Vitiligo types, causes, symptoms and treatment v gashi 2013


Vitiligo is a disorder characterized by blotches of discolored skin. The blotches appear lighter in color because the underlying cells that give skin its color (melanocytes) either die or lose function. Vitiligo is commonly observed on exposed skin (e.g. face, neck, hands) but can affect any part of the body that has pigmented gas 0095 download cells. In some cases, it may cause loss of color inside the mouth, on the eyes, and on the hair. Due to this alteration of physical appearance, it can lead to severe social and emotion anxiety. Other complications grade 6 electricity quiz include vision or hearing difficulties and sensitivity to the sun.

The extent of pigment loss on the body is described as localized, generalized, or universal. The localized and universal subtypes describe the two extreme forms of disease – a few blotches versus electricity number pigment loss over the majority of the body, respectively. The most common subtype of vitiligo is generalized, which is characterized by scattered patches throughout the body.

In America, 1 to 2 million individuals suffer from vitiligo. This disease is not contagious or life threatening, and has been observed equally across all genders, races and electricity jokes ethnicities. Vitiligo is a lifelong condition that generally begins before the age of 20. There is no cure, but there are ways to minimize the appearance of skin discoloration. Popular musical figure Michael Jackson was famously known for suffering from this skin disease. Causes and Risk Factors

In order to diagnose vitiligo, a physician will examine the affected skin and inquire about possible family history of the disorder. Blood tests that check for autoimmune thyroid disease or biopsies of the electricity grid map uk affected tissue may be performed. Individuals with discoloration in the eye or ear may require examination by a specialist for those organs.

• Medication. Topical creams that affect the immune system or control inflammation (corticosteroid) may help re-pigment the skin. These creams may be used in combination with ultraviolet light to improve results. Due to adverse reactions, these treatments are generally used electricity rate per kwh philippines for small areas on the face and neck. Those with widespread vitiligo may wish to remove pigment electricity projects for grade 6 from the remaining unaffected areas by applying topical creams that gradually lighten the skin.

• Light therapy. Repeated courses of light therapy can help restore some color to the affected skin on the face, trunk, and limbs by triggering the skin’s natural healing process. In photochemotherapy, ultraviolet A (UVA) or ultraviolet B (UVB) light is used in combination with a drug that makes the skin more sensitive to UV light. Alternatively, narrow band UVB light can be used alone.

• Surgery electricity symbols ks3. Surgical options are available when cosmetics, medication, or light therapy do not yield desirable outcomes. Skin and blister grafting techniques involve removing pigmented skin from unaffected areas and attaching it to small areas of discolored skin. These procedures may cause scarring and change the texture of the treated areas. Pigment can also be delivered electricity in water experiment to the discolored skin via tattooing. All surgical options pose the risk of triggering pigment loss in neighboring skin.