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The player’s house is in the center house in a townhouse type dwelling in Vaniville Town. The player has just moved here from a region far away. The player’s mother lives here, and is usually cooking something in the kitchen. This is where the player receives a Town Map, and the first change of clothes. The house has two stories; the top floor is the player’s bedroom, complete with a bed, TV, Wii U, PC, a mirror where the player changes out of their pajamas at the beginning of the game, and a few drawers. The player’s PC was given by their dad, and it contains Adventure Basics.

The first floor is the kitchen, living room, and mom’s room. The kitchen has a pot on the stove and a sink, while the living room has a large, curved, flat screen TV upon a mantle, a fireplace, and a couch; the player’s mom’s Fletchling stays in the living room. The last room is the player’s mom’s room, this room containing a window, bed, china closet, and a night stand with a picture.

After entering the Hall of Fame and the Parade in Lumiose City, the player returns here. The outside consists of a stone path to the center of Vaniville Town, with the player’s mom’s Rhyhorn sleeping on a mat with a beach ball. The house property is surrounded by a brick wall, with the entrance to Vaniville on the left and the player’s rival’s house on the right. There is a mailbox on the wall. The pillars that open the wall to the path have Poké Balls on them.

Serena/Calem’s house is also two levels. The first level is the living room, with a table, china cabinet, and TV. There is also a kitchen with a stove, sink, refrigerator, and a few cabinets. Upstairs is the second level, which contains Serena/Calem’s room. There is a bed, mirror, TV, desk, and a bookcase. The house is to the right of the player’s. It is the last house on the right part of the row.

The outside is a stone path leading to the center of Vaniville. The property is surrounded by a brick wall, with the player’s house in the left and the boundary of Vaniville Town to the right. There is a mailbox on the wall. The pillars that open the wall to the path have Poké Balls on them.

Vaniville Town first appeared in An X-cuse to Come Out and Play. It is the hometown of X and Y, as well as their friends Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor. As a child, X had won the championship of a Junior Trainer Tournament, causing him to receive a lot of attention from the media. Eventually the pressure of being stalked by reporters and paparazzo led to X locking himself into his room, refusing to come out, despite Y’s constant attempts to make him do so.

Worried about his friend, Trevor had called Professor Sycamore for help, and he had agreed to send him a set of the three Kalos starter Pokémon, hoping they would cheer X up. However, as soon as the package containing the starters and Pokédexes arrived, Xerneas and Yveltal suddenly appeared in the middle of the town and started fighting each other, destroying the whole town. During the chaos, Trevor lost Fennekin and one of the Pokédexes, Shauna lost her Furfrou, and Team Flare attempted to steal X’s Mega Ring. X and his friends survived the disaster, and, with their hometown in ruins, set off on a journey together.

Later it was revealed that Team Flare, in order to hide the truth about the fight between the two Legendary Pokémon, had made up a cover story about an unexplained explosion destroying Vaniville Town, and imprisoned every single citizen of Vaniville Town at their headquarters in Geosenge Town to prevent them from outing the truth to the world.