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Gopher Tail Day – Elevator Picnic Day – Free pop and icecream!! Kids and neighbors everywhere!!! …. Getting the mail – and cream, eggs, and bread – the emergency staples – from Mr. Bower’s Store …… Stopping for a pop at the Bremen Bar in the middle of a long hot summer horseback ride through the gravel pit just west of town…… Riding my horse into the elevator and onto the scale to “get weighed” ….. Summer ball games and meeting friends there…….. Listening to “adventurous” Bremen School (a TWO Room!!) stories from my siblings (before my time! I attended Bremen #1 – a one room – 3 miles south of Bremen – when even the barn was still there!!) …………. Then watching it all slowly disappear every time I returned home ………. Except for the infamous Bremen Bar still standing strong on “Main Street’!! …… I know Bremen, as it used to be, lives on vividly in the minds of those who grew up there and in the surrounding community during a wonderful and truly rich era – before time sped up thrust us into the “modern” ??? age!!!

My goodness! What a ‘site’ sight! I lived in Bremen from 1951 to 1960. I went to Bremen school #3. gas kansas city My Mom and Dad, Roger and Lorraine Larson owned Bremen grocery which was next door to Lou Bower’s implement and parts store plus the post office. I often went with Ermie Simms walk down to the railroad tracks to get the mail as it was kicked off the “37”. (By the way, the mail-car of the “37” now resides in Sacramento Ca. I played with the Alfsted boys, Billy and Dennis in the gravel pits, went ice skating in the slough between Andersons and Roemmick’s. Played ‘Pony-League baseball under Robert Bower’s coaching, and Dad’s coaching. Took piano lessons from Irma Omoth, though my Mom wasted a lot of money on that deal. I was confirmed in the Lutheran churchi n Bremen. Visited Bremen last in ’05, picnic-ed at the school. That slide was really tall. (Now, my cousin tells me, the school building is gone. A corner of the basement had caved in.) I used to collect gopher tails and sold at ‘Gopher-Tail days’. I made 50 cents cleaning up the street after Elevator Days. I bought my first pair of roller skates at Roller Skating night and I still have the skates! Thanks for the memories and I’m sure I will recall more in the next days.

Recently my Daughter asked me to write my autobiography so imagine my excitement when I found this web site. My parents, John and Leone (Priester) Doubek moved to Bremen from Anamoose circa 1947. He ran the blacksmith shop. We lived in a small home straight back from the saloon. We were very poor. I am pretty sure the Bollingberg’s were God parents to one of my siblings born there. I also remember fondly the Elevator Days and Gopher tali contests. We worked very hard to fill that match box with Gopher tails! l We played with the Alfstad children, also Simpson ,Berndt and Anderson kids. Who lived across the tracks and I think around a pond on a farm there? I think Anderson s .I remember playing the Fox and the Goose on very cold winter days. I travel through Bremen every time I return to Minot and Anamoose as I have may relatives still there. I was saddened to see the School house down. It’s amazing how we learned with all 8 grades in just two rooms. I have enjoyed reading all your comments and thanks for the pictures, our old home is in one of them!

Hi Lonnie, I was happy you responded to my post. When you lived above the bar my Sister Linda, Gary and I ( you may have been there) dropped a cat from the top of the stairs just to see if it would land on it’s feet. Mean kids! When you moved to the Shaffer house you were our neighbors, I also remember the town hall. Our school plays and Christmas parties were there. My Dad was Santa one year. I think there was something like a box lunch social too. I recall one winter day when a very bad storm came up and the teachers wouldn’t let us leave it was so bad but lo and behold a figure came up the hill to lead us to town. It was my father we had to all hold hands with one teacher in the middle and one at the rear to make sure we all stayed together. My sister and I were happy it was our dad who rescued us! I recall also that your mother didn’t cut you or your brothers hair, you both had long curly locks, You probably don’t remember that or don’t want to LOL! Your fathers bar was my fathers second home, unfortunately. I left Minot in 1960 to move to IL where I now reside. I will swing through Bremen again on my way to Minot this June for our Doubek Family reunion. I also have a special place in my heart for Bremen as well as Anamoose where I was born.

