillary benefit was that the increased resolution, arising from the installation of the Firewall, permitted me to reposition the speakers with greater precision. The synergistic results have been most enjoyable. Throughout the audio spectrum there is greater focus, as well as, a more cohesive soundstage. gas after eating red meat Bass is more tunefully solid, highs are naturally airy and crystalline, and music flows with greater harmonic richness and nuance. These improvements have been more fully realized with usage.

There may not be a big improvement on the Echo’s End Reference DAC, as it already has three of the 64X modules inside, so this fantastic shift in quality can be attributed to the clean power going into the Pre- and power amplifier. Even if I thought that my system sounds excellent with only the 1X installed and the wonderful Echo’s End Reference DAC, I asked my neighbor to take a listen to prove I am not just imagining things.

But again the Firewall 64X make it a much more comfortable listen, coming with more depth, room information and details. So those discs, collecting dust over the years and stayed unplayed on the shelves now get a re-listening. electricity outage austin Distorted guitars are still sounding distorted, but with the Firewall 64X the music is no longer biting into my ears.

I wish that there will be someone who can compare two or three of the Firewall 64X modules, one C-MARC power cable going into a modest priced, passive power distributor of good quality with the Audioquest Niagara (10,000 EUR), the new one from Transparent Audio (15,000 EUR) or any other distributor in this price range or above. Let’s hope that this happens in the future. That would surely become a fascinating listening session.

This brief review is for the brand new, hot off the line, the 64X Firewall. Louis let me trade in my older very nice 5X Firewall for the new 64X. zyklon b gas effects I was wondering how much an upgrade the 64X would be. After all the original 1X Firewall and the improved 5X Firewalls each were very, very nice improvements! How far could this go? With just one 64X Firewall? On my amp? Well, actually, without exaggerating, I was surprised. gas pain in shoulder Way more improvement than the 5X Firewall was over the original Firewall. Striking gains in clarity, depth of the soundstage and delineation of instruments. When two oboes or flutes are playing the same notes, you hear both instruments distinctly! When a French horn is playing (often to the extreme left) and the trombone to the right, you hear each instrument, with it’s own timbre and tone and can enjoy the spatial and tonal differences between them. gas in stomach This with just one 64x Firewall. Wow! Anyhow, I’ve very much enjoyed the new toy in town and have stayed up late at night listening to old pieces to hear them anew! Honestly! I’m a long time LessLoss buyer and very often I am constantly surprised how these young, hard working Lithuanians are so resourceful! I’m 100% convinced that I’m getting great value for my money. For sure I’ll be getting more of the 64X’s……. One last thing: my friend, the retired medical professor, visited my home and heard my system, filled with LessLoss cords and Firewalls and he has just purchased all his power cords and a specially made LessLoss distributor filled with five 64X Firewalls.