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If you have had any type of back injury or back pain or neck pain it’s probably a compressed nerve. You could try a heat pad on the spine or soaking in a hot tub with a few cups of epsom salt for 30 minutes. Pilates or stretching (e.g. Classical Stretch) might also help. You need to find ways to relax the muscles and that should ease up on the nerves.

If it’s not that then you probably have a mineral imbalance, which could be from too much of something or too little. The body is an ecosystem and when it gets out of balance it talks to you, even if you don’t know what it’s saying. Often it’s hard to tell, so you have to monitor your eating habits and supplements to figure it out. For example, if you take vitamins everyday and don’t take a break from them you probably have a mineral toxicity in too much of something. Stop the vitamins and give your body time to rebalance. If you don’t eat a very balanced diet and don’t take supplements you probably have a deficiency. A standard American diet is often low in magnesium and high in calcium. These two are needed together to balance each other. Other nutrients like vitamin A and D are needed to balance each other as well. So if you take too much D without any A or vice versa you’ll create an imbalance. Another potential issue is B12. Many people are low in B12 and find relief and more energy from taking B12 and/or B-complex for a week or more.

If you’re on a low salt diet or you workout and sweat a lot you may be depriving your body of needed sodium & electrolytes. But don’t use table salt, use SEA SALT or HIMALAYAN SALT. Both of these have crucial minerals that help the body stay in balance. Put 1/2 teaspoon in a quart of water and drink a cup every now and then throughout the day (if you put it in hot water it will taste a bit like drinking soup).

If you’re on a lot of medications you could be having fluoridosis, excess fluoride in the body, since it’s often used as a filler in some medications, and is in toothpaste, and our drinking water. Drink more juice or mineral water, use fluoride-free toothpaste and eat cilantro (coriander) 3 times per week to help pull heavy metals out of the body. Then try something like Fulvic Mineral Complex to rebalance your system. You’ll see some people mentioning Gatorade G2 helping them, that’s because they probably were lacking in sodium, potassium, or had dehydration (or all of the above!).

Lastly, remember that your imbalance probably didn’t occur overnight, even though the symptoms started suddenly. So you’ll need to use some trial and error and be patient to figure out what went wrong. Also, don’t expect a doctor to know what’s wrong or what to do. Most are paid to treat symptoms, not find the problem. I know, I have several in my family and I know more about nutrition than they do. I’ve also had a side effect from a medication and had a doctor tell me "That’s not a side effect from that." Sorry Doc, maybe not for most people, but for me it was. Each body is different. So save yourself some money and learn to be your own health expert and save the doctors for those rare emergencies.

I have the same PHONE-SET-ON-VIBRATE sensation in my right foot. Now it seems to be intermittent day or night and for varying lengths of time. If I’m in one of those vibrating phases, just standing up after sitting a while will "trigger" it although most of the time it doesn’t seem to need a trigger…it just happens. At first I thought it was an MS episode (diagnosed MS 1990, ambulatory, no apparent disability, no attacks since early 90’s)and that weakness or coordination problems might come next but nothing has happened and it’s gone on for at least a year. Also I have developed a pain in my back, left-sided, and just at or slightly below midway of my back. The back pain seems to come with ordinary activity but once it starts, resting doesn’t necessarily make it go away. Anyone have any ideas…some sort of sciatica? I do also have a definite activity related pain in my neck that hurts when I’m say chopping veggies, or doing cooking requiring that I work at a counter top level with my head titlted forward in the same position for several minutes. Don’t know if it’s all related or just several things that seem to point toward nerve problems.