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The Staff and visitors at Petworth House had prepared a Christmas treat with a difference. The theme was The Grand Tour and on entering the departure mp electricity bill pay indore lounge, we were issued with passports which would then be stamped in each of the five countries (alias for rooms) we visited, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. In each of the rooms, there was something significant within the collection that represented that country. There were several beautifully decorated Christmas trees, dressed in coloured swags and the Italian tree was decorated with flying witches to represent the good witch, Befana who visits children in Italy on the electricity distribution costs 5th January, the eve of Epiphany. The climax of the tour was the chapel in which the most enormous Christmas tree was standing, bedecked with paper decorations with wishes or requests from the visitors, and we were invited to add to it. The only negative was that the restaurant was closed for a private function so we had to leave the site to take lunch in the town. The cafe at Petworth House, still functioning but with very limited choices, was extremely busy without sufficient seating to accommodate everyone..

We decided to go to Petworth for a Christmas company outing this year, starting with a trip to Petworth House, and followed by lunch nearby in the lovely village. We are a London-based interior design company so everyone was looking forward h gas l gas brennwert to seeing the house and particularly the art collection and the kitchen quarters. We had heard that some of the rooms were closed for restoration, but assumed that it would still be well worth a visit. How wrong we were. What the National Trust have actually done is to close off the stunning staircase and main rooms containing hundreds of paintings, and tried to divert attention from this with what can best be described as an utterly lame attempt to create a Christmas attraction – in this case, a ‘re-imagined’ Grand tour of Europe, as undertaken by previous owners of Petworth. In reality this means that you walk through 4 rooms gas zauberberg, plus a smaller staircase and the chapel. In each space you stand in near darkness in front of huge, crudely drawn, cartoon-style cardboard cut outs supposedly representing 4 European countries. And that ‘Grand tour’ collection? It consists of the following: one reproduction painting, 3 Meissen plates, a commode, 2 marble busts, and a painting of a storm in the alps. Seriously – that is it. Oh, sorry, you do also get a little paper ‘Passport’ with a space for you to draw your own head (yes really) and gas monkey monster truck 4 more spaces for passport ‘stamps’ which you can get from the volunteers in each of the dark electricity wikipedia simple english, dingy rooms. You also have the option to chose from five ‘silly hats’ that you are welcome to wear as you walk around the house… If that wasn’t bad enough, what they also fail to mention online is that in the rooms which were actually open, the lights have been turned off. That means you can’t see the majority of the paintings. It is literally too dark to see the art on the walls, and in the main room, the cardboard cut outs, obscure much of it from view entirely. As we walked gas unlimited sugar land tx through, squinting in the darkness and trying to make out the paintings, we saw other baffled visitors trying to shine their phone lights on the art, probably wondering, like us, how they had managed to find themselves in this bizarre, cut-price Christmas-grotto style nightmare, Is this is seriously all the National Trust can offer in the next few months to fee-paying, intelligent adults who have come to see the best art collection of any National Trust property in the whole country? I suspect even a five year old would have trouble buying into this ridiculously flimsy gas 93 premise of fun, and immediately see it for what it is – a crass way of still attracting visitors to a property that is half closed and as a result absolutely does not deserve them, or their handsome £12 a head fee. Oh, and those stunningly preserved country house kitchens? they were closed too. And the nice cafe? yep, also closed for a function the day we visited. We weren’t just disappointed, we also felt ripped off. We did complain to a member of reception staff on leaving who was extremely friendly electricity lesson plans year 6 and offered some free tea vouchers, which we declined. She also quite rightly offered to call the manager which we didn’t have time to do there and then, instead we asked for the managers email address, which she happily gave us. She, like all of the staff and volunteers we met, was friendly and helpful and shining examples of what is good about Petworth. To be honest, they deserve better from the Christmas experience too. On the positive side, the Christmas tree of wishes in the chapel was a lovely idea and obviously very well appreciated by the visitors who delighted in reading the heartwarming ‘wishes’ cascading from every branch – a simple, pretty and poignant symbol of what Christmas is about and how well it could have been done throughout the rest of the house. What on earth were the National Trust thinking? From electric zap sound effect free previous personal visits we know that Petworth House is a fabulously over the top mansion house with grand rooms and unique ‘below stairs us electricity supply voltage’ areas that would have lent themselves beautifully to gorgeous Christmas decorations. It’s practically designed for Christmas – with little effort the whole place could be sparkling and welcoming and filled with more festive cheer than a matinee of The Nutcracker on Christmas Eve. Where is the creativity, the enthusiasm, the joyous magic that could, and should be transforming and lighting up this majestic house and grounds, making it a huge seasonal attraction? We will be writing to Petworth House with our feedback and would welcome further discussion. PS all was not lost – we went on for coffee at the lovely Hungry Guest cafe in Petworth and an absolutely awesome lunch at The Horseguards Inn in nearby Tillington – both highly recommended

Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback and I’m sorry to hear the Christmas e85 gas stations florida Grand Tour wasn’t to your taste. Our messaging for the event stated that only selected rooms of the house are available at this time, this is repeated in the National Trust handbook, by the reception staff as you arrive and on our website that clarifies this with an explanation of the winter clean we carry out each year in order to preserve the collection. Our website also advises visitors on the limited availability of the collection while we carry out this clean and recommends that visitors wishing to see the collection in its entirety electricity 24 hours to visit after the 26 March when the rooms will be open free flow once more. Over the winter period the offer is more limited to allow for the clean and this is reflected in the reduced pricing of £12 from the core season £15 gift aid entrance. The Grand Tour Christmas promoted selected items from the collection that were pertinent to the Grand Tour and these were lighted accordingly and electricity magnetism at no point did we advertise that the entire collection would be on view and again it was recommended for those wishing to see the whole collection to visit again from the end of March. Feedback on the Grand Tour Christmas has been varied but we have had positive responses from both adults and children alike who enjoyed the experience and did get involved in wearing the hats, and trying electricity production in usa some of the festive traditions popular in the countries featured. Sorry once more that the event was’t to your taste. Please do check our website for the latest information on what offer is available at Petworth House. You can also contact us on 01798 342207 for further information.