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Tesla only built 208 Model X SUVs in 2015. Electricity and magnetism equations One of them belongs to Max Kennedy, who lives near Tampa, Florida. K electric jobs test One of the the features that has Model X fans excited is its ability to tow up to 5,000 lbs, which should make it an attractive option to traditional tow vehicles like pickup trucks and other large vehicles with internal combustion engines. Zyklon b gas canister for sale In fact, Kennedy usually lets his Lincoln Navigator tow the family boat to the Gulf of Mexico.

On New Year’s Day, he hitched 4,850 lbs of boat and trailer to his brand new Model X (in Signature Red) and took off for the marina. Specjalizacja z gastroenterologii He took a video of his adventure, which must qualify as the first of its kind, since there are so few Model X vehicles on the road. Bp gas prices chicago According to Teslarati, Kennedy did mostly steady state driving on the interstate, some of it at 55 and some at 65. K electric bill statement He also tried a few acceleration tests. Electricity laws in pakistan Overall, he reports the Model X is an excellent tow vehicle. Gas in back and chest It has abundant power, but is far more quiet and comfortable than his Navigator. Gas stoichiometry worksheet During acceleration, he says, it was hard to tell the boat and trailer were even there.

Was there any downside to the adventure? It depends on your point of view. N gas price The Tesla used an average of 575 watt-hours of electricity per mile while towing, which reduced its range by about half. Gas explosion in texas Keep in mind that this journey was on essentially level roads. Gas vs electric oven for baking cakes If the boat was headed for a cabin in the mountains, range would have been even less. Gas station near me open When confronted with modest elevation changes, the Model X power consumption rose to almost 900 watt-hours per mile.

Is anyone surprised the Model X has such short range while towing? You shouldn’t be. Electricity youtube billy elliot In this case, the boat and trailer weighed almost as much as the car itself. Gas house edwards There is no free lunch, even if your name is Elon Musk. 7 gas laws On the Reddit chat board for Tesla fans, TheSpocker posted, “I love Tesla’s. Electricity jokes I love electric cars. Gas dryer vs electric dryer safety We still need to recognize that the range when towing on an electric is almost laughable. Gas bubble in eye That’s not a big problem for most people who don’t tow, but it has to be overcome for electric vehicles to directly compete with ICE vehicles.”

Of course, an internal combustion vehicle also gets far worse fuel economy when towing a heavy trailer. Wholesale electricity prices by state The difference is, it can fill up with cheap gas in a few minutes and continue on its way. Electricity bill average The Tesla owner will have to spend much more time recharging the battery along the way, unless the destination has a charger available and is less than 100 miles from home. Gas x extra strength vs ultra strength If there is no charger waiting, the prudent Model X owner towing a trailer won’t want to travel more than about 70 miles from home.

The Model X was touted as an electric alternative to gas powered SUVs. Electricity transmission and distribution costs It has a towing capacity of 5000 lbs with the standard wheels and tires, For most driving situations, it may be that and more. Electricity in the body causes But if the focus is on towing, a gas powered vehicle still has a significant advantage.

Anyone who has gone on a lot of roadtrips in a Model S prior to the new trip planning software is probably VERY familiar with that energy consumption screen. U gas station near me The screen basically shows how much energy was consumed per mile for the past 30 miles (you can also set it to show the consumption for the past 15 miles or past 5 miles). Gas in oil pan The car can then use this to predict how much farther you can drive if the energy consumption remains similar to what it was in the past. Electricity meaning The trick is that lots of things effect energy consumption so this only works well if you drive at a constant speed, don’t change elevation, and don’t change the climate control settings.

I find the “trip” tab in the newer software to be a big improvement since it takes elevation into account and shows a constantly updated prediction of the remaining battery charge vs. Gas company the remaining miles to your destination. Electricity a level physics But even this can be wildly inaccurate until you’ve driven a significant portion of the way to your destination (e.g. Gas or electricity more expensive the software predicted we would make Rapid City SD with at least 20% of the battery remaining and we ended up making it with only 5% after I slowed down to 55 mph and turned off the climate control). Gas vs diesel mpg So there is still PLENTY of room for improvement despite what was said when the trip planning software was released.

Anyway, this is all a long-winded way of saying that calculating range is still a tricky affair. Electricity outage compensation Anything short of fully charging the car and driving until it shuts down involves lots of uncertainties.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve read other articles of yours and figured it was probably an honest mistake. Electricity usage by country I just wanted to make sure others knew that the 35 mile figure was probably inaccurate.

I’ve had a fair amount of opportunity to experience the joys and shortcomings of the Model S (a P85D) and know what to expect as far as its behavior goes. Electricity symbols ks2 worksheet While the Tesla’s do calculate (quite accurately) the projected consumption to and from your destination, there are still a few variables that will throw it off. Electricity and magnetism purcell I can certainly see towing being one of them. Electricity bill cost Fortunately, the car will warn you if you are about to drive out of range of known charging locations (home, public or Superchargers alike.) So unless you know what you’re doing, ignoring the car can still get you into trouble.

I currently have a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I use to pull a flatbed trailer and a boat. Gas city indiana restaurants The flatbed is for farm related activity, while the boat is for pleasure. Electricity measurements units The boat runs around 2500 lbs while the flatbed can run 4000 lbs – it’s max loaded weight. Gas monkey Here in eastern SD we are relatively flat, so FL would be comparable for energy consumption. Electricity sources in us I hadn’t seen the video, so the energy consumption info provided here is valuable for planning purposes. 10 ethanol gas problems I have two Superchargers in my neighborhood that are 60 and 70 miles away from me in opposite directions. Electricity experiments for high school Given that based on the numbers here the MX should be able to do 156 miles in a straight line (especially with my relatively lighter trailer) – I can reach both Superchargers and have an additional 78 miles I can reach out from those in any direction. Z gas tijuana telefono Additionally, I would have the 78 mile reach from my home location as well. Grade 9 electricity unit review If I was to stay at any State Park overnight, I could plug in the car and then I have a reach of 158 miles from my home, or from any supercharger, which effectively puts almost the entire upper Midwest within my reach.

One of the most fun things about driving EVs is the challenge to see if you can do it. Electricity projects for 4th graders It’s even more fun when others say it can’t be done, then you do just that. U gas cedar hill mo Case in point: 10,000 miles+ of road trips this summer/fall along the Pacific Coast highway, Rockies, and Adirondacks in NY this fall (along with everything in between.) The most challenging part of both journeys was getting through eastern WY & MT and the Adirondacks (around Lake Placid) with no Superchargers. Npower gas price per unit Obviously, I found alternatives and we made it with no problems > even though the car kept saying “You are out of range of known charging locations” The crazy part? We ran into another Tesla owner in Broadus, MT – a location WAY off the beaten path who was doing the same thing as us. Electricity usage calculator He was as surprised as we were, and as a result, he drove into the curb (he was too busy staring at us!) Needless to say, it’s been quite the adventure – even my wife who was against not only the car, but the trips in the car has now turned to trying to convince her retired parents to consider the MX (he is a retired fighter pilot, she knows how much he would love the instant power!)

I look forward to eventually putting a Model X in the garage, but it probably won’t be tomorrow since I need to save a few pennies and Tesla needs to get caught up with the 20,000 or so they have waiting to get their orders filled!