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My LED TV created problem last year so I called service center they send mechanic and he replace the part after charging for new part and taken back the defective part. (the tv is out of warranty). so he had to handover it to us.. Now same problem arises 4 days back.. b games virus I again called to service center new with complain no. JAI181110036.. the same mechanic Suresh (M. No. MN9649488536) visited and said the same part is making problem.. I say please show me that part as I saw it I feel it was repaired part.. I told him it is a repaired part.. he said company would have given it so I cann’t do anything if you want to change it with new one have to pay charges.. gas in california I felt cheated so I complain again and call center given his head no. Mr. 6 gas laws Dheeraj (M. No. MN9057902202).. he gave me some clarification and try to convince me.. I again approached customer care they gave Mr. Abhishek Kumar M. no. MN7065020893.. electricity and magnetism study guide 8th grade Tried the number many time he didn’t pick the phone also SMS him the problem but no reply from him..

One of my friend bought a VIDEOCON SPLIT AC 1.5 in April 2017. In 12 months or so, I had the first major problem with this product. 3 main gas laws The service engineer reported that there was an earthling leak and that was why the product was not working. I spent 1500 Rs. rectifying this fault . Apparently that still did not fix the problem. It turned out finally to be a defective COAD . electricity labs high school I had to bear the cost of the incompetence of the service engineer’s incorrect diagnosis of the problem. Then the condenser apparently had a problem and I had to pay for the gas refill. I feel it is unfair to be treated this way as a consumer. Every time, I have to call customer service I am assured of a response in 24 hours but I have to beg and plead for the terrible incompetent service I receive. gas bike alley What a terrible way to treat customers – seems like the quality assurance motto is to make sure the service level gets worse each time. I have now the same lack of cooling problem and here I am waiting for the service engineer to arrive having called customer service three times…

We purchased a Videocon refrigerator(FFK REFVPL25255) from M/s Yogesh Kumar Rajesh kumar Jain, Railway road ,Bahadurgarh-124507(Hr.) on 28 November 2015. We are facing issues from starting only, as cooling was very low from the first day. But as we stay out of town,only our parents were using it normally. We have raised complaints(No.-GUR2905180257) many a times in past year, a service person use to visit and do some sort of service and only for that day fridge show some cooling and again stops .Despite repeated calls at Customer Care/Service Centre, my issue has not been fixed till date.I am extremely disappointed with such customer service team of your company.

Its been almost more than 2 years and after many complaints and temporary services, the fridge is not at all working properly. Every time service person comes and never rectified the problem and we have even paid the service charges. We did not get any justification from the videocon. oil n gas prices So what is the use of buying your products! When you are unfit for giving service and rectifying the problem for almost 2 years.