Vortex viper 6.5-20×50 pa matte riflescopes with dead-hold bdc vpr-m-06bdc ebay electricity jeopardy


Achieve high magnification while still maintaining clarity with the Vortex 6.5-20×50 Viper Riflescope. Vortex Optics is a family-own company operated by hunters and competition shooters. With this background, you can trust the brand to anticipate the optic needs of a wide range of shooters. The 6.5-20×50 Riflescope is a popular release from the Vortex lineup. It excels in hunting, target competition gas approximation, and tactical situations. The tube is machined with computer precision from a single piece of airplane-grade aluminum. The one-piece construction makes this device extremely durable and practically immune to heavy recoil. This sportsman accessory is completely waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof. The Viper is easily adjustable to the individual shooter. The turrets on the Vortex 6.5-20×50 Riflescopes are capped. This is intended as a “set it and forget it” scope. The turrets are adjustable without tools in 1/4 MOA clicks. Each click can be detected by hand and ear as you make the adjustment. The turret markings are simple and understandable. The Dead-Hold BDC reticle is custom designed to eliminate guesswork. Once your scope is zeroed in at the range, you can return to zero at any time. Simply pull the knobs out all of the way then turn them into position and release. You are now back to the set zero. In fact, the Viper can take gas examples countless shots with magnum loads without losing zero. The grayish tan matte ArmorTek scratch-resistant coating minimizes glare and helps act as camouflage, hiding the location of the shooter. Vortex uses a premium dielectric glass and a phase correcting roof prism that provides you with a sharper sight image. This premium high-density glass offers the shooter full sharpness. Therefore, you’ll be able to define details of the target at an amazing distance. Vortex further enhances clarity with a proprietary anti-reflective coating called XR. XR anti-reflective coating, with 95 % light transmission, allows you a crisp, clear sight picture even at top magnification. The glass lenses of the riflescope have amazing clarity, even at twilight and at the maximum power setting. At its lowest power, the Viper has an exit pupil of 7.7mm, giving you excellent vision in low-light conditions. These riflescopes use the standard nitrogen flush and fill method 2015 electricity prices. After flushing, anhydrous nitrogen gas is sealed into the interior of the scopes. The O-rings seal the nitrogen in and seal moisture and any contaminants out. The dry nature of the nitrogen prevents any fogging inside the scopes. Its capabilities range from 6.5x to 20x. It is suitable for a variety of long-range shooting, including hunting, tactical, and target applications. With a 50mm objective, the Viper is perfect for power kinetic energy extreme range shots. It features a Mil-Dot reticle, which is helpful when it comes to estimating range, windage, and bullet holdover. The reticle is etched into the center of three layers of glass for reliability. The Mil-Dot subtensions are most accurate all the way up to 20x. With a side knob for parallax adjustment, it is possible to change the parallax position with range numbers visible. You can do this while remaining in the shooting position. To clean the Viper lenses, start with compressed air or an optical brush. Use optic cleaning fluid and lint free cloth accessories specifically intended for lens glass.

That’s the good news, and very good it is. There is only one gripe I have with this scope, and to be honest, I’m so thunderstruck and starry eyed over the positive stuff I just mentioned, that I really just DONT CARE about this small issue, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to mention that the subtensions on the retical are not what they should be (lets just assume gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore for a minute that I am a professional and I know what I’m talking about). The horizontal subtensions are supposed to be 2 MOA apart at full magnification. They are not. At 100 yards, a 6 diamond should subtend a little less than three 2 MOA divisions (1MOA being 1.047 X 6 = 6.282 ie: the 6 diamond should have been 1/4 shy of perfectly subtending three horizontal dashes) What actually happened was that three horizontal dashes subtended about 7 of the target. This is a second focal plane scope, so if it were possible to crank the power up just a little more, I think that 6 diamond would have grown right into the proper size, but as it is, there is no way those marks are right.

Like I said though, for the price, I’m used to sacrificing precision adjustment instead of retical accuracy, and anybody who shoots long range knows how to calculate their retical subtensions for accurate range readings. What you cannot adjust for with math is a scope that does not track like it is supposed gas jeans usa to, and I’m extatic to report that this scope can be used for long range shooting!