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I agree. I just listed with VRBO last week, and for that entire time I’ve been trying to get a simple correction made to my listing. Same standardized reply, same non action. I finaly called someone in "Billing" this morning – the only phone number they seem to have- and told them that I would cancel if the mistake wasn’t corrected on my listing by noon. I am very sorry I listed with VRBO. They are also starting to get a very bad rep for listing substandard rentals with misleading discriptions. They are not a quality business, I may just cancel even if they do correct it.

My experience with VRBO is kinda like me telling a guest who requests a roll of ‘toilet paper‘ – 24 hours after the request- that we don’t provide ‘paper towels’! Four more requests with the same response, each taking at least 24 hours to process. Finally, after 6 requests for toilet paper, I tell the guest that ‘your request for toilet paper will be forwarded to the proper department". Then, 48 hours later, still no toilet paper! Seriously

We rented a house in Bend, Ore for the month of July (#193724). Asked lots of questions including any rental agreement. The owner Eric Staley said he hadn’t used rental agreements and had had good luck with vacation renters. This was my first big mistake… get everything in writing.

We were coming up for the second half of the deposit and I had a hard time getting hold of the owner. It was a fluke, but I was looking at a real estate for sale site and noticed it listed the same house we were renting. Whoa, the owner was selling the place and allowing buyers to walk through while we rented it?! This was news to us and was never disclosed.

I then put the owner’s name into the county recorder’s office… and the rental house was in foreclosure! The foreclosure date was BEFORE our rental period. I took the next step of contacting the Trustee to find if the house had been foreclosed.

I finally got ahold of the owner and told him what I had found out. I asked for written documentation showing he still owned the house, that he’d stopped the foreclosure, and that he was in compliance with his lender. He gave me the personal phone number for a friend that said, sure he still has the house… lot’s of confidence in his friend.

Since I had taken out the insurance VRBO offers, I thought that I was covered. Even though the policy says it covers against homes in foreclosure, you can’t make a claim unless you are denied access. So basically you have to go on your vacation, show up to find that you are locked out, before you can file a claim.

My words of advise. Avoid VRBO. But it you still want to rent through VRBO, only use a credit card. If the rental turns out to not be as advertised, your credit card company will reverse the charge. If the owner says they don’t accept credit cards, there’s a good reason. They know the rental isn’t as advertised and you’ll reverse the charge. Be aware that renter comments are fabricated. Any negative comments have been scrubbed by the home owner so you can’t make a fully informed decision.