Walther terrus air rifle test review .177 cal gasbuddy va


So we checked with Umarex USA. Marketing Director, Justin Biddle, explained that there had been an error in the trigger description. The Terrus actually has a Walther XT trigger. gas prices in texas These triggers have pawls made of hardened steel. v lab electricity They operate without stressing other parts, thus minimizing the trigger weight. The XT trigger (T for Target) allows adjustment of the first stage travel.

The front of the barrel is threaded for an aftermarket silencer and provided with a knurled cover to protect the threads. In England and across Europe, everyone would be sure to attach a silencer to the Terrus, this being encouraged in those countries. However, laws are different in the USA. gas company Here, it’s illegal to fit a silencer to this gun – or any other airgun – unless you have the appropriate Federal approvals and have paid to get them. So don’t be tempted to add a silencer to the Terrus, you’ll be breaking the law big time in the US, even though the presence of those threads looks so tempting…

The Walther Terrus air rifle is fitted with a set of standard, perfectly-serviceable iron sights. Windage and elevation corrections can be achieved with click adjustments of the rear sight. One disadvantage is that the fiber optic element of the front sight is completely unprotected. bp gas card login Although the front sight itself is a sturdy metal casting (unlike most which are plastic) and very securely attached to the barrel, we’d feel a lot happier if the red fiber optic was not exposed to unintended damage.

HAM feels this is a good decision by Walther. The majority of scopes bundled with air rifles – even at this price level – have relatively poor optics and require replacement for good shooting. gas weed By buying the Terrus, you choose the scope quality and specifications you feel suitable. And the vast majority of scopes sold as separate products will give better results than anything bundles with the gun.

The stock itself is fairly thin and comfortable to hold. The rubber butt pad gives a useful amount of grip against the shooter’s shoulder. gas city indiana weather And the comb of the ambidextrous stock is of just the right height so that the user naturally achieves a good cheek weld when looking through the scope. Consistent cheek weld is an important aspect of accurate shooting: the stock of the Terrus is very well designed to help achieve this.

Metal finish and bluing of the Terrus are good: certainly very good for the price. There is not the mirror finish and deep blue-black color to the metal seen with some much more expensive air rifles. But – as with other aspects of the gun – the perceived quality is there and owners will not be disappointed. Wood-to-metal fit of the Walther Terrus air rifle is excellent, also.

The product packaging for the Terrus is not covered with pretty, colorful print. In fact it’s just a plain brown card box. But it’s strong, durable and the internal packaging parts hold the gun firmly in place for shipment. electricity symbols ks2 If you’re buying online, this means that the Terrus is likely to arrive in one piece and undamaged from shipment – not an insignificant benefit! TEST TARGETS