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And that is: when the video is played back, fast movements seem to be accelerated. So it seems as if the video playback would become faster for a moment. This is very strange because the timing of the video is fine anyway, it ends when it has to and the voice is in sync all through. I noticed this thing on TV as well when an amateur movie was broadcasted that won a competition. That whole movie had this problem, looked like it was accelerated all through.

In Vegas I noticed it when I rendered my videos with the Sony AVC preset. There is a MainConcept AVC preset, where I didn’t notice this. Sony AVC finishes rendering much much faster than the latter one. In both cases the result is mp4, but, I don’t know how, the rendering takes significantly less time with that. However those videos always have this problem I mentioned.

It is not easy to capture this problem. Maybe I am just overcomplicating this. But I wondered if you notice it. I included the original camera raw video from a footage where I had this problem, and the one rendered with Sony AVC. Let me know if you noticed this problem and if you have any idea about what causes it? Maybe an artifact of 25/30p at fast movements?

Regarding playback: I target TV playback, so when you plug the USB to the TV and watch the movie like that. This is essential to me, I have to render my videos for this kind of playback, as this is the most obvious way of playback to normal users here. I have several TV-s, if the video has the problem it is visible on all. But, in case of computer playback it is also visible. I cannot mention players now, but it is irrevelant, as the TV playback from USB is the essential in this case. I couldn’t eliminate the problem with trying different USB drives either, even high speed ones.

I have attached the MainConcept AVC version as well. I didn’t notice the problem with that yet. I also attached a video from my phone where this problem is very visible. A band is playing and when the dancer moves fast his movements are very unnatural. To describe this better I could compare it to watching old black and white voiceless Chaplin movies. Where the video speed is faster than the natural. In case of my problematic videos it is the same feeling, but only momentarily, only on fast movements. But the weird is, the video is not speeded up at all, or should not be like that.

No, with ‘I included the original camera raw video from a footage where I had this problem‘ I meant that this was a kind of footage where the problem occured after rendering. Sorry if it was not clear. The raw ts file had no problem. So all in all, I did not experience this in case of raw files from camcorders, except for ones that are mp4. The Samsung S10 recorded in mp4, and it had this problem. Unfortunately I don’t have any of those test files now from that camcorder, so I can’t remember how many FPS it was, but I guess 50i. I also have a Sanyo FH1 camcorder that records in mp4, in case of that camcorder I never experienced this problem, it is recording in 50p however. Maybe this problem relates to 25/30 p and i mp4, that’s why.

Anyway I will remember your suggestion about the 1/100 shutter in the future, and will start filming like that. And will see on the long run whether this problem appears again. One thing that just frustrates me about it: I am filming with a Canon HF M41. It is very good in low light, better than some pro broadcast camcorders in that feature. But even like so, if I increase the shutter from 1/50 to 1/100, the image will be just too dark indoors. It has a gain decibel setting feature, but increasing that will add quite much noise. That’s why I never went over 1/50 indoors. We are doing a lot of videos in clubs, 1/100 shutter will cause a lot of trouble for me. And I cannot consider buying another camera in this price range, because as I said, even pro ones in this range are worse in low light. I could buy a 3-4000$ one and it would record noisy image indoors. At least this camcorder that I have records fine in low light. Going over that price is not an option for me at the moment.