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We are two women in our 40’s who were just shaking from how unsafe and unpredictable electricity symbols and meanings the guy (Bob/Robert **) seemed. We got there around 4:15 pm on our reservation day, saw the bugs and cigarettes and texted Bob about the bed bugs and the lack of a second key he said was there. My friend and I left our stuff on the table and went for a run. When we got back Bob responded. He would do something about it. So we left our stuff still on table and went out to dinner. Bob texted us several times a variety of messages that didn’t make sense and didn’t match what he was saying he was doing.

After several back and forths we got really scared and grossed out by the whole room situation and called VRBO. We also told Bob we wanted our money refunded and in exchange we would not write a review, but he has refused and wb state electricity board recruitment 2015 lied and sent copies of messages between him and VRBO that had nothing to do with us. They were about some other person named Rachel or something??? So we think this has probably happened 4 other gases in the atmosphere before. Then we left the restaurant, went to the place we had our stuff, asked for a manager to escort us in case Bob was there, grabbed our stuff, took several pictures of the place so Bob couldn’t say we did anything, and we left.

VRBO did nothing to help, we had to rent an Airbnb down the street late at night in a place we had never been to. If we need to take this to the Better Business Bureau or court or the Attorney Generals office, then that’s what we’ll have to do. VRBO and Bob are both extremely negligent so far is this matter and gas jobs crna we are not going to let it go. There is no reason we should be out almost $600 in this matter, everything is being handled so poorly. Property ID 1117626, HA-0HRN7X, Property Manager: Robert **, Desired outcome: FULL REFUND.

The VRBO operator apologized and asked that I re-request the property online as she could not book the property over the phone. I did so, and again received the same declination notice from VRBO stating I had insufficient funds. I tried several more times, using a different credit card, as well as with a VRBO booking agent on the line, but each attempt was again unsuccessful. After k gas station a week of unsuccessful attempts, I then asked the VRBO customer service agent that this issue be escalated, and I was informed that all details of my experience were documented, and that I would be contacted by their IT department. Five days later, I received an email stating that they had researched my issue and felt that there were insufficient funds in my account.

I emailed IT back and explained that my bank had already confirmed there electricity meme was no problem with my credit or available funds. They responded a couple days later asking me to call customer support because my dilemma was “too complicated to address via email”. I called customer support and over the next 1.5 hours on the phone, being transferred to four separate employees, none electricity in water of whom had any idea why I was calling, despite the fact that I explained the entire story to each and every one of them, and already had a “case report” with the full explanation of circumstances already documented a week prior when IT was initially notified.

In the end, I was finally told that despite the fact that IT had asked me to call to resolve the issue, that IT would be in touch with me by email with a resolution. Within the hour, I received an email from IT saying that based on their research that yes, you guessed 9gag instagram videos it, that there were insufficient funds in my bank account and that I should contact my bank.

My wife had suggested early on in this process to give up on this pursuit of this property through VRBO, but I clung to the idea that such a seemingly simple problem could easily be remedied if only any employee at VRBO could be sufficiently competent to help. It turns out I should have listened to her. After speaking with probably 12 different employees, totaling about 6 hours over a 2 week span trying to book bad gas 6 weeks pregnant a 3 day vacation, I have finally given up. I will never use VRBO again.

I will say, we did get 1 email from them about rebooking about 1 week before our vacation started on the 15th. We responded within a few hours of getting their email about helping us find a accommodations but that was it. When gas ark we called back after our vacation, they stated we would have to file a complaint (even though I had a complain number and emails from 22 Jan) and they were very sorry and rest assured they were working on resolving this. We called the payment processing company and they could not process a refund. They stated the payment has to be canceled/refunded by either VRBO or the property manager!

We believe that VRBO is taking their time because the payment has been processed not to them gas weed, but to the property owner. They would then have to get they money back from him! We talked to our credit card company and they said there is a time limit on disputing payments and it seems like VRBO is stalling! We could be wrong, it could be a misunderstanding. However we have followed every step VRBO ask us to and we still have not received payment – after 35 days! We will let the credit card company process this and get the money from VRBO! Hate to write a bad review but please be careful using VRBO! They are real heavy on promises and real slim on the follow through.

Owner finally decides to call it a night and wants to leave but HAS NO KEY to the unit. Says maybe he can get one to me tomorrow or the next day! I finally have no choice but to bail out and the electricity quiz grade 9 owner verbally agrees to my cancelling and promises a refund. I leave. A few hours later I find an acceptable tiny motel for the night and call VRBO phone help. THERE IS NONE. Just none English speaking automatons reading from a script.

After two hours of trying to get assistance I’m finally told the only way to receive gasbuddy map a refund it to go online and cancel the reservation on VRBO’s site. I do that and finally get some rest. Next day after a total of 16 calls for help over a four hour period I finally get an English speaking supervisor who informs me that I have cancelled all of VRBO’s liability by cancelling my reservation which I only did on the recommendation of their representatives. VRBO denies any liability and refused to intercede! Oh yeah and all the previous issues I stated are considered housekeeping issues and according to the supervisor never result in a refund. One last thing the supervisor said that had npower electricity power cut I had a photograph to prove he didn’t have a key I might have a valid complaint. How can one photograph nothing? As of now I’m out $2,700.00 FOR NOTHING!