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I am at my wits end..please help. I am having the exact problem with my 2009 CC with 66,000 miles. Car has been perfect since i’ve had it now its stalling out and stopping in traffic. I took it in and since the engine light went out the next day they could not get codes. It seems so far to happen mostly in the afternoons late when it’s really hot (AZ heat, 107), but not sure that’s related. I took it in and they said that my battery was only putting out 10 volts, so I got a new battery and installed it hoping it would fix it, but no. It’s still stalling out and any speed and at any rpm. I am hoping that someone can give advice or what was done to repair theirs. What is ECU? I see you all mentioning it. Thanks azvwcc

Please check out my message below. I had almost the same issue and they could not get the codes. They kept my car for a total of 10 days. The first time they "fixed it" it shut off on me the next day. Took it back…spent 7 days over there and somehow they were able to recreate the problem and finally "got the codes". I strongly believe its the same issue you’re having. However, replacing High or Low pressure fuel pump is not cheap. it was about $679 just for the Low pressure fuel pump. Nevertheless i strongly suggest that they look at this possible solution. So far…my car is driving normally…and I am at peace. I dont know if dealers like to talk, but I can get you in contact with my VW dealer’s Service Dept and see if they’ll consult with yours

I took it to a VW dealer and they initially got codes and replaced the HIGH PRESSURE FUEL PUMP, but the car shut off again the next day. I took back and for 7 days they continued to test and finally managed to recreate the problem and found that there was malfunction with the fuel pump module. They initially could not get any codes, but they finally diagnosed it as: FUEL PUMP MECHANICAL MALFUNCTION, FUEL PUMP ELECTRICAL SHORT. Since they had already replaced the high pressure fuel pump…they finally got a code for LOW PRESSURE FUEL PUMP MECHANICAL MALFUNCTION. They replaced it and I got my car back last Thursday 08.23.2013. I am still nervous every time I stop or slow down, but so far its riding like a champion and I feel normal again. I will put an update in 15 – 30 days.

I feel your pain. I was frustrated as you are. I assume you are dealing with VW or an authorized VW mechanic. As you can see if you follow my initial comments on this thread, VW experts could not find anything for 3 days. They had no codes absolutely nothing. They finally fixed the HIGH PRESSURE FUEL PUMP…cost me a pretty penny $759…only for the car to die the next day. For almost 7 days they could not get a thing. Lucky for me they gave me a loaner car in the meantime. I had to call VolksWagen US HQ to help them get to this conclusion. ONly after this were they able to diagnose it as: FUEL PUMP MECHANICAL MALFUNCTION, FUEL PUMP ELECTRICAL SHORT. Since they had already replaced the high pressure fuel pump…they finally got a code for LOW PRESSURE FUEL PUMP MECHANICAL MALFUNCTION..

Ever since receiving my car on 08.23.2013. I have not had any issues. I am convinced that both fuel pumps needed to be changed to eliminate this issue. I dont drive nervous anymore. I know it takes away your peace. I think electrical issues as mentioned above interfered with proper coding. I still have my car and things are very good.

I know it might be a challenge to get mechanics to listen to anyone, but if you get any resistance you can make them aware of this thread. If you think it will help, you can try to get your VC mechanic to contact my VW Mechanic (dealership). I have the Service’s supervisor contact info. I went to VW USA website got customer service and did a typical product issue complaint and they contacted my mechanic and helped them diagnose it right.

Hey, thanks for the response. I have been working with a VW dealership andafter I paid for a high pressure fuel pump (~$800 and no help) they replacedthe low pressure fuel pump and still the same problem. Finally, the dealershipstated that there was a THIRD fuel pump (I do not know if I believe this) and thefuel sensor needed to be replaced. After that was done about 2 weeks ago, thecar is working properly and no issues so far. I put the car through its pacesdriving at high speed, low speed, in traffic, very hot conditions and there hasbeen no problem. It looks like the issue may be solved. I will let you know ifthe problem comes back.

This is just my thought but I believe that this was a sensor problem theentire time and the fuel pumps were replaced because the codes said they werethe problem but they were not the issue. It is a sad day when mechanics listento computers instead of their customer and the car’s symptoms. I have a feelingI paid ~$1,200, 8 weeks of time and all I needed was a sensor. But the problemis fixed and I am as happy as I can be.

I have a 2009 VW CC 4 Cylinder Turbo with approximately 85k miles that all of a sudden just died on me at a stoplight (07/2016). Started back up right away but it happened again a handful of times over the next week. No engine light so we couldn’t get the codes read. I was afraid to drive it too far knowing this would happen once the car was heated up so my husband took it and got it hot and it happened over and over, he’d just put it in neutral and it would start up again. Finally the engine light came on and he had the codes read: Fuel pump mechanical malfunction P3043 intermittent. Fuel rail/ system pressure too low P0087 intermittent.

Thanks to this forum, we purchased the Fuel Control Module P/N 1K0-906-093-H from VW Parts Vortex (out of Burlington NJ), total cost $103.00. Our local VW dealers wanted from $178-$225 for this part. Put it in ourselves in about 10 minutes (pop back seat out and unplug the old, plug in the new) and the car has been fine now for several weeks. I have driven it long distances at this point and I’m positive the issue is resolved. It even seems to have a little more get up and go. Note, this part does get very hot so make sure it is cool before you replace it.