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As society emerges from fossil energy to a more efficient and sustainable source, GéoMégA believes that the future of clean energy resides in the lanthanide called neodymium. Neodymium is vital for the production of high-performance permanent-magnet motors, used in a wide variety of electrical devices. v gashi 2013 Such applications are already in increasing demand with the growth of sustainable-energy initiatives including hybrid and electric vehicles and direct-drive wind turbines.

GéoMégA and its private subsidiary Innord are mineral exploration and mining processing technology companies which are focusing on the development of rare earth elements deposits in Quebec. The focus is delivering an environmentally sustainable process starting from the hydrometallurgical process to make a concentrate and all the way to separated high purity oxides. The companies have developed a low acid and low power metallurgical process for bastnaesite ore and a proprietary technology for rare earth purification that has been already demonstrated on industrial residues. GéoMégA is committed to meeting Canadian mining industry standards and distinguishing itself with its innovative engineering, stakeholder’s engagement and its dedication to local transformation benefits.

IMP Automation is much more than a lab automation company. We challenge conventional sample processing techniques to engineer and deliver ground-breaking and innovative automated sampling, sample preparation, analysis and tracking solutions. Our new ControlTrack software is an example of how we are meeting the potential of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). This program enables on-site, real-time equipment maintenance through the use of VR headsets, live connectivity with experts worldwide, and a pre-populated database of components. Further, ControlTrack enables the centralized management and optimization of all of a company’s laboratories from one location if desired.

IMP continues the use of cutting-edge technology, the best equipment available in the world, and customer collaboration to deliver delivers products and systems that improve health and safety for laboratory personnel, improve precision and accuracy of results, and improve laboratory efficiency. IMP has a portfolio of patents and operations in South Africa, Australia, Canada, U.S., Mongolia, Chile and Brazil, with over 200 employees globally. grade 9 electricity From small to large operations, we can offer wet and dry sampling components; conventional, IR and microwave drying; a range of crushers, splitters and dividers; automated pulverizing units; particle size measurement solutions; automated fire assay and base metal fusion system; inline or online analysis; and delivery of mobile or modular lab facilities. From manual to fully automated solutions, talk with IMP first for what’s next.

Peytec is a Smart Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and make hyper-accurate “Indoor GPS” and sensing systems with applications in inventory tracking, asset management, and real-time quality control. Peytec mainly serves the industrial space such as manufacturing, mining, and agriculture. Peytec’s featured product is the Smart Inventory Management System (SIMS). The SIMS is a hyper-accurate “Indoor GPS” and sensing system that tracks the exact location of asset/inventory/people in indoor environments in real-time in addition to sensing critical data with its unique modular sensing design. gas upper back pain The modular sensing capability means many types of sensors can be attached to Peytec’s “Super Tag” by simply plugging them to the Super Tag connectors. la gas Super Tag supports many types of sensors such as temperature, moisture, light intensity, relative humidity, pressure. Peytec’s Super Tags can support other types of sensors too. Peytec’s SIMS solution is map based and asset/inventory locations are displayed on a map in real-time. It is also a web-based battery efficient, mobile, and wireless solution that monitors inventory, asset, and quality in real-time 24/7. It sends alerts such as text messages and emails as well. It can also be customized to track safety and security. This system has a compact antenna design which makes Peytec’s Super Tags small and reliable. These tags are perfect for real-time and remote muck tracking/tracing from the point-of-origin all the way to the surface.

PearTree Securities is a subsidiary of PearTree Financial Services Ltd., the originator and leading provider of flow through share donation financing (FTSDF) services in Canada. Since its inception, PearTree has deployed over $1 billion of flow through capital and provided issuers with long-term institutional and strategic investors. electricity voltage in paris Our unique platform offers previously unavailable opportunities for global investment to finance resource exploration and development while maintaining the benefits of premium pricing / lower dilution for an issuer associated with flow through share transactions.

With a veteran in-house team of investment, mining and legal professionals, PearTree Securities has a strong network of Canadian issuers, institutional and strategic investors including major gold producers and private equity funds. PearTree’s large philanthropic subscriber base, in addition to our expertise in the resource sector, has enabled us to become the leading provider of flow through financings for mining companies.

IBM lives at the intersection of technology and business. electricity png This enables us to impact the way the world works, and to make investments that contribute to Canada’s future competitiveness and our society at large. As one of Canada’s top 10 private R&D investors, contributing more than $478 million to Canadian research activities, we are at the forefront of transformative technology and innovation. Our leading cloud-based AI platform is being used by businesses, developers and universities around the world to fight cancer, improve classroom learning, minimize pollution, enhance agriculture and oil & gas exploration better manage financial investments and much more. Our industry specific expertise and experience helps clients leverage the power of innovation to re-imagine conventional business models and monetize their technology benefits and ROI for exponential outcomes.

The Natural Resources Solution Centre in Calgary is dedicated to clients in the Canadian oil and gas and mining industries. Our deep industry expertise paired with IBM technology portfolio and enabled by IBM research and cognitive labs allows us to work with industry clients on short-term operational challenges while focusing on longer term innovation. Our customized solution offerings address: