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Hi! I’ve got it, too. I hope to hear from other folks out their…I’m on a desperate hunt to end this. Their HAS to be an answer. I’m now at my wits end, and have started mailing every Dr. that has written a paper, or even mentions the word palinopsia or persistence of vision. If there are others out there…let’s band together and become a force to be reckoned with. I’m on the search for a Dr. that’s willing to take this on…If I find one, I’ll let them know there might be more of us coming.

Persistent palinopsia started for me suddenly last November when I started seeing trails behind moving objects. To see what I see, set your mouse settings to "display pointer trails.: I see it always. Nothing seems to make it better or worse. It made me a bit queasy at first. Now it is my constant companion. I could learn to live with it, but….

By February, 2007, I suddenly developed severe photophobia with intense eye pain…which invariably leads to a killer ache above my brow. It has been with me daily, ever since. It’s not brightness, but light change which hurts me. I find bright sunny days and fluorescent lighting only mildly painful, while a single low light…even a nightlight…will send me screaming. It feels as if I have sprained the muscles responsible for constricting my pupil. Immediately after being exposed to a change in light, I will feel a cramp in my eye. The cramp is most severe in the eye that is closest to the light source. The headache is always over the affected eye/eyes. One thing of interest I found by accident…the pain is relieved by having my eyes dilated. It seems that removing my eyes ability to adjust to light relieves the pain.

I’ve been checked by a neurologist….who sent me to a sleep specialist, and an ophthalmologist…who sent me to a neuro-ophthalmologist…who sent me to a different neurologist…who sent me to a retina specialist…who sent me back to the neurologist…who has just sent me to an immunologist and an endocrinologist. I wonder who they’ll send me to?

I recently (about 2 months ago) noticed a tracer image in the dark… I was shutting my cell phone after a bit of texting, then all off a sudden, about a quarter of a second later, a perfectly clear copy of the front screen followed its path.. it wasn’t the normal tracer or blurring effect like the mouse tail, it was just one image that followed the same path as the original. it startled me so i played around with it, I would spin my cell phone in circles and there would be this other cellphone light following it around, always about a quarter second behind… if the light is too bright I don’t see this so it doesn’t ever bother me, i hope it doesn’t get worse though. is that normal or is it just that I never noticed this really obvious thing? could someone with normal vision do a little experiment for me? turn off all the lights and sit in a nearly black room, hold your cellphone and make fairly slow large circles in the air in front of you. notice anything like what I am talking about? I’ll keep an eye on this thread, thank you

I Must say that i’m shocked at how many people are out there that have this problem. I have suffered from this issue for about 10 years now. I had always assumed that it stemmed from LSD use (the whole 2 times I tried it) when I was 16. After the 2nd time I tried it I had the ability (or disability) to still see "tracers" and make walls and certain backgrounds seem to move. Years went by with nothing seeming to change or get worse, in fact I pretty much forgot about it . When I was about 24 or 25 I was blessed with a full scale panic attack. I was literally just sitting in a chair and up i popped and was freaking out. I couldn’t sleep for 2 days straight. Over the next year I was a train wreck. It seemed as though it was all I could do to fight off another huge panic attack. I then didn’t have to try to see tracers. It was way more noticeable at night but I had somehow gained the ability to see it with bright objects in broad daylight. Throughout the years it has gotten progressively worse. I am 34 now and I have taught myself composure and how to deal with anxiety but, My vision is out of control. I can look at an object and not only see a ghostly tracer but I also see what I would call a negative of that object when I close my eyes which lasts for 3-4 seconds . Certain programs on TV when panning any direction my eyes can’t see to focus on or the screen seems to be jumpy. I hate looking at checkered flooring!!! I have had MRI’s and gone to eye drs etc..