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Faculty, staff, and students may experience intermittent internet service disruptions for a few minutes while attempting to access some UTA resources; as critical equipment is being serviced. Blackboard, Office365, Email, MyMav and UTShare will be available, except during their normal maintenance windows. Normal services are expected to be restored at the completion of the updates each day.

Faculty, staff, and students will not have access to register for classes, review grades, or make payments through MyMav until the completion of the maintenance. gas prices going up to 5 dollars For the latest update, please visit www.uta.edu/mymav. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the IT Help Desk at 817-272-2208 or submit a self-service ticket.

This update complies with a UT System mandate to mitigate stolen passwords being used to access university data. gas tax in washington state Faculty, staff, retirees, and student workers can update their authentication method or sign up today by accessing the NetID plus Device and Enrollment and Management System. The Windows and Macintosh versions, and mobile applications of Outlook, can still be accessed without using NetID plus. Click here to learn about NetID plus.

With the newest upgrade of CrashPlan to the cloud, files are encrypted and stored in a secure online destination to ensure the security of information. Any device with the previous version is now secure with Crashplan Online if connected to the UTA network. a level physics electricity notes Other previously installed Crashplan devices, not available during the upgrade, can be connected to a wired UTA network to automatically receive the newest version. At the end of the day, faculty and staff should restart any continually powered devices on the network to activate the latest upgrade. Updates may take a few minutes to copy any files not previously backed up by CrashPlan. New users can experience the benefits of CrashPlan Online by assessing CrashPlan Installers in SCCM and Jamf, contacting the IT Help Desk at 817-272-2208, or submitting a self-service ticket.

Starting June 27, The University of Texas at Arlington’s employees and students will be able to use their email to send extensions, such as zip and other compressed files. In addition, faculty and staff will be able to attach larger files than before. electricity drinking game This will be possible due to the introduction of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which includes features such as safe links, safe attachments, and anti-phishing protection. Here are a few additional resources from Microsoft that explain the latest features: · Safe-Links Warning Page · ATP Safe Attachments · ATP anti-phishing policies · ATP Safe Links

On Monday, May 7, 2018, the online version of TimePro, the timesheet management system, will be available to faculty, staff, and students. The previous desktop and Citrix versions of TimePro will be discontinued and faculty, staff, and students will no longer have access to those versions. The new online version of TimePro requires separate web addresses for administrative management access and time clock users.

UTA Help Center, a new resources offered by the Office of Information Technology, helps faculty, staff, students, or visitors find answers to questions across the university in one simple location. gas bubble in throat Something as simple as "How do I pay for tuition" or "How do I get a parking pass" can be quickly located on the go. UTA Help Center directs faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the appropriate department by clicking the quick links that relate to their questions.

In order to improve and maintain the efficiency of our systems, the Office of Information Technology performs regularly scheduled maintenance every Sunday from 2-7 am. This maintenance may include rebooting servers, updating critical components, and other general support functions. During this time, you may experience a temporary delay or inability to access a service.

The update to MyMav is complete and available to faculty, staff, and students. A new login section will display when signing into https://www.uta.edu/mymav. electricity in the 1920s During the initial login, users will be required to indicate if they are students or faculty/staff member by selecting the appropriate tap before the login section displays on the page. No other changes to MyMav will be visible to the user at this time.

Malicious phishing attempts designed to steal NetIDs and passwords were sent to faculty, staff, and student email accounts. Please do not respond to any emails that asks you to validate or update your account information. o gastroenterologista cuida do que Faculty, staff, and students should visit the phishing website to view the recent phishing examples and prevention tips. If you responded to a spam or phishing scheme by submitting your UTA password, immediately change your password and security questions. Please forward all spam and phishing emails to phish@uta.edu or spam@uta.edu. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the IT Help Desk at 817-272-2208 or through our through the self-service portal. UTA Box Free to Faculty and Staff

UTA Box is like a J:\ drive or another hard drive in the cloud! With Box sync, files from your local hard drive automatically backups to Box online. Please note that the Box Sync feature can copy files from a box account to folders on your computer. It should not be used on non-encrypted or non-University owned devices. This is to prevent unauthorized users (e.g. family members or friends) from viewing sensitive University data on personal devices.