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From what I’m reading here, I wouldn’t buy either. You may mod the I4 but you will never like the sound, and you want more from the V6 aftermarket which just isnt there..and I would in no way try to push that when there is plenty of aftermarket for an SS. Just save the money you intended on mods and get an SS. You won’t be disappointed..trust me. While the I4 has respectable potential, I would never buy any brand new car to mod when there is an upgrade model that makes just as much power stock and more reliably.

Despite what the numbers say in terms of weight.. I’ve driven both. Both the I4 and V6 handle about the same. Its unlikely the Turbo I4 is going to make a great track car unless something can be done to reduce the turbo lag, generally in auto-crossing people prefer to stay NA.. 1LE V6 is still the best option IMO. Its weight isnt significantly higher, and its powerband is fairly predictable.

Now if you’re going to mod the I4 then things can change a bit. Potential wise the I4 simply has more potential than the V6 mainly because its designed for boost… unless you supercharge the V6. But I personally would be happier with a 1LE V6 than a Turbo 1LE I4 and the reason is, I would have no desire to mod either platform. If I mod anything…it’s going to be a V8.

In short, the V6 will be more than enough. I wasnt even able to find the limits of it in the base model 1LT. If you REALLY want to mod though, I4 has the most potential. I just never purchased my 1LT to mod, I bought it stock and sold it stock. Its a great car out the box but I wouldnt buy either of them to mod. The SS will be a different story, but thats down the road.

Thanks for the in depth response. Bringing the curb weight into this really helped. I am not planning on modding any of the cars until the warranty has expired, so it isn’t exactly a plan for the immediate future. I was looking at tunes and it looks like the I4 is capeable of a lot more torque on a tune than the V6, would this prove to be an advantage? It sounds like the V6 is already running at its peak- I wonder if this is satisfying or a bummer.

First and foremost the LGX engine is really good and has the capability in stock block form to handle some power. I am currently putting down about 550 to the crank 460 to the wheels and the engine is showing no signs of stress. We are stopping there until the forged rods and pistons come in. I have 50k miles on the car as well.

I will shortly address the pricing since its a topic but not one I will dwell or argue on as everyone’s opinion is different. Purchased in march of 16 for 32k 2lt RS Best price I could get on a SS at the time with same trim options was around 45k maybe 42k if I really really hunted.. Today is a different story that gap has closed quite a bit.. But for me I have more power and still haven’t reached that SS price that I would have paid then. That is all I will say on that because I didnt buy my V6 originally with modding in mind it became a passion and Hobby later on.

One of the things plaguing Me at the moment is drivetrain power loss its HUGE on the V6 vs the V8 so as you increase in power There is a significant loss. It actually kind of odd because the smaller transmission should require less line pressure and fluid flow. But hear nor there its one downside to the v6 especially if your looking to go huge power the 8l45 just hasnt been tested to its limits and we all know the torque converter is garbage.

N/A – You can do Intake, Throttlebody, Intake Manifold, Downpipes, Exhaust, E85 and Tune of course. This will get you over the 300whp mark easily. Not sure anyone has done the full list yet but my guess would be in the 315-330 range with a good tune and all these mods. These Cars LOVE E85.

The Single best upgrade for your car would be hands down the Overkill Supercharger Kit http://www.v6superchargers.com Its a proven kit of reliability and quality and there are about 5 or 6 of us out there with it now. I have put 26k miles on my supercharger kit so far.

Thanks for your experience! I unfortunately don’t have access to E85 unless I imported it. I’m on hawaii, and that’s not real big here. It sounds like a lot of work to mod this engine because chevy has it pretty dialed from the factory. I currently have a toyota with a V6 that I supercharged. I started having problems after 120K miles with the heads/head gasket because the car wasn’t designed for boost. It was on a 6PSI pulley too. Could this happen to the chevy V6? Power gains seem much easier on the I4 if you’re in a lower ballpark.

Other than the jump to a supercharger – which has lots of additional costs since i’m not in a state like florida that lets you do whatever you want without inspections, I’m not sure what my next step would be that would make a difference. Cat removal is not an option, not just for legal reasons, but catless stinks almost as bad as the rotten egg smelling cats do.

I was thinking maybe weight savings… at the expense of the crash safetey features in the car. But I already have an issue with every body panel rattling from road noise and music now, that will only be magnified by weight reduction in the frame/body. Could go with light weight seats, but that’s not really V6 specific.

There’s just not much that makes the car better since it comes so good from the factory. At least in comparison to the 80’s and 90’s and the type of person who buys a mid-tier engine doesn’t tend to take their motors apart to modify it. So i totally dont expect lots of activity around cams and such.

I’ve been getting the impression that this car doesn’t have much room for extra power. I guess that sounds props to chevy for making a car that uses all its power. With the tunes squeezing so much more out of the I4, do you think a I4 with a tune is faster than a V6? I feel like torque would be better.

I’d absolutely love a V8 1LE, but I am a younger enthusiast. That is a little out of my reach. This does bring up a question though. How does the V8 cary it’s weight compared to the V6/I4? On paper it looks like a lot of weight, and I’d assume a V6/I4 1LE would easily outhandle a base SS? I could very well be wrong though

They drive entirely different. The I4 and V6 are loose and easy to swing around, super forgiving and just love having their limits pushed. The SS is a monster for a stock car. It drives heavy, confident, and tame but at the same time if you awaken the beast and you don’t know how to keep her tame she will leave you in a bad situation in a hurry. It handles excellent, but you still basically..don’t want to get too overconfident with the massive amount of torque it has that just simply isnt present or encountered in the I4 / V6.

The V6/I4 1LE use the same stock suspension parts as a BASE SS (not a 1LE SS which is an upgrade on top of that.) so the only real advantage is weight.. so yes it will out handle it..but not easily… and the excess power in the SS will easily make up for the minor gap it loses in handling.