Waste management is imperative in delhi as the national capital inches closer to another deonar – firstpost

New Delhi: The Deonar dumping ground fire in Mumbai has not just exposed the fast deteriorating living conditions in India’s financial capital but also rung the alarm bells for the most notoriously polluted city of India — Delhi.

With the rising height of dumped solid wastes in the three landfills taking the shape of hills, the national capital is on the verge of an accident due to fire in dumped wastes, which can occur any moment, like the one happened in Deonar.

The Firstpost team visited two landfill sites Bhalaswa and Ghazipur — though environmentalists like to refer to them as ‘dumping grounds’ —and found fire due to continuous burning of wastes at the top of the dumped solid wastes. Gas leak The surrounding area was engulfed in thick choking smoke and unbearable stench of rotting solid wastes. Youtube electricity Vultures and crows were hovering over tonnes of garbage.

“It’s just a matter of time and it might happen any moment. Gas vs diesel generator It’s in an alarming state, as we can see wastes burning continuously, which can break into a major fire. Wd gaster battle There is no basic safety at these landfill sites. Gasbuddy touch Moreover there are residential localities close to these sites,” said Bharati Chaturvedi, director, Chintan Environmental Research & Action Group.

“It’s not just about the fire because fire keeps burning due to production of methane within the garbage, but it’s the smoke which is of concern due to its toxicity. Gas 1940 Like in Deonar, all talked about fire, but analysis should have been done to find out what caused that choking smoke. National gas average 2007 This smoke is dangerous because we don’t know the burning of what kind of waste – organic, e-waste, plastic, chemicals or batteries led to that smoke,” remarked Ravi Agarwal, director, Toxic Links.

• No system in place related to solid waste management – to get rid of the wastes. Electricity videos for students Resultantly, piled up garbage over the years has taken the shape of a hill.

• Besides natural burning of wastes caused by inflammable methane gas generated within the dump, people also put fire to burn wastes. Gas 87 89 93 This may take the shape of a major accident.

The three landfills in Delhi are not landfills in the true sense. Gas prices The environmentalists call it a garbage dumping ground, which makes these sites more prone to accidents.

“These are old dumping grounds and not landfills in the technical sense. Mp electricity bill payment online bhopal The concept of landfill came only after 2005-06, when standards were set. Npower electricity bill Since then, no new landfill site has come up in Delhi. Gsa 2016 new orleans In a landfill site one can have control over solid wastes. Electricity outage chicago There is process of segregation, recycling, minimizing wastes, etc in a proper landfill site. Bp gas station We can’t have hectares of prime land in the capital dedicated for dumping wastes,” added Agarwal.

A Delhi High Court-constituted panel had asked Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to identify new sites for two new landfills. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade The panel had recommended implementation of a policy focusing on the conversion of wastes to energy, compost and useful byproducts. Electrical supply company near me But till date there has been no progress in this direction. E payment electricity bill maharashtra The solid waste of Delhi-NCR is getting dumped in Bhalswa and Ghazipur sites.

“There’s a need to fundamentally alter waste management dealing in India and strict implementation of policies and regulations, or else it’ll become a menace. Gas variables pogil worksheet answer key We’re already facing the heat. Gas pump heaven Dumping of wastes is continuing in two sites, without any management of the solid waste. Q gas station Only dumps are getting created. F gas regulations 2015 There’s a legal ban on burning of plastics in Delhi, but people don’t care, which is adding to our existing air pollution level. Gas house pike frederick md The existing landfill approach is not sustainable, as there can’t be infinite waste. Electricity nightcore lyrics It has to be reduced through solid waste management approach, which anyway is not happening,” remarked Anumita Roychowdhury, executive director, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE).

“Segregation of wastes should take place at the source—organic waste should be separated from plastic and e-wastes; absence of it is leading to dumping of all kind of wastes together at one site,” added Roychowdhury.

“Like in Mysore or Aurangabad, we don’t have any facility of segregation of wastes and no systematic recycling in Delhi. Gas tax in new jersey Secondary segregation is must. Electricity quiz ks3 There’s no recycling of 60% of the organic wastes that can be used for making compost. Gas prices going up or down Some private companies are paid to recycle wastes, but that’s not sufficient. Electricity and magnetism notes There’s need for upgradation. Gaz 67 dakar Delhi government should create awareness and encourage citizens for primary segregation of wastes at home. Gas and water There should be strict policy for manufacturers of battery, consumer packaged foods etc, to take back the packet of chips, drained batteries, etc at their own cost, as these can’t be recycled further,” added Chaturvedi.

“Through the day and night there’s a foul odour in air. Electricity worksheets grade 6 Whenever a strong wind blows, ashes and wastes from the dumping ground start floating in the air and land in our houses. Gas mask ark Earlier, municipal corporation workers used to come and clean the locality. Gas monkey monster truck body Now no one bothers to visit. Electricity lessons grade 6 The quality of groundwater of this area has also gone bad and we can feel it,” Mohd Muftar Alam, a Madrasa teacher of Kalandar Colony close to Bhalswa landfill told Firstpost.

“Due to continuous burning of garbage, choking smoke engulfs the area. Impact of electricity in the 1920s You can see the smoke all around accompanied with a pungent smell. Gasket t 1995 Even the water smells so bad. Electricity synonyms There seems to be no solution to this problem,” Virender Ram, a resident of the colony lamented.

The responsibility of solid waste management in Delhi is with the five municipal authorities. Gastronomia y cia Right from generation, collection, storage, transfer, transport, processing to disposal of solid waste is done by different zones of the municipal corporation. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 4th grade According to the Delhi government’s waste management plan, in the absence of a proper landfill site, these five municipal bodies have been using the three garbage dumping sites.