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Being disabled I was very wary of having ANY company in to replace my boiler and radiators but I couldn’t have been more wrong. From my initial meeting with Duncan from Warmworks and then with my designated company…TK Murray, Kilsyth, I could not have been happier. From the girls in the office to the tradesmen themselves, they were all lovely and very accommodating. The guys themselves were punctual, professional and sympathetic to my disability, always making sure I knew where they were so that no minor mishaps would ensue, and the girls in the main office kept me informed at every step of the way. For a large 4 bedroom 2 public room semi detached house to have all piping renewed, radiators replaced and boiler replaced all in the space of a day, and then to take the old debris away with them, saving me the bother, I have nothing but praise for this company. Thank you warm works and thank you TK Murray, you’re a class act!!!

I forgot to add the boys from BCA Loft and floor insulation. They too were a joy to work with and were in and out quickly both days they were here. One day for the loft and one day for under the house….and you’d never have known they were here. Reading some of the other reviews for the same jobs as I had done but with other companies, I think I lucked out with. Thank you to all concerned. I truly appreciate all your efforts.

Had I known then what I do now, I’d never have let this organisation over the front step. Unprofessional, incompetent, unable to accept liability for faults, and then there’s their contractor, City Technical Services. What a match made in heaven, equally incompetent, unprofessional, uncaring and frankly, shouldn’t be let loose with a rubber band and a stick, never mind letting them install a new boiler and radiators.

From damaging our carpets, installing faulty products, failing to order the correct replacements, deliberately failing to reconnect a cold water supply pipe, lied about emptying a header tank in the loft, and blamed a problem when we had a new shower fitted, that the reason it wouldn’t work was down to a pipe problem, Go figure, it might have had something to do with that cold water supply you didn’t connect!

If you’re seriously considering going down the route of permitting Warmworks and City Techical Services to work on your home, I’d suggest you get extra insurance and have a plumber on standby who knows about plumbing, that way, and only that way, you might be lucky and get what you expected.

Whilst I was impressed with the initial survey carried out by the person sent by warm works. It has all gone down hill rapidly since being passed to their heating contractors Gas Call in order for a replacement heating system to be fitted. I understand fully that this is a government scheme and systems offered will not be top of the range. However the disruption and changes proposed would in effect leave my house in a dangerous state.

The engineer who carried out the survey was rude, pushy and quite obviously not expecting me to question anything. In order for him to stop pushing the plan forward I had to use the ‘I’ll talk to my husband’ card. Which is just rediculous in itself.

I am a home owner and feel it is rediculous that we seem to have no say in how work is to be executed in our property. Our boiler is dying a slow death, hence putting ourselves forward for the scheme and qualify due to being a full time carer for an autistic child. The proposed radiators and disruption would cause no end of stress and danger within our household. I’ve raised my concerns last week with both parties and have achieved nothing so far except a ‘like it or lump it’ attitude. Deeply unsatisfied.

The measures available and their finish are specified by the Scottish Government and we do not have control over that. However, we are currently reviewing the situation to see how we can answer your questions and make sure that you’re happy with the finished job.

The team of sub-contractors that work on the scheme are held to an extremely high standard through a dedicated performance management system and every single measure we install is independently inspected. We can assure you that your home will not be left in a dangerous state for you or your family.

We’re pleased that this work is likely to be completed at no cost to you and will leave your home warmer and more energy efficient. Our team will continue to work hard to make sure your application is successfully completed, but in the meantime please feel free to contact us on 0808 156 9568 at any point if you need more information or would like an update.

We are sorry to hear that you have decided to cancel your application. I understand a member of our customer service team went out to visit you along with our appointed sub-contractor in order to try to find a way to proceed, which we now know was not possible.

As we mentioned before, as this is a grant-funded scheme, we have to adhere to the specification set out by the Scottish Government for the measure(s) installed and that includes their requirements around the finish of the works. We try really hard to accommodate all situations, but unfortunately some things are beyond our control.

Prior to the contractors arriving, a surveyor from Warmworks spent some time measuring the job, and explained what was required. I needed to do some preparation work beforehand, lifting some lino tiles and floor plywood, which l was happy to do.

The day before the job, a carpet fitter came to roll back and carefully loosen off all the carpets necessary to expose and open the floor. A lorry arrived with the new boiler, radiators and pipes, and this was stored in a room. It was explained that this needed to be stored securely in the house, and not outside in the close.

On the day the contractors arrived and began work immediately. They explained that, because the house was a worksite, and technically risky for me, they preferred if l remained isolated in part of the house out of their way (fully understandable), or out of the house altogether, to allow them to get on with their work undisturbed. I chose the latter.

On return in the afternoon, the house had been returned to normal, with all floorboards having been replaced with no damage. The equipment had been installed, and if there had been any mess, it had been cleared up. The workings of the new equipment was explained, and l signed off the paperwork. The carpet fitter returned and secured all the carpets. For such a major upheaval, it had all passed very smoothly and seemed well-organised.