Va evades accountability during congressional hearing on disability exams grade 9 electricity unit


The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) has limited information on whether contractors who conduct disability compensation medical exams are meeting the agency’s quality and timeliness targets. mp electricity bill payment jabalpur VBA contracted examiners have completed a growing number of exams in recent years (see figure). VBA uses completed exam reports to help determine if a veteran should receive disability benefits. VBA reported that the vast majority of contractors’ quality scores fell well below VBA’s target—92 percent of exam reports with no errors—for the first half of 2017. Since then, VBA has not completed all its quality reviews, but has hired more staff to do them. electricity in the body symptoms VBA officials acknowledged that VBA also does not have accurate information on contractor timeliness. VBA officials said the exam management system used until spring 2018 did not always retain the initial exam report completion date, which is used to calculate timeliness. In spring 2018, VBA implemented a new system designed to capture this information.

“Everything, every thing, falls under DHS.” We see their puppets doing the same old crap, seems scripted, and giving the same excuses. We see those faces here that is impossible to contact or have them get interested, personally involved, in the many wrongs going on or within the scope of the mighty VA or “over-sight” committees. Didn’t hear anything about all those secretaries/contractors and others trained to insulate the elite from too many complaints, truths, or trained to put veterans on a Hamster’s exercise wheel of games, and buck passing to no end

Contractors are and can be a total joke. a gaseous mixture contains I never have been able to discover info about those automatically deleted reports and emails within twelve hour increments before deletions between some “contractor” or their assessments/results and the VA. If you want a copy of something being told to wait for assessment result gathering or to be picked up later… but now gone. Seems nobody ever heard of such a thing and nobody wants to discuss it openly if they do, or uses it. gas vs electric stove cost Or will it show some contractors are right on while idiots doing the same tests through the VA are joke, been changed, lost, and different from the outsiders?

Quality of “claims?” What about quality of care or after care? Oh those damned “administrative errors.” A lot can be said about that and has. electricity 220 volts wiring Oh the “positive” feed-back from groups like the VFW, etc. Say what? Oh yes… positivity no negatives allowed… bout anything. Follow-ups on individual “funneled” complaints? More horse shit and depends on who you are or how deep the corruption, incompetence, the activist or associations are, or, lack of ethics goes. We see how well they play the covering their own butts go.

“Tens of thousands” VSOs out there with many playing VA cheerleaders, supporting rip-off groups, to supporting VA retaliatory actions, “not wanting involvement” due to politics (corruption/censoring,) having to keep everything appearing “positive,” plus civilians/contractors doing the same in stifling veterans complaints or the want for investigations or wishing for some “over-sight” committees to take some action against the quagmire of crap many deal with? “On the ground feed-back?” Difficult to fight city hall, boards, professions, country clubbers, the politics, foreigners, the insiders and connected making billions of dollars. Total horse shit. gas zombies black ops They want to run from people like me or get us destroyed by any means possible. electricity youtube billy elliot Would Ms. Devlon take a call from me? Or a funneled gripe? I/and others gotta better chance at hitting the lottery. Would be like a call from Congress wanting to hear our stories…. not an ice-cubes chance in hell of that happening.

The GAO report: “VA DISABILITY EXAMS, Improved Performance Analysis and Training Oversight Needed for Contracted Exams” lists 3 to 8% returned to contractor agencies for error. electricity projects for grade 6 In the Hearing video, Representative Phil Roe, M.D., who is the Chair of the House Committee on Veteran Affairs attempted to pin down the quality assurance measures VBA uses to evaluate Contractor evaluations, but did not receive an answer despite repeating the question. It is clear he understands the value and importance of medical quality assurance from his physician background, yet VBA does not appear to have an effective quality assurance evaluation process in place.

The problem is twofold – VBA has to ask the right question to the Contract agency in order to receive the necessary information from the disability evaluation, and the Contract agency has to be able to comprehend what within the evaluation will answer the question. Sounds simple here, but it isn’t! This is where the training needs to focus on both sides! Representative Roe is on the right track, and I hope he pursues his agenda!

My problem with exams, and this would include at least a million other veterans is those of us who were contaminated, specifically those of us who may have the HLA-B27 gene, that made us more prone to suffer complications from Chemicals hat we were exposed to. They offer little outlook to autoimmune conditions which the HLA-B27 gene makes us more pron to get autoimmune conditions from exposure. Of course at the time we all was getting pounded by Chemicals nobody knew about some of us being more susceptible. Now we do. But VA exams don’t reflect current science. Being of Northern African-Basque/Irish decent I had to go outside of VA to even be diagnosed with Systemic sclerosis as VA could not come up with answers, even though all it took was ANA test, and few other test they just did not want to pay for over the years. I am by far not the only veteran who has suffered over the last 80 years of using specific chemicals like Benzene, TCE,PCE,Etc… They mention camp Lejuene but VA knows many people are not having problems like autoimmune conditions, but those that do are not being noted in exams. The entire problem leaves some veterans going back again and again with no help , diagnoses, or resolution.