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Of all his interests, his main focus was always “Family First�. He was the loving father of Marita M. Poline, Joanne Bohr & husband Bob, Margaret Kaplan, Dorothy Washer, Andrea Henry & husband Richard. He was the devoted grandfather of Michele, Robert, Jennifer, Michael, Daniel & Thomas and special great grandfather of Samantha, Jason, Henry, Mackenzie, Ella & April. Barney was predeceased by his brother Alexander. Meet The Candidates

Payments can be made at the following locations:
St. John: Islandia Building, 18-23 Enighed, St. electricity review worksheet John, VI 00830 (776-6737)
St. Thomas: Builders Emporium, 52E-1 Estate Thomas, St. Thomas, VI 00802 (776-8505)
St. Croix: 1105 King Street, Government House, Christiansted (773-6449)
1131 King Street, Suite No. 101, Christiansted (773-6459)
4008 Estate Diamond (Department of Finance, Sunny Isles (773-6449)
Lagoon Street Commercial Building No. 1, Frederiksted (772-3115) Please Help Keep It Clean

Posted July 1, 2018 As you may have seen, the dump is all cleaned up from the debris left on the ground after hurricanes Irma & Maria. (See the photos above.) FEMA contractors and VI Waste Management did a great job of slowly