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I have recently noticed, starting about 2 months ago that when I look at busy patterns such as oriental rugs, curtains with patterns, white horizontal blinds with straight lines/shelves in the supermarket a problem with very slightly vibrating/shimmering that I can see. Its very slight but noticeable. Its like there is a problem with focusing. I do not suffer this in my ‘normal’ daily activities and it does not happen all the time and seems to be more apparent when I focus on it. I have found myself testing myself quite a bit which has led me to become quite OCD about it trying to search for a reason why this has developed in me.

I have been to one opthalmologist who checked everything in my eye, retina scan, looked at optice nerve, macula, tested pressures, OCT test, and did vision test. Everything is normal with better than 20/20 vision. I tried to expalin my symptoms to her. She was flumoxed. I asked her about if it could be related to my brain and whether I should see a neurologist. She flat out said no and put it down to stress/anxiety. I think that Opthalmologists are mainly concerned with the physical structure of the eye though.

I also went to an optomoterist, who was actually very good, she came up with a plausible explanation of something she called eye envy, or eye teaming problems, where under certain circumstances e.g busy patterns / lines close togethor etc each eye is not working perfectly togethor causing this issue.

I had an MRI about 7 months (just before the symptoms started for migraines) it came back completely clear. I have also recently visited a Neurologist where I had an EEG. It came back completely normal. We even tried to simulate the problem during the test but everything is fine. Initially he thought it might be some kind of occipital seizure but that has been ruled out. He told me there is no need for another MRI.

He also came to the conclusion that he said he though it might be some migraine variant and told me that it might go away on its own. I pressed him to see if there was any drugs that might be effective. He reluctantly prescribed 120mg Verapamil and asked me to go back after a month to see if it has any positive effects, at which point we can discontinue it or bump up the dose to see if it works. I have been taking it for a week and maybe a little change but I think it might be a bit of wishfull thinking on my behalf. He said it takes around 4 to 6 weeks for it to take effect but I am not so confident. Basically he told me there is nothing wrong with me, which whilst comforting is really bothering me for obvious reasons.

I really don’t know what it is but I personally feel that it is something to do with my eyes not working properly together in certain environments like high contrast lines close together for example supermarkets where you have rows of stuff with lots of information to process. Its like information overload. Its happens mostly in the peripheral of my vision too. If I look through either eye it is completely resolved.

I have the same vision issues you are experiencing. I first noticed them about 18 months ago. It was right after my son was born. The first day back at my home I noticed the picture frames on my wall looked like they were vibrating. Also, the stripes on my sons clothing and the stripes on his play mat looked like they were vibrating as well. I have seen many doctors, specialists and had 2 MRIs and several vision tests and blood work done. all came back normal. It is very frustrating. I also have a hard time at the store. The shelves seem to vibrate and bounce and the lighting in general is just pretty uncomfortable. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and this vision issue just makes it worse. I just recently started medication to help me with anxiety and depression and my psychologist things I will see improvement in my vision when my anxiety is under control. I am not so hopeful. I do know that when I began noticing these vision tricks I was more stressed then I had ever been given I was a new mom with an infant who had several health issues. My anxiety hasn’t let up since. I hope I don’t have to live my life like this forever but I feel there is a good chance that I will.

HELP FOUND!! Hello everyone, I know that the original post is a bit old, but I have had the same problems looking at patterns for 11 years. I could never find anyone else with similar problems or a doctor that knew what I was talking about…until 3 days ago. Finally! I had a seizure 11 years ago, and either that or hitting my head really hard cause a very minor brain injury. All my scans were clear CT, MRI, EEG etc. So, I was given a clean bill of health, but I could not look at blinds, bricks, grass, cans on a shelf in a store. Three days ago, on what I thought would be another waste of time doctor’s visit, the doctor’s first words to me were, "I’ve seen this before." I about broke down in a sob, when she said that. She said there have been multiple cases of people hitting their heads pretty hard, but have clear CT and MRI scans, that end up with this weird vision problem. She then performed a bunch of vision tests and had me try some special lenses, and look at patterns with them. They are called prism lenses, and they actually helped. I was able to look at the horrifying carpet, and a ceiling vent without feeling uncomfortable. It wasn’t a 100% cure, but it helped that’s all that matters. She said that over time the improvement can get better. She has an O.D. and is a vision therapist. If you have had similar problems with your vision please go see an eye doctor and ask about prism lenses. I hope this helps you, I know how insufferable this problem is.

I’m sorry that you are dealing with this. It is something that definitely affects life. I had a very noticeable Grand Mal seizure. An ambulance was called and all. After this seizure all eeg’s showed up normal as well as all other scans. About 2 weeks after the seizure is when my vision changed. It freaked me out so much that I couldn’t go into any stores for 2 years. It caused panic disorder, which gradually increased places that made me uncomfortable. I hate winter because my vision really bugs me with all the white. I figured out I had panic disorder and worked through that as best I could without meds. After all that, even when my panic attacks got better, the vision problem was still there. I felt if my vision weren’t messed up then I could be cured of panic attacks altogether, it just had to be a real physical problem.My problem doesn’t really resolve if I close one eye, but the less in my visual field the better. I tend to wear sunglasses (which help a lot) and cover my peripheral vision with my hair. The doctor is an Optometrist. She did a bunch of regular vision tests to confirm that my eyes are just fine. She has a lot of experience working with prism lenses, and said that she has experience with the whole "I can’t stand looking at patterns" thing. I get my glasses this week. I don’t know the exact prescription, but I will ask when I go pick them up. I will also let you know if they work. I tried different prism lenses at the office, and picked one that seemed to work, but the real test will be wearing them to Target lol I hope that you can find a doctor that has experience with prism lenses in your area. I will keep you updated.