Voa amharic radio daily broadcast to ethiopia electricity production by state


It is just sad to hear still AREGAWI BERHE get a chance to speak about Ethiopia.He is the ultimate responsible individual to start the evil org.TPLF.He never admit the Border of Tigray is beyond Tekeze.He always tries to skip answering directly.He never has reveled the evil deed of TPLF like the brave and Honest Ethiopian GEBREMEDHIN ARAYA did:AREGAWI has denied always that Tigray has never get the privilege and even he goes further to say the people of Tigray is more oppressed than the rest of Ethiopia.But unfortunately the none Tigre Ethiopians are dying like flue every day yesterday in Wollo by Tigre Mercenaries.Who is killing the people of Tigray?Stop being naive and do not let AREGAWI to be a spokes person or what ever in todays Ethiopian politics.Enough is Enough.

He should be a member but not in a leader post for God sake.He is still a TPLFist in many way.Let him say that the border of Tigray is beyond TEKEZE:He will never say that.Take my word.I have heard him in several interviews.He never answer you as it should be.Wake up Ethiopians.Do not let a founder of TPLF to come and try to be a part of the solution.

I am writing this to voa Amharic reporters, how come you find TPLF official when they do their propaganda but you fail to find and ask them why they demolish people’s house while people in it, demolish churches and killing many innocent people as they are chicken? God forbid they could by your family. Eskenderfrew always find those mindless TPLF official and they use him as microphone to vomite their nonsense . Are you gentleman and ladies enjoy the misery of our people? . You know soon this situation will change and the TPLF and their donkeys who work with them are going to face the people , I am one of Ethiopians among millions of people disappointed especially with Senior reporters who I used to enjoy listening for long time. I checked if someone in the voice of America tell you what to report and how and that is not the case at all. I know you go a long way to ignore the news and event what is happining especially when the news has damaging report against the TPLF bandits and mafia group. I just let you know this opinion is not mine only millions of Ethiopians wherever they reside have the same as mine

VOA Amharic reporters I am your long time religiously listener and admirer would like tell you how desalinated i am about your one sided reporting about the situation in Ethiopia. some of my friends and relative who are living in Ethiopia tell me now a days they couldn’t distinguished between VOA Amharic and Walta information because the content what you are reporting is Almost like Walta information which is a mouthpiece of TPLF

i know in the last thousands of years we had good and bad government like most country in the world but I don’t believe it was the government in the past or present like TPLF who works day and night try to destroy our country which they claim governing.

Every time when the TPLF official want broadcast the usual propaganda which has no truth you find them and you give him/her long time to vomit whatever they want say you never ask why people has to be killed or their house has to demolished. The embarrassing things what you always said. “We contact the official no one answer the phone because it is night out their or they are in the meeting we try to get answer next time”. Does ESkender Frew get paid by VOA or Walta information? he seems he is taking order from Walta information what to report . Voa Amharic please stop doing a propaganda for TPLF and get back what used to do reporting without taking side..