Voters have decisions to make selecting who will sit on the romulus board of education news electricity was invented


Beard: I come to the board with experience of serving two full terms on the board and training received during my service on the Board of Education k gas oroville from the Michigan Association of School Boards. I have served as president, vice president and secretary. I also serve in the capacity of having knowledge and experience with special education as both of my sons have received special education services and I currently serve as the Wayne County Parent Advisory Committee Romulus representative since 2001. I serve on many school board committees also.

Martell: As a parent of children that attend Romulus Community Schools, I am personally vested in the success of our district. I know first-hand the struggles faced by our parents and students. At age 15, I dropped out of high school, due to many of the same issues facing our students today. After overcoming substantial barriers, through hard work and determination, I earned monroe la gas prices my General Education Diploma through the Romulus Alternative Education Program. Education has been my pathway to success. In 2008, I made the life changing decision to seek higher education. I enrolled in Wayne County Community College District, and after three long years, I graduated summa cum laude with an associate of arts degree. After earning a Jesuit Founders Academic Scholarship, I attended the University of Detroit Mercy where I obtained a bachelor of arts degree in political science.

Thiede: I think any candidate is as good as the seven members that make up the board gas hydrates ppt. There must be harmony and unity to reach the common goals of the district. I think most of us have the same views about children being first. Everyone has good ideas but alone you cannot possibly get them completed without a board that is on the same gas up asheville page.

Wester: Because I care. I have been the treasurer for the Romulus Flyers Youth Football and Cheerleading Organization for more than 15 years. I have worked along with our board of directors to give the youth of Romulus, along with parts of Inkster and Westland, a positive team experience. Being a voice for the voiceless and ensuring that they receive the best. Teaching them how to lose, as well as win. Letting them know that a loss doesn’t define them. Putting children first makes me the better candidate for this position.

Beard: I have the second highest award of Master Platinum with hair electricity dance moms Michigan Association of School Boards as well as a certificate of advocacy specialist and data specialist. I am a member of Statewide Autism Resources and Training Regional Collaborative Network for Wayne County, as well as a member of Michigan Transition Services Association. Most importantly, I have the experience of being on the school board and served during our most difficult time when we were a deficit district in which we came gas vs diesel cars out of deficit within a year.

Martell: In 2014, l was accepted to the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. There, I focused on public interests. In 2015, I was awarded the Voice for Justice Award for my commitment to public service. In May 2018, 25 years after dropping out, I walked across the stage and received my juris doctor of law degree. Two months later, in July 2018, I sat for the Michigan state bar exam. I have clerked for several attorneys and judges throughout Wayne and Oakland counties. I am currently a legal writer at the Perkins Law Group.

Thiede: I have lived in the community my whole life. I am a shift lieutenant for the Romulus Fire Department. I also handle our public relations, and fire prevention in the schools. As a parent, I am in my daughter’s school trying to help in with any event I can. I believe having a child gas in oil briggs and stratton engine in the school district, being a resident and taxpayer in the community makes me vested.

Wester: I have worked as a substitute teacher/secretary within hp gas online refill booking status several districts. My current and past positions have afforded me the opportunity to be a voice for our students and parents. My employment history and years of volunteer service have both given me great insight as to what is needed to be an effective school board member. Ensuring that our children receive an education that prepares them for the future is essential. Having an MBA, being a former business owner, along with previous statements makes me more than qualified for this position.

Beard: Our biggest challenge currently is the teacher shortage and retention. This is also affecting our student retention. The teacher shortage is a national crisis, but current electricity examples it is affecting us locally. Our district not having a teacher contract is another issue. Our teachers deserve a fair wage for the work they do daily with our students and this does not always mean academically. My hope is that we come to a fair and equitable solution for our teachers and our district.

Martell: In the last four years, the Romulus Community Schools have experienced a substantial decline in student enrollment. In the thitima electricity sound effect last three years, the district has lost nearly 90 teachers. In addition, we currently have 17 courses being taught by permanent substitutes. This is unacceptable. It is for these reasons that I have decided to run for one of the open seats on the board in the Nov. 6 general election. This district needs a fighter: a fighter for the teachers; a fighter for the parents; and most importantly, a fighter for our children. I am that fighter.

Wester: Bringing educators and students back. Over the past several years, there has been a loss close to 90 teachers, which has led to the loss in students. Our students are being taught by unqualified substitutes. A teacher contract will lead to better education for our students electricity dance moms, along with teacher and student retention. Rebuilding the relationship, trust, and communication with the teachers, students, parents, and the community is priority. We must come together as a community to revitalize and enhance our district.