Vocabulary and phrases useful for writing business letters youtube gas pedal lyrics


For this reason, core vocabulary sheets go a long way in helping teachers provide adequate materials for students with English for specific purposes needs. English for Specific Purposes: Core Vocabulary Lists to act on behalf of to agree with always at your service as agreed as far as I’m concerned as far as the payment is concerned as follows as per invoice as per to the conditions as per your request as requested as soon as possible at your convenience at your earliest convenience at your expense awaiting your reply to be able to to be authorized to to be characterized by to be confident in to be delighted to to be held responsible for to be in arrears with payments to be in difficulty to be interested in on arrival of the goods on behalf of on condition that – provided that on delivery on receipt of the order on short notice on written request order to be confirmed our best attention our offer is still open outside address to pay the maximum attention to the matter payable in advance please allow us please send us please send us your instructions prices are increasing to reach the destination to refer to to return a letter to the sender to sell at the best to send under separate cover sender address short-term similar to sample – up to sample

to be late to be overrun with orders to be prepared to – to be willing to before the date we agreed upon Best regards body of the letter circular letter claim – letter of complaint to come to a decision to come to an agreement – to reach an agreement complimentary close to cope with the competition correspond to the sample to correspond with covering letter due to oversight enclosure – attachment to fix an appointment following your instructions from order receipt further to our letter – following our letter goods listed below greeting half-price to have the pleasure to to stop negotiations to submit a sample to suit the quality – to meet the quality to take into consideration the aim of this letter the following items the goods are available in our warehouse the goods are not similar to the sample the goods are sold out the goods arrived in good conditions the letter remained unanswered the matter in reference the meeting was canceled to our mutual benefit to the kind attention of under separate cover up to an amount of utmost care we acknowledge receipt of we apologize again for we apologize for we apologize for the delay we apologize for the mistake we are sorry to have to we are sorry to inform you

to have the power to hereby in case of need in compliance with – accordingly in due time – in due course in good condition in our favor in partial payment in reply to your letter in the absence of to inform in due time inside address to let someone know in advance letter opening – beginning of the letter letterheading – heading to look forward to looking forward to an early reply looking forward to hearing from you to make the goods available to meet a demand to meet customer’s requirements to meet the demand Messrs to notify in advance about on advanced payment we have received we hope we’ll receive the goods soon we look forward to your kind reply we must apologize for we remain – our kindest regards we sent you we thank you in advance we wish to inform you that we would appreciate it if you could answer we would appreciate your reply with no obligation – without commitment with reference to – in reference to with the compliments of with the utmost care with two weeks’ notice within the end of the month within which without delay without notice would you please let us have would you please let us know you ordered you requested you sent us Yours faithfully (GB) – Yours truly (GB)