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When he is not running the day to day operations of one of the largest drayage industry trucking firms on the West Coast, Vic LaRosa finds time to enjoy a favorite hobby, fly fishing. His passion for the environment stems from peaceful days spent in pristine locations, casting his fly rod. electricity bill saudi electricity company He follows catch-and-release ethics, and is dedicated to preserving all fishing waters.

As the President and CEO of TTSI, Vic brings that sense of environmental responsibility to the workplace, with a company commitment to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. TTSI takes being a good corporate citizen to heart, reducing truck emissions in the communities they work in, as well as creating a healthy workplace for staff.

Vic LaRosa: When we committed to the zero-emission transportation pathway, all the technology companies who are manufacturing in the alternative fuels sector sought us out. At TTSI, we’ve all learned about alternative fuel technologies, sustainability, and why reducing emissions from diesel matters. electricity symbols worksheet We are committed to the environment. We have a Director of Compliance and Sustainability, which has been very fruitful for TTSI, as they’ve been able to focus on what new technologies are emerging that we should incorporate.

That said, we’re agnostic to technology. We’ll try any of the new emission reducing technologies. We’re testing battery and fuel cell technologies. TTSI is heavily committed as a company to embrace any new technology, anything that will make the trucks run cleaner. electricity merit badge worksheet answers We have to run the company with the most cost effective and practical solutions there are.

Vic LaRosa: We are proud of our family culture; we have a very loyal work family at TTSI. In the port drayage trucking industry there can be a lot of turnover. When people leave I ask them why, so we can learn from their experience at TTSI. I always tell them they are welcome to come back. We’ve seen a large percentage of the people who leave return to TTSI. This includes customer service staff, dispatchers, and drivers.

Vic LaRosa: Driver retention, something the entire trucking industry finds challenging. o gosh corpus christi Our drivers are at the heart of our operations, and we are dedicated to treating them as such. We are 100% California Compliant and our drivers enjoy benefits, hourly and piecemeal wages, digital logs, and an exciting driver training program that takes a driver from zero experience to ready to hit the road with confidence.

Vic LaRosa: Back in the mid-seventies, I worked in Seattle for a company that was instrumental in the construction of the Alaska pipeline. We built all the pumping stations. grade 6 electricity worksheets We managed the procurement of goods and assembled products that were dispatched from Seattle up to Alaska. We used every type of transportation mode in existence, including over the road trucking, marine – lots of roll on roll off, rail, and air. It was a fascinating project.

Vic LaRosa: You will always have a place to work in this industry. People have to move goods; moving freight is a key part of the supply chain; we see continued growth in the industry. People tend to stay in the industry their entire careers. Becoming a trainee in a management program is a good place to start. gas bubble in chest and back Be creative and go after the opportunities that are out there.