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My place of work is Apollo Gleneagles Hospital which is situated a stones throw away from this Mall on EM Bypass near Salt Lake. Hence, I am a regular here. Only yesterday we went for food at Haka,a restaurant in Mani Square Mall. We go to Spencers departmental store , located at the basement of this mall every fortnight for our shopping needs. We got to Starmarks,the bookstore chain situated electricity lessons grade 6 in the mall,we go to the Cinemax movie theater, a E-Zone,and other stores too. So you power outage houston today can realize how often I get a chance to visit the Mani Square Mall. Car parking : There is a basement and sub-basement parking for the Mall. If you don’t get it,there is a building at the back within the premises,which is a huge parking space in 4 tiers.So parking isn’t an issue even on weekends at all. Security check : This mall goes overboard in personal security checks due to some unknown reason.There are several other,newer and bigger malls,but Mani square will frisk you and get you through a metal detector door-way,as you enter,like at the airport. The younger security guards are usually courteous,but older, in-charge gas news in hindi types are borderline disrespectful and irritating. Even all vehicles entering the premises get a thorough look-into by security. For any other mall in the city and suburbs, this much security is unprecedented. Ambiance and cleanliness : Nice and clean. Central AC works fine electricity outage houston. Elevators are big and spacious,but with no elevator personnel,getting to correct floors may be a tad confusing. Escalators are there as well. Shops : All kinds of shops,ranging from apparel to watches,camera to shoes, knicknacks to Reliance digital express are there,located at different tiers of the mall. There is no proper map or direction guide,as to what is located at which floor. Movie theatre,food court : There is a Cinemax complex but seats are smallish and climbing up is steep.Tickets are pricey. There is a 7D hall as well in the same floor. Food court is spacious and you do get all options like south Indian food,Pizzas gas 76, KFC, and others as well. You have to procure a food court card initially,then fill it up with money on your assumption of how much you are going to spend.Then take that card to different food shops and swipe it for food.Money gets debited from the account of your card. A time-wasting experience,but gas relief while pregnant then that is how Mai Square earns from your spending,as a percentage goes into their coffers. Kids zone : There is a dedicated kids zone behind the food court called Amoeba,which kids and adults enjoy fully. Charges are on the higher side,but most of the games are in working condition,thankfully.There’s a bowling alley too at the rear of Amoeba,but is always filled up with rich teenagers and adolescent show-offs. Dining area : On the level up from the food court,is the dining area of the Mall. There is a Flame and Grill ( extremely good), Haka (good), Machaan (awesome),Mio Amore ( nice) etc, at that level. These are mostly all gas oil ratio calculator Speciality Restaurant group outlets,catering to different needs and choices. Overall a place where you can while away your time,with family gas density at stp or friends.You will see loads of couples,teenagers,school-college goers hanging out in this mall. Mall culture has come in a big way in all of India. Negative points for Mani Square Mall : 1) Security (although they say is for us) are a bit too much.While getting in ,standing in a long queue is sheer time-wasting. 2) You have kept your car parked at the rear building,say level 4.Then a walkway is there to bring you through a departmental store,right into the mall. Now you have watched a movie in the evening with your family kd 7 electricity socks/spouse whatever. Then gone to have dinner at those above mentioned restaurants. Time is now 11pm,when you have finished dining and paid the bill and have come out. Mall by that time is closed,and all electricity song omd door are closed. Security won’t guide or help you at all. The departmental store is closed too,so that previous walkway which you had availed to get in, now is shut. So you climb down 5 stories by elevator and see a single door has been kept open for you to go out,walk your way round to the back,climb 4 stories up, to get to your car.Now, on top of this,you find its raining heavy,and you cannot go to the car parking in the building behind. On top of that, security personnel won’t accompany you with the umbrella in their hands,they won’t even listen to you. So after a fine dining electricity storage handbook experience and a well spent evening, you get completely drenched,get angry,get irritated as the Mall authority had a stupid planning for something like this,and the Mall security are an unhelpful lot. So my very good to excellent evening in the mall becomes an average experience,at the end.