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Today, like many other times recently, I had a bad experience with Gatwick Express. I was at the Gatwick station at around 9:20am, all the Gatwick Express were cancelled and I had to wait for the first Southend Train to reach gas mask tattoo London. Similar situation I had on Christmas time from Victoria, luckily on that occasion I took the last train before you cancelled all the others. The price of the ticket is not cheap at all, and in both occasions (just to mention the last ones) I had to wait for my train and I haven’t found a seat available. When I have asked for the refund today I have been told that it was not possible because i gas shares I should have asked it in Gatwick before catch the Southend train and not in Victoria. I have paid £17.70 for : waiting for more than half an hour a train that never arrived, for running from a platform to another (with a 20kg suitcase and a bag) for taking a train that was stopping in other 2 stations and for standing for all the duration of the journey and of course for being late to my appointment. No anymore electricity water analogy

I will attempt to debunk the myth that the Southern Railway (SR) services are a better option than the Gatwick Express (GE). GE is a dedicated NON STOP train service which takes you between the Airport station and Victoria Station in Central London in 35 minutes. It has more space for luggage and the trains are usually less crowded and more comfortable. The service runs up to 4 times per hour during the day and less frequently at night. Although there can be delays sometimes this is also true of SR. It is more expensive than SR. SR run regular services to/from the airport as well. The gas and supply locations trains are usually shorter, less comfortable, more crowded and have less space for luggage. Almost all of them make stops on the way, and they take longer than 35 minutes, some of them stopping numerous times on the way. What makes me state these facts? I regularly use both services. I meet people at Gatwick and accompany them on the GE to Victoria. When travelling between my home town of Horsham and Victoria I use SR. Gatwick is between Horsham and Victoria. These are my own experiences. Most SR services start from the south coast (Southampton, Portsmouth, Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton, Worthing etc.) and can be almost full even before stopping at Horsham. Imagine the crush on the trains electricity and magnetism ppt by the time they stop at Gatwick and take on passengers loaded with luggage. Yes, GE can be crowded sometimes but when that’s the case SR will usually be even more crowded. GE is slightly more expensive than SR and markedly cheaper than using a taxi. I consider it better value than the alternatives and this is why it is my choice when meeting others at the airport or accompanying them to it. It’s worth the extra cost.

After travelling on Gatwick Express many times it has certainly got the comfort element. First Class is amazing but how does the whole experience and service gas evolution reaction compare with Southern Railway?You can get some Southern Railway services to Gatwick Airport within just 32 minutes. There isn’t much difference in terms of speed but the Gatwick Express will most likely to be quieter and emptier especially if you are caught in the rush hour. All Southern trains to Gatwick Airport seems to be much more modern than what Gatwick Express currently operate, but, there will be new trains from 2016 including free wifi, plug sockets and brand bew suited electricity and circuits for the route. Southern have fully accessible toilets with designated disability areas, and, on some trains you even get plug sockets which you don’t get on the Gatwick Express. Overall they both seem to very comfortable. If you want a true First Class experience than you will probably want to go with the Gatwick Express. Gatwick Express runs from London Victoria (usually platforms 13 14) non-stop straight to Gatwick Airport r gas constant kj (South Terminal). Southern Railways also run from London Victoria (usually platforms 15 to 19) with their fastest trains to Gatwick (South Terminal) calling at Clapham Junction, East Croydon and then straight to Gatwick Airport.