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This room can be accessed when the game’s "fun" value is set to 66. In this scenario, Room 268 (room_water_fakehallway), a hallway with a gray door, appears between Room 94 (room_water_savepoint1) and Room 95 (room_water11), the rooms with the crystallized cheese and Sans’s telescope, respectively. gas constant in kj The door in this hallway leads to Room 269.

Room 123 (room_water_prebird) is a removed corridor with tall grass that is presumed to connect Room 99 (room_water_bird), where the bird that carries the protagonist over a disproportionately small gap is located, and Room 116 (room_water_friendlyhub), where the six-way fork in Waterfall is. The characters in this area mention that this corridor is a bug catching spot.

An unknown character on the left side of the tall grass mentions that "there is somebody with a creepy smile behind you." The unseen character presumably disappears after the dialogue is triggered. electricity wikipedia in hindi The character with the "creepy smile" is possibly the Mystery Man seen in Room 269 which may be Gaster. gas urban dictionary However, it can also be Flowey (who follows the protagonist throughout the game), Sans, or even the fallen human.

Room 272 is black and has a ghostly figure in the middle of it that becomes less transparent as the protagonist approaches. If the protagonist attempts a conversation with the NPC, it returns "*[redacted]*" in lowercase Wingdings, which implies that a conversation was planned here but was removed for security purposes. [1] Exiting Room 272 leads to the Sound Test Room, where the protagonist can listen to four songs including Gaster’s Theme.

All but one of the songs can be played and switched amongst each other. Upon playing Gaster’s Theme, the other three songs are unable to be played again even if the player tries to do so. gas vs diesel truck After Gaster’s Theme is concluded, the text "Thanks for your feedback! Be seeing you soon!" will be displayed and either the game will crash, or the protagonist will be put in the room with the fishing pole in Snowdin, suggesting this room was intended to be focused on Gaster.

In Room 70 (room_tundra_dock), the northernmost part of Snowdin, the protagonist’s Cell Phone may randomly receive a call. The phone call begins asking for somebody whose name starts with the letter "G." The caller then recognizes that they dialed the wrong number, and proceeds to sing the Wrong Number Song. british gas jokes This phone call is speculated to be for Gaster, but it could be for Gerson, Glyde, Gyftrot, Grandpa Semi, or Grillby instead. Even in the Japanese localization, the initial greeting is in English so as to give no further hints to what character it could be. electricity symbols and meanings This event only happens when "fun" values in the game fall into a specific range.

In Room 264 (room_gaster), the text below is displayed in uppercase Wingdings. This text is believed to be the seventeenth entry from the True Lab that cannot be accessed. gas density units This could, however, only be a red herring, since another entry number 17 also exists, written by Alphys and very obviously connected to the other entries accessible in the True Lab. It is worth noting that both Alphys’s seventeenth entry and Room 264 are inaccessible in normal gameplay – Alphys’s entry can only be found in the game’s text files, and Gaster’s entry is only accessible through SAVE manipulation or debug mode. electricity generation by source by country Room 264 immediately precedes the generator room in the True Lab.

A similar line from the River Person is "Beware of the man who came from the other world." Considering the similarities it shares with the previous quote, it might either refer to Gaster or the monster So Sorry, whose check text reads "This creature is definitely in the wrong time and space!" as well as the file name of So Sorry’s theme being mus_wrongworld.

Goner Clam Girl, also known as Clam Goner, is a Waterfall NPC specific to the Nintendo Switch version of Undertale, where Clam Girl gets some new dialogue in the epilogue of the True Pacifist Route. After she finishes her dialogue, she disappears with the same sound effect as Mystery Man and Gaster Follower 2, which shows a possible connection to Gaster.

Room 80 (room_tundra_sansbasement) is a workshop that has four drawers and a strange machine covered up with a curtain. One drawer contains a badge, and another contains a photo album with numerous people that the protagonist does not recognize. If the protagonist has encountered Clam Girl earlier in the route, interacting with the drawer will cause a card to slip into the protagonist’s view; it displays a poorly drawn picture of 3 people, with the words "don’t forget" written on it. The other two drawers will cause the protagonist to read the blueprint on the countertop, which is said to be written in unintelligible symbols or handwriting that could potentially be related to W. D. Gaster.

In Room 264 in one of the parts of Gaster’s version of Entry Number 17, he says, "What do you two think?" By "two," Gaster may be referring to Sans and Papyrus as their names are both references to fonts. An alternate interpretation to these "two" is that they consist of Sans and Alphys, as it is hinted at the end of the True Pacifist Route that they had a past together and Gaster could be the missing link to where they possibly could have had a relationship.