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Me and my fiance visited Koh Tao and the Big Blue Diving center november 2011. Big gas explosion in texas Blue is in the middle of the town of Sairee Beach, close to everything you need and from the rooms (good ones whit fan and clean bathroom) 50 meter to the beach with a very good restaurant aswell, what more is there to ask for? Very nerveous vi signed up for Open Water Dive course, Big plus for free accomondation during the course. Had THE best diving-instructor (Thank you again Luke White!) my fiance passed the course, but me who is very nerveous around water couldnt jump in the water first time we where about to, paniced and stayed on the boat. Didint even have to pay full amount for the course, but paid for what I hade done so far. But the diving instructor was very encouraging, calm and understanding, and even took me out on closer water in the bay from the beach the day after gas lighting so I could do my first dive there, and the put a whole afternoon off for me so I could finish my Open Water Course in a slower paste. And didint even had to pay extra for the extra time he spent on me. Big goldstar for that, and I´m no so proud and glad that I was able to take my license. Even after we finished the course we choosed to stay in the rooms at Big Blue, just for the great atmosphere and the friendly welcoming they show. Good prices, good food in restaurant and very good staff. Besides diving, Koh Tao is beautiful, and when we going back we´ll definatley go back to Big Blue and stay there again. Until we see you again Koh Tao take Care 😉 // Matilda Birath Henrik Boda from Sweden

My partner and I are both advanced divers. Got taken to the usual Koh Tao dive sites with a whole bunch of dive masters (either working or on holiday!), so no restrictions on depths etc and got shown where all the best swimthroughs were. Particularly liked Regi (Dive instructor) and Stephen (insane beardy geordie dive guide/fish+nudi gas laws worksheet answers and work guru), both of who were highly talented, safe and could find interesting sea beasties anywhere. Our second visit to Big Blue, which seems to be more of a state of mind than a dive centre. All the the staff and customers are equally extremely chilled out and up for a laugh or a beer, accomodation is great and probably 3x cheaper than Phi Phi and up to 10x cheaper than Rayleigh beach (Krabi) for same equivelent. the Thais here are really friendly too and Sairee village is clean, funky and chilled with lots of cool bars and resturants. Big Blue have a beach bar right on the sand with rugs with backrests you can lay on, Table service and a fire show to chillout music. Lots of backpackers doing their Open Water so a great scene for cheap, but some posher places too. probably ~60% of the people there are in their 20’s, plenty of older people there too. We have literally been all over Thailand on multiple holidays, As a destination Koh Tao is only equalled in our opinion by Phi Phi, and Big Blue is unequalled anywhere (Lots of whale sharks around when we were there, for diving, Kao Lak/Similians just pips it though – you should do both, Koh Tao just might be the coolest place on earth!). Mark and Hils.

I was really apprehensive about diving before arriving in Koh Tao as after contacting some other Dive schools i was told i may be too big to dive. Big Blue assured me that i had nothing to worry about and they were right. There electricity manipulation were 12 people on our original intake so we were split into 2 groups of 6, each with their own dive instructor. The group as a whole took a vote and opted to do the SSI course rather than the PADI after we were told that the SSI course was slightly electricity rates el paso cheaper, more flexible and it didn’t really matter which one we did because as long as we could demonstrate all the essential skills and pass the written exam we would become fully accredited open water divers. Nick, our instructor, was fantastic. He was a great laugh and really patient with anyone who was struggling. He made sure that nobody was left behind and was really calm and ensured we were safe at all times. I had issues with my weightbelt and was considering quitting but he found me another one which was brilliant and really set my mind at ease. The weather wasn’t the best on the days we actually did our dives as the water was a bit choppy so we couldn’t go to Chumphon where the whale sharks were spotted. Instead we went to Twins and White Rock where we saw a huge Sea Turtle and Stingray’s which was really cool. It really was an amazing experience swimming with all those fishes and is one i will cherish for the rest of my life. The equipment was fine albeit a bit old as it’s been used by so many people before us. The SPG was an analogue one and i would’ve preferred a dive computer instead but that’s just me being greedy as it wasn’t really necessary. The dive suits weren’t compulsory so i opted not to wear one. The restaurant serves great food and i actually had the best pizza i had in the whole of Thailand there. We opted to stay in a 1000bht a night room simply because we wanted a hot shower and air conditioning. In hindsight we might have decided differently because everybody else in our group stayed in the free dorms which were electricity and circuits class 6 on site and we were in a hotel about a 5-10 minute walk away. It would’ve been much easier to socialise with people if we stayed with them but that wasn’t really a big deal as we were spending all day with them anyway. Having said that though, our accommodation was excellent and couldn’t be faulted. The Island itself is beautiful and there are plenty of things to do and see with regards to bars and restaurants on Sairee Beach when you’re not diving. The last night when we completed our dive course was a lot of fun when we went on a mini bar crawl with our instructors. All in all i had an amazing experience and i fully recommend diving with Big Blue to anyone. Diving is such a unique and unforgettable experience that it’s changed the way i think about my holidays. It’s opened my eyes to some countries which i had electric utility companies charge customers for never ever considered visiting but would love to now because the diving is meant to be amazing there. Thank you Big Blue for an amazing 4 days and for believing in me and convincing me i could do it when other dive schools didn’t.