Venezuela news and views after cúcuta what type of intervention power outage houston txu


A sound intervention strategy has to aim to preserve the armed forces structure and as much personnel as possible power in costa rica, therefore what is needed is a group of well armed police (using the term police is important even though they can be armed with full military gear). The regime is relying on convicts, colectivos, and small contingents of PNB and GNB to do the heavy lifting. Therefore a ground force focused on taking control of a small part of national territory, BACKED by air, naval, and logistical support by other nations, can have success. Rule of thumb tells us that 5000 police, backed by an air carrier air wing can control an area with 100,000 inhabitants quite easily. Thus the initial target has to aim at a small city.

Let’s observe what was regime response to events on the 23rd: in Ureña they used small GNB contingents which numbered about 50 at each bridge, and the presence of Iris Varela tells me the security forces must have been, or included, convicts. The response to the Pemon rebellion in Santa Elena de Uairen was a convoy of school buses loaded with colectivos, milicianos, and some PNB and GNB which proceeded to shoot up the town.

Once this expeditionary force has one million within its control gas x and pregnancy, it should start receiving a flux of volunteers to allow creation of a militia. Whole military units may shift allegiance, and thus the main issue will be figuring out how to sort out spies and saboteurs. I have used a boilerplate ratio precisely because I’m afraid the regime will be infiltrating their guys.

So what’s the Cuban reaction going to be? They can’t send bus convoys loaded with colectivos because they would be cut off by air power, they are unlikely to send army units, the navy and Air Force will be useless, and they will see that, once electricity questions and answers pdf a significant force has punched through that cellophane they use to keep 30 million Venezuelans hostage, all they can do is caused a bunch of dead and risk the capture of Cubans who will reveal their role in Venezuela.

I saw that Trump IS resentful, not racist, but extremely resentful against latinos and their usual corrupt modus operandi. This resentment led him (and Congress as well) to show what can only by described as ungentelmanly behavior fashion vs Puerto Rico right after the island decided not to pay a single dollar of its 60B debt to bond holders (mostly retirees in the US) in the greatest securities ponzi scheme in the history of the US. That was evident after the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico both Congress and by Trump. For example, after gas south the hurricanes the federal gvt has dedicated a huge package of incentives for the nation’s areas in distress. However, the small print of the aid law barrs Puerto Rico from getting a single cent of this aid: only technology related industry that is already in operation can benefit from the aid package, all other industries, especially Puerto Rican industries –related to agriculture, or to rhum or spirits, or to tourism –are explicitly excluded. Knowing this to be the case, when it came to funding the wall, Trump immediately proposed taking Puerto Rico’s portion of the aid package –that p gasket 300tdi Puerto Rico cannot benefit from by design thanks to Congress– and dedicate it to the wall’s construction. Why did Congress and Trump treat Puerto Rico this way? Because latino in your face laugh all the way to the bank style corruption. Is it deserved? Well, nobody got punished in Puerto Rico, meanwhile gringo retirees who invested in Puerto Rico bonds will pay while Puerto Rico government pensioners get 100% of their pensions (the gvt is Puerto Rico’s main employer by far). It was a raw deal electricity vocabulary words for seniors in the US and very unfair if you ask me? Why are some seniors more deserving of their pensions than others?

Despite all of the above it IS very much in the interest of the US as a nation to push for regime change now in V. rather than later because later on it will be more expensive: after 5M more refugees cross the Colombian border skyrocketing the drug trade, the guerrilla war and Islamic terrorism. Will Trump have foresight despite his resentment? I doubt it, his resentment is rabid. Delete