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A This was one of my favorite projects so far. Building the robot took the better part of my junior year, as the club met pretty infrequently. We used the directions that the elephant came with, but we still had to use problem-solving skills to figure out various instructions and parts. We used a scratch-like program to make it come to life with the help of Mrs. Cartwright, a physics teacher at Villa. The biggest challenge of the project was trying to understand how to properly write the correct code for it to function. At one point, we even tore the robot apart to look inside and find out why the legs weren’t moving. The most interesting thing that I learned was that sometimes you really do need to fail in order to succeed.

A My chief goal as president of the Robotics Club has been to create a laid-back environment for girls to have fun, relax, and explore their passion for STEM. I hope that after I leave, the club will be able to grow and that the girls might even go to competitions. I also think that it is important to encourage girls to enter STEM-related fields if they are so inclined, as women are often deterred from choosing these types of careers.

A My favorite course at Villa has definitely been music composition. I actually took the class twice. Last semester, I wrote a song for the school’s production of the French play Who Will Carry the Word? This semester, I composed a song to be performed during mass. I loved this class because of my passion for creation. I have always loved listening to and playing music, but writing your own music is so much more rewarding and fulfilling. It takes lots of dedication, hard work, and persistence, but once you hear your song performed, everything you’ve worked for becomes worth it.

A The Senior Capstone project at Villa is divided into two parts: research into an area of interest during the first semester and 25 hours of job shadowing in a related field in the second semester. I researched carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies with the guidance of Mike Petticord from Dominion Energy. For the job shadowing component, which I recently finished, I shadowed at PJM, which is a regional transmission operator in Audubon. Essentially, PJM balances the supply and demand of energy to ensure that consumers always have energy available and that the power grid is running as efficiently as possible. They also control the energy market. I shadowed various people at PJM in different departments and learned about their roles at PJM. My favorite part of the experience seeing the control center, which is a large room with several screens where dispatchers work to balance generation and load, every hour of the year. The most interesting thing that I learned was that because supply and demand must be equal, when someone turns off a light, it must be countered somewhere else in the grid by turning a battery on or something similar to keep the balance.

Q Two summers ago, you went to a month-long camp called Independent Lake Camp in which you met people from France, China, Italy, etc. and participated in activities such as water skiing, dancing, rock climbing, and even learning to juggle. What (in your opinion) was the highlight of the camp?

A The best part about my experience at Independent Lake Camp was probably meeting and getting to know people from all over the world. To be honest, I have lost contact with many of them, but they all nonetheless had an impact on my life. I will never forget some of the amazing adventures we went on and the conversations we had. Living with such awesome people for a month was an experience I’ll never forget.

A The most valuable thing that I learned was that you should never be afraid to put yourself out there and make friends with someone who is different from you. I made friends with many people whom I didn’t expect to like upon meeting them, and I think that it helped me gain a lot of confidence. I learned that you never know who you will be able to connect with.

A The song that I wrote for Mass was my final project for my music composition class during the second semester of this school year. It is called “Lord of Wholeness, Lord of Love,” and involves music for voice, piano, violins, viola, cello, flute, and clarinet. It took me around three months to compose, along with the help of Caroline Morris who worked on the lyrics with me. The song expresses that the answer to human hunger and need is God, and that with faith in God, one will truly be fulfilled, at peace, and nourished.

A My favorite musical composition is probably the ever-classic Clair De Lune by Debussy. I love this song because its beautiful harmonies and sweeping melodies make you feel like you’re floating in the clouds or travelling through space. Debussy is one of my favorite composers, and I just love how his impressionist style can evoke such strong emotions.

A I love the book Friendship Bread by Darien Gee, which is a story about the power of friendship during difficult times in life. The book discusses a type of bread that is often shared with others by giving them the leftover dough from the recipe. I love this book because it shows that you are never truly alone in your suffering and that if you reach out to others, you can find comfort and solace. It’s really a story about the power of human connection to heal, restore, and transform communities.

A I would say that JK Rowling is probably my favorite author because I loved the Harry Potter series as a kid and read every single book cover to cover. Her ability to immerse the reader in another world, to connect us with characters and their emotions, and weave stories of grandeur and passion was probably what got me into reading in the first place.

A My favorite part about Villa is probably that it encourages women to be confident in themselves and develop their potential. I feel that during my time at Villa, I became way more self-assured because I was surrounded by talented and intelligent women who showed me how awesome it is to be a girl. Now that I am graduating, I am ready to enter the world and apply everything that I learned here, with the understanding that I have value as a young woman in our society.