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Just thinking about the trip makes me cry and laugh at the same time.The bus trip is fine if you can find a seat that is not broken and gas and water socialism dont mind the gas smell.When you arrive dont stand in line for the daulphin swim it`s a rip off.Those poor daulphin do nothing else but swim around for 7minutes with a tourist on their fins electricity and magnetism equations and voila its over.7minutes for 70 u.s. dollars thats hot profits.Keep your cash and give it as tips at your hotel instead.The rest of the park is a1950`s make believe of sea world,frontiertown,safari park and rip off artist heaven.The shows are sadly funny.Try to leave the park before the crowds cause if you dont …the bus will leave without you and they will keep you electricity outage chicago and feed you to the sharks….No they wont, the shark died last year but they still advertise it and dont look electricity nightcore for the petting zoo,that`s gone also.Manati park…watch it on your hotel t.v. station it`s much nicer and cheaper then being there..and to all you kids out there,forget the dolphin swim,they will end up dead and on your plate at you resort.

Hi everybody. Seven years ago, I made a trip to the Manati park during my holidays in the Dom. Rep. I enjoyed the stay, because this park is a nice electricity questions for class 10 place if your are an animal fan like me. Unfortunately I also read the stuff about the dolphins. That changed my whole opinion about this park. But please do not judge all the other parks, too. I think this is only a mistake made specjalizacja z gastroenterologii by the park’s leadership. Finally, you don’t have to close the park. There are many people who love these parks and they bring a lot of money for the Dom. Rep. so that it can still offer the youtube gas laws opportunities you want to have during your stay…as a tourist. If the government could change the leadership and use people who have experiences with animals and, furthermore, if the government would now use the money to restructure this park for an animals’ treatment like it has to be, the park could be reopened gas welder salary within one year and as a matter of fact, the dolphins should then have a big sea-water pool and the Dom. Rep. receives more money from happier visitors. Dom. Rep., think about it, it is a nice park with the wrong persons! Change it, make it more attractive and you will see, it is for your own advantage!

I was in the DR from Jan11-Jan18/04. The country is beautiful but I feel the need to warn people NOT hp gas online TO GO TO MANATI PARK. First, the entire park is based on commercialism, everywhere you go someone snaps a picture, at the gates, with a parrot, with the Village entertainers, which you must pay $8US for gas in back and chest if you want it. You are not allowed to take your own picture of these events. The worst is the dolphins. The tank is tiny and full of chlorinated water, rimmed with sunscreen and or bugspray. You are required to pay $70US for Swim with the Dolphins which entails about 10 minutes in the water along with up to 9 other people at the same time. As you leave the water another gas monkey bar and grill picture is taken with the dolphins (another $8US). I was disgusted by the size and care of the dolphins (and no I did not do the swim) Since I returned I have read numerous articles that state the dolhin tank there is the worst in the world. Many animal protection agencies have been trying to close the park for the last 3 years gas and supply. Four dolphins were reported to have died in one day, most likely due to over chlorination of the water. I went with an open mind, was disappointed with the park and disgusted with the treatment of these beautiful mammals. As long as this park continues making money, more dolphins will be abused and die. Please think before you condone this. There are nyc electricity consumption many other wonderful adventures to take in the Punta Cana area.