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How many dams are complete in Alaska, by the way? It always goes this way, and we suffered bitter defeats in Chile and Costa Rica, where we often couldn’t convince our friends there not to make the same mistakes we’d once made. You won’t know what you’ve thrown away until you look for it and see it is gone.

Your perspective, your predicament is not unlike that of the 15 year old daughter who simply cannot understand why Mom and Dad won’t let her go out overnight with that dreamy, sweet talking College Freshman she just met. They’re terrified of all the bad things that could happen to her, and they’re trying for all they’re worth to hold her back. She’s insulted that they don’t understand she has this all figured out, and you’re insulted to be compared to her. :^)

Whose fault is it, really, when a dam is removed and there’s all this wreckage and it takes a very long time for the wounds to scar over – the blasted thing should not have been installed in the first place. We remediate, we spend our own treasure (usually not yours) to try and fix the mess, and sometimes we’re distressed that some of the harm is permanent. Why is it for you to claim "suffering"? That’s supposed to be my cry.

Click to expand…Sometimes Society finds a new substance, and instead of using it cautiously and with great circumspection, they wanna use gobs of it, for everything. This very thing happened with the Deck of 52 antibiotic miracle substances we launched the discovery of about 70 years ago. This isn’t a Binary situation, this is Society rushing to make profligate use of antibiotics, massive dosages, just like a Lottery Winner who will blow through all 600 Million in 8 years. I think some very careful use of DDT could have been justified, but for some people, they cannot manage themselves like that. At first we’ve got to cut out every child’s tonsils, then we almost never do this. But the real cold reality is, this Orb cannot provide for every hypothetical human being we could save by doing this or that. If I have to die, I’d rather die of one of God’s mechanisms of death (starvation, disease, etc.) as opposed to be eaten from the inside out by some concoction unleashed by mankind.

I had a large coffee jar full of heptachlor I used, decades after it was outlawed, and I used it extremely carefully and it was just about gone when Katrina took it away. The gatekeeping function when it comes to powerful chemicals is screwed up. I just feel like you first have to take ownership of all the sickness and death that was caused by feckless use of DDT first, and you can start your accounting from there. It just seems like we have to keep Pandora’s Box bolted until we grow up somehow. We had to take the matches away from the youngster, because he showed us he could not be trusted not to burn the home to the ground.

The limitations of solar and wind can and will be overcome, we are just a more efficient storage system or battery away from it right now. We already have a power grid, kind of a skeezy one I’ll admit, but we already have solar and wind generated power tied into it.

What I’d really be interested in is knowing how the limitations of fossil fuels can be overcome. The answer just can’t be to drill-baby-drill and burn more and more of them? We can only pump so much carbon by-product into the atmosphere and ocean; there’s this tricky thing called the green house effect and ocean acidification. They can be explained and demonstrated with simple physics, and we can’t can’t just blow them off and say they don’t exist.

I really can’t remember any time before the Sandy storm when the subways of New York City were flooded by a storm. Or, the last time so much of Houston was under water. These type of weather events are referred to as 500 or 1000 year or some such year events, but now they are occurring every couple of years. Sure, we’ve had devastating storms in the past, but even most meteorologists (only about 97% of them ) recognize that they are happening now on a more frequent basis.

Even the re-insurers, the big money boys who back the insurance bets of the worlds largest insurance companies (maybe some of the most conservative business people there are?) are factoring in the added and growing costs of human-assisted climate change. They know it’s more than just a coincidence that the ocean is rising, and storms, droughts, and wildfires are getting more severe and happening on a more frequent basis. The U.S. Navy is currently re-vamping their docking facilities to deal with a two foot (2 feet !!!) increase in sea level by 2040.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my own love affair with fossil fuels. Gasoline is an amazing concoction. I grew up during the 1960’s, and when we weren’t engaged in Summer of Love type activities or playing rock and blues, we were building and racing cars and motorcycles. Hell, I was a AHDRA sanctioned rider for a couple years and even won a trophy or two .

Some of the greatest thrills of my life involved hydro-carbon spewing vehicles. But, sometimes, the old good-times need to be phased out by the new good-times. Don’t worry, gasoline is going to be around for a long time, and surely there will be black-market gas after that, but it’s not the fuel of the future. Somewhere down the road, we will be talking about how cheap the gasoline was in Vancouver B.C. on May 1, 2018, back in the old days when we thought we could burn the stuff forever with impunity.

I’m not one of those Good Daddy Do-Right types, neither am I dumb enough and surely not smart enough, to think I’m going to change the world, but I’m at least going to try to do my small part. Yeah, I know, maybe my head is on backwards, but it bothers me to think that the kids in the future would say " How in the world did they all just stand around with their thumbs in their butts and just keep on burning that stuff?"