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Click to expand…Hey, I am looking for all Washington motorized cyclists out there. I am working with a friend, local congressmen/women and an acquaintance that has ties with the Attorney General of Washington State. I am in the process on making up some paperwork so I can get a copy of a bill to be seen and approved before the Senate can have it read before the committee. The request is so simple, all I just want them to do is just adopt Arizona’s laws of motorized bikes.

I have talked to a Washington State Patrolman who expressed his interest in motorbicycling, and found out why… He is from Arizona and knows their laws are so plain and simple. This officer has seen a few people in my town with motorized bikes and decided to check the legalities. He told me that there is no set definition to what a motorized bicycle is… He said that occasionally he will get inquiries from sheriffs or police department about them. He is saying that it’s all legal and in the open right now until there are set of defined laws for motorized bikes, and he mentions that it is legal in Arizona and recites their laws.

Depending on the dahlia shows (I show dahlia flowers professionally), I would like to have a forum/conference about asking the congress to discuss on a Motorized Bike Law. Of all of the times I have been riding motorized bikes, only 2 police officer harass me about it. There is a cop that I used to be friends with (he has known me for over 35 years, when I was just a tot), has harassed me about my bike and calling it an "Illegally built motorcycle" on the top of that, he pointed out to my bike trailer and told me that’s bad news. He told me that is a thief’s tool. I was just about ready to argue with him and he threatened to throw my ass in jail on 5 citations. Well, after I have talked to the mayor, who is supportive of me, I have made 1 cop extremely pissed off at me, and he cannot lay a finger on me. The mayor brought up a memo to the Police Department to leave guys that have trailers on their bikes alone, unless they are in areas where they are not supposed to be. ie.. alley-ways as Cowlitz County has an anti-salvaging laws. If you are in the alley, and a cop sees cans or stuff out of the trash destined for recycling for money or scavenging, that is when they can ask – as long as "plain view doctrine" applies. There is a local sheriff that has harassed me about my bike because of the lights, and the ‘no riding of scooters after dark’ laws. Well, 1st of all, my bike is not a scooter, and 2nd of all. I have made this sheriff stop complaining about me. I have 2 lights on my handle-bars (1 – 60 watt halogen and 1 9-bulb LED flashlight with a driver on it. Plus, I have 2 tail-lights on (3 if I have my trailer on). I decided to push my luck and to find where this sheriff sleeps some of his days… I sped right past him, and then went around the trail and did it again, then went to the store. I went in, got some groceries, and he was just standing there, scratching his head.. I said "See Ya!" and sped off into the dark. I am always changing my configuration until I find the best one possible. Plus, going to make a solar charger for the batteries.