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I have no doubt Rauner will lose to the filthy rich liberal political insider J.B. Pritzker. It’s going to happen and the Republican Party has itself to blame for electing this charlatan in the Carhartt jacket and the leather motorcycle vest. His sickening, phony way of dropping the “g” to create the allusion of a folksy persona, quickly wears thin. Rauner bold-face lied about school funding, destroyed the social services safety net for the poor and the disabled and then the ultimate slap in the face to his base; he fails to veto SB 40, the abortion bill. Rauner supports publicly funded abortions and forcing religious, pro-life agencies to encourage abortions. From a fiscal perspective, Rauner ran up debt to the tune of 15 billion in order to lower Illinois bond ratings to force his “structural changes” upon the state. This is not the work of a fiscal conservative.

This criticism of Rauner by no means is an endorsement of Pritzker nor Rauner’s opponent in the primary, State Rep. Jeanne Ives. In fact, neither is appealing as a candidate for Governor. Rauner will make it out of the primary despite votes for his opponent from disgusted Republicans.

But mayor, I must ask you. Endorsing Pritzker? Was this a hasty decision like the one you made in November 2016 to resign your position as mayor only to reverse yourself the following day? J.B. Pritzker is a big tax and spend liberal and certainly no friend to the” working man.”

Are you aware of something called the VMT? The City of Sesser’s candidate for Governor – I assume Sesser is endorsing Pritzker for Governor since you identified yourself as the Mayor of Sesser – supports the Vehicle Miles Tax. Pritzker supports charging gas taxes based on how many miles people drive instead of how much fuel they burn. As you know many Southern Illinoisans including Sesser residents drive considerable distances for work and would be hit particularly hard by the Pritzker gas tax.

Many of your town’s population pay big bucks in property taxes as do most of us here in Southern Illinois. Are you aware that your town’s candidate JB Pritzker bought an expensive home next to his Chicago mansion and let it fall into disrepair to get a $230,000 a year property tax break? Old JB even went as far as to have plumbers take out all the toilets to make it technically "uninhabitable." Then he hired lawyers to get a fat property tax break. I wonder how Sesser residents feel about that. On one hand Pritzker says rich people don’t pay enough in taxes, but on the other hand going to this length to get property tax reductions–property taxes of which a plurality go right to the school system. So much for helping the schools you mentioned in your letter.

In 2014, the Pritzkers reported $2.7 million in business income as their primary source of money. While most of Sesser’s working families like those in the rest of the state paid state income tax, Pritzker paid no Illinois income tax in 2014. How will that resonate with your town Mayor?

And back to the subject of working families, you probably know from your extensive vetting of J.B.Pritzker that the Pritzkers are best known for owning the Hyatt Hotel. The Pritzker family has a long history of fighting against paying employees a “living wage” and making workers perform in unsafe conditions. The Pritzkers battled the union at their Hyatt Hotel chain for years. It’s odd now that J.B. claims he wants to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. Ask J.B. about the “Hyatt Hurts” campaign and the global boycott of Hyatt Hotels Corp at your next meeting or discussion with him. And ask the “working man’s friend” if it was his idea to fire up the winter heat lamps on Chicago pickets as summer temperatures soared near the triple digits in an effort to disband them from the sidewalk. What a pleasant fellow.

And then there is Pritzker’s support for a progressive income tax to shift the tax burden to “the rich” as he claims. Four of the five states that surround Illinois, tax incomes at progressively higher rates. Every one of those states punishes workers earning $50,000 or more. For example, a Kentuckian pays 43 percent more in taxes on a $50,000 income. That means a worker in Kentucky gets to keep $764 less income compared with an identical Illinois worker. I would conclude your and your town’s candidate for Governor has a history of fighting against working-class Americans much like the costume wearing clown who now occupies the Governor’s office.