Volkswagen golf gti mk v high pressure fuel sensor replacement (2006-2009) – pelican parts diy maintenance article m gasol nba


The Volkswagen GTI MkV has two separate fuel pumps; one in the tank and a high pressure pump mounted on the cylinder head and driven by the camshaft. Fuel pressure is critical on most engines but even more so on the direct injection motors. If you are getting an error code that you have low fuel pressure to the high pressure pump changing your sensor is the first step in trouble shooting. There is also a sensor on the high pressure pump. This sensor is getting more difficult to find but this article will show you how to replace it.

Your going to be working on the fuel system so be prepared: Work in a well ventilated area. Keep a fire extinguisher near you at all times and know how to use it correctly. No sparks or open flame around and if you smoke now would be a really good time to quit: at least for the half hour it might take you to perform this job.

Just as with the fuel filter, injectors, or any other component of the fuel system, it’s best to relieve the fuel system of any pressure before you go opening it up. The engine should be cold while doing this so open the gas cap while the motor is cooling down and help relieve the vacuum in the system. Also, be sure to use some protective gloves and goggles whenever you’re working with fuel.

Comments: You are showing a removal of the high pressure regulator…the low pressure sensor is to the left of it in Fig:6, and also mounted on the hpfp. The regulator sometimes cracks due to engine cover removal and re-installment but the regulator you removed is not sold separate from the hpfp.

Comments: Would this throw a code? I’m reading p0011. This is after we replaced a imrc in a mk5 gti. I accidentally broke the sensor and glued back together in desperation. It runs weirdly off and on. Also threw a Esp light. But that since disappeared

Comments: Hi seem to have the same problem.i have a audi a3 2turbo so does my friend both stick at 200bhp used to move soon as i tickled the throttle.noticed a few splutters.engine managment has come on read back as misfire…?had it plugged on the vcds machine nothing come back?..what could the problem be ?im guessing either the high pressure pump needs replacing or start cheap and do the oil filters and stuff thanks seb

Comments: Around June this year I started to notice that my VW Golf Mark V had a problem particularly on a cold start, namely there were flat spots when you acclerate and only after the car warms up does it clear. On the advice of my mechanic we fitted 4 x new injector nozzles, which did not clear the problem but helped a little. My mechanic then said that the High Pressure Pump needed to be replaced so I purchased a new pump from a VW Dealer; when he fitted it he said that the idling was erratic and therefor fitted back the old pump. He claims that the pump is faulty but that I also need to order a new Throttle Body. I have since been driving the car as is- start in the morning and let the engine warm-up before moving; also do not accelerate too much. It has been running ok for the last 10 days but with the flat spots still evident. This afternoon after returning back from the health club I was stuck in traffic crawling up a hill when the car started to flat spot and jerk. I barely made it back to the office. Can you please advise what I should do?

Followup from the Pelican Staff: When the new pump was installed, can you confirm it was properly timed? It sounds like you are getting a lot of back and forth. I would start from the beginning, the basics and get some direction. If needed, get a second opinion from a different mechanic. – Nick at Pelican Parts