Hi Beverly, Wow 11 kids. I don’t know if we have any pictures from those days. My parents put most every thing on 8mm film, Gary just copied all of them to dvd. I will talk to him about pictures. I think I will be able to meet you in Bremen on the 24th of June. I am not sure if Gary will be coming,he says he would like to talk to you. You asked about the train,Gary still has it and it is set up in his basement. After my parents sold the bar we moved to a farm East of Bremen,we lived there for a couple years, we were neighbors to the Fingerson family. bp gas prices nj I started school in a one room school about a mile from the farm. My parents then bought another bar in Niagara, N. Dak.We moved ther in the fall of 1953,I was in the 3rd grade. They came out to Washington shortly after I did,Gary was already here. I called back and the bar in Bremen is still operating, but I think the best time to meet would be in the afternoon, I don’t think they open to early. Would like to connect, our phone numbers are listed.

Hi Lonnie,I figure we left Bremen around 1949 or 1950. I left Minot as a result of marrying a Airman from the Minot Air Force Base, his home was Rockford, IL. We eventually divorced and he moved to Las Vegas & I chose to stay in IL. I now live in Rockton, north of Rockford just below the WI border. Gary & I were in first grade together but I graduated in 1959. I had lunch with my Sister, Joanne yesterday and she wondered if you remember the Beeckler girl she played with. She thought her name was Barbie. They lived in the country west of town, I think! Just for fun, I googled your and Gary’s home towns and thought you must live in beautiful country. Lots of forest preserves and parks. It is very wooded where I live too.Joanne wondered if you remember Oluva Klutz? She was a strange old lady that lived in the house between our’s and the back of your tavern. It is very cold and windy here today BRRRR. I recall one day many years ago at work, that I wished we could have a big blizzard. My co-workers told me to go back to ND & wish for it LOL

Hi, Beverly & Lonnie. Please pardon me for ‘eavesdropping’ on your conversations. So much fun to read your notes. I realize I lived in Bremen at slightly different years, but I do remember much of what you are writing. Beverly, from your 20 Jan note, I lived next to the Alfstads the entire time in Bremen ( from 1951 to 1960) Billy, Dennis and I had a ‘club-house’ between our homes, built from scrap lumber from the railroad box-cars. Arliss was my first-grade girlfriend. Shelline and Marlene both worked at my folks grocery store at times, and Diane Alfstad often ‘baby sat’ my little sister. My folks ran the grocery store those years. I do remember Oluva Klutz, I remember the day she died. I remember the Paul Schaffer place, Paul was the coach of our ‘Pony League’ baseball team when I was 10 or 11. Do you recall “Mrs. Twist” who lived in the house between the bar and the blacksmith shop? The “Anderson Kids” on the other side of the “pond” (we called it the slough) might have been Duane Anderson and Ada Anderson, my cousins. Yes, we also played “Fox & Goose” on the ice. I remember hearing of Donna Mae but I don’t recall her though my mother, Lorraine Larson, does. I remember Barbara Beuchler but she was 5 – 6 years older than me but I thought she was. . . . pretty. . When I was there in the later ’50s we had ‘Roller Skating night’ on Thursdays once a month. I was made to take p[iano lessons from Irma Omoth. ag gaston birmingham I was confirmed at the Lutheran Church in Bremen though we belonged to Augustana several miles east and north. We moved to Valley City in Spring 1960. The Hagel’s (railroad depot managers) bought our house. I went to Valley City HS 1960 – 1963. Goodness, the more I write, the more names I remember. I may be passing through Bremen with my daughter & grand daughters about 24 of 25 June 2015. . . . Could be fun. . . .

Hi Terry and Lonnie, I sure did not consider you “eavesdropping” . I enjoy hearing from anyone familiar with Bremen. Is Troy Larson, the creator of this web-site, related to you? I remember falling out of the hay loft at the Anderson farm and knocking the wind out of myself. I do not recall Mrs. Twist, I cannot recall your house either. Where in the world did you roller skate? We went to Alfsteds when they lived along the tracks. They had catalogs and we would cut out paper-dolls for hours on end. I think I heard that Shelline was killed in a car accident many years ago. Do you know if that is true? I was through Bremen several years ago and was disappointed to see the school not there.Every time I returned to ND going to Minot, I would take pictures of the school. Last time I was there our old house was still standing but really in decrepit shape. It will be interesting to see it again. I talked to my Brother, Clyde, he resides in MT, last evening. He was born while we lived in Bremen and was baptized in the Trinity Lutheran Church. Nov. of 1949. He said his sponsor was a Manfred Bymoen. Do either of you know who that is? I am very flexible the week of June 22 as our reunion in Minot is the 27th. I would love to meet you and your families and remissness old times. I am also interested in any pictures from when Bremen was “booming” Let’s keep in touch!

Hi Beverly and Terry, Beverly I am also a big Nascar fan. Jimmy Johnson is my favorite, in the old days it was the terminater #3. I don’t know who Manfred Byomen was, but was in the Lutheran Church in Bremen a couple years ago and it is in great condition and still being used. It was easy to go inside the doors were unlocked. Our Church here in Washington doors locked alarm set and gate locked. When we lived in Bremen Larson managed the grain elevater, Vanetta run the depot,in the later years my Aunt Corrine Bower run the grocery store and post office. gas leak smell I remember the Twist name and the Alfsteds thats about it. I was watching the basketball tournaments here and there was a Piotz coaching. I tried looking up his phone # but it was unlisted. Well here is the news I need to tell you. My cousins husband passed away last week, and that is why we were going back. It was to be ther 25th celebration.also my wives niece had a heart attack and is on life support. We are on hold for now. I will keep in touch. Lonnie

Hi Lonnie and Terry, I am back safe and sound after my long journey to ND. Our Family reunion was great. I called the bar in Bremen before I left and they assured me they would be open, even took my name down to greet me! I arrived about 3:45. Stopped to take pictures of the church, it was open so I took pics of the inside. Three of my siblings were baptized there. A fellow came out from across the street and we visited for quite a while. The Bolingbegrs, that I wondered about, lived next door to him but they were in New Rockford to the Dr. I drove around, up the hill where the school once stood, then to our old home. It is still standing but the kitchen roof has collapsed. The old Schaffer house is still there too as well as Oluva Klutz’s. The bar opened a little early. they were expecting me. Then 3 other fellows came in and what a fun time I had with them. They knew of some of the people I asked about, but did not remember the Berndt’s or Piatz’s. I am going to develop the pics soon and will find a way to get the to you both. Maybe through the white pages if you are listed. I still hope we can all meet in Bremen some day!

Hi, Lonnie. Yes, Merle Larson is familiar, if this is the same guy. His wife was Ardith and they had 3 boys, Dwight, David, and Douglas, when I last knew about them. I think he became elevator manager in Washburn or Williston, in the western part of the state. I don’t recall who was interim, but I recall Halverson took over. One of his kids was a class ahead of me at Bremen School #3 up on the hill. Oh, just a meangless bit, but I hauled water for the school my 4th,- 8th grades. Got the water from the pump in the meadow between my house and the school. . . Got paid $3.00 a month. . hmmmmm. Oh, yes, I remember Lou Bower, his son Robert Bower helped my father with ‘coaching’ our Pony-League baseball. Is John Bollingberg’s son named ?Eric? Lou Bower assumed some of the grocery business when my folks left the store in 1960. My family went to the Augustana Lutheran church, East and North of Bremen. My daughter was there on 29th of June. electricity in costa rica voltage The outside looks great but birds are getting in and making a mess. I guess like all of our history, like our Bremen, it is slowly going away. “The Old House” stands alone and lonely . . . .” With respect, Terry.