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Moreover, a moratorium was declared in the state in 2014, decided by Governor Jay Inslee, a Democrat. electricity questions grade 9 In a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, more than two thirds, or 69 percent, of those interviewed in the state had declared themselves in favor of life imprisonment for those who committed a murder, instead of the death penalty.

“The death penalty is becoming an anachronism nationally, in part because society has evolved, matured and better understands that it’s a flawed system of punishment,” reads an editorial of the Seattle Times , which also speaks of a “proud day” for the state and recalls that 19 other states already had preceded the state of Washington in abolishing the death penalty.

As mentioned above, in almost half of the 50 states of the Union, i.e. 20, the death penalty has been abolished or declared unconstitutional. electricity in salt water experiment Besides the State of Washington, these are the following (in chronological order): Michigan (1846), Wisconsin (1853), Maine (1887), Minnesota (1911), Alaska (1957), Hawaii (1957), Vermont (1964) ), Iowa (1965), West Virginia (1965), North Dakota (1973), Massachusetts (1984), Rhode Island (1984), New Jersey (2007), New York (2007), New Mexico (2009), Illinois ( 2011), Connecticut (2012), Maryland (2013) and Delaware (2016).

While in Vermont the abolition is not total, in the sense that it remains in force for those guilty of high treason, in some states the abolition of capital punishment dates back even to the 19th century, such as in the cases of Michigan and Wisconsin, where it was struck down before the American Civil War (1861-1865), in 1846 and 1853 respectively.

In four other states there is a moratorium on the execution of the death penalty: in Oregon (since November 22, 2011, with view to abolition), Colorado (since May 22, 2013), Pennsylvania (since February 23, 2015) and finally in the most populous of all the US states, California (since July 17, 2014). electricity deregulation choices and challenges In other large states, however, such as Florida and Texas, the death penalty has remained.

Even the Supreme Court of the United States has been dealing with the death penalty recently, in two cases in particular, notes the Catholic News Service website (October 11). gas in back symptoms The first comes from a specific case in Alabama, concerning the legitimacy of executing a prisoner suffering from dementia if he no longer remembers the crime for which he was sentenced to death.

The second is based on the case of a detainee imprisoned on death row in the state of Missouri. gas gas This prisoner suffers from a rare medical condition that could cause him severe pain if he were to be executed by lethal injection. The question is whether he can be put to death by a less painful method because of his medical condition, for example through the use of gas.

According to Fides (published in Italian), about 1,267 inmates await execution on Malaysia’s death row, which is 2.7 percent of the country’s entire prison population of 60,000 people. “Our opinion is that the death sentences already imposed should not be executed. We support the possibility of commuting their sentences,” said Catholic activist Hector Fernandez, a member of the Non-Governmental Organization: Malaysians Against Death Penalty and Torture (MADPET).

The amendment to the Narcotics Control Act of 1990 defines for the first time the tablets of yaba (a synthetic substance based on methamphetamine) as a drug and then proposes the death penalty as the maximum sentence for “producing, smuggling, distributing and using more than 5 grams of ‘yaba,’” explained the cabinet secretary, Mohammad Shafiul Alam.

There is fear of a war against drugs similar to the one that President Rodrigo Duterte is carrying out in the Philippines, characterized by a very high number of extrajudicial killings. Since the middle of May, Bangladeshi security forces have killed over 200 people. According to the Odhikar human rights group, in more than a third of the cases the suspects were securely arrested before being killed.

Even in eastern Europe there are still executions. electricity vampires Belarus is the only country on the continent to maintain capital punishment, and for now it does not intend to take steps towards abolition, said the permanent representative of the government of Minsk at the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Jurij Ambrazevic, reports the Italian website, RaiNews . More than 400 death sentences for shootings have been carried out over the last two decades in the country, the site notes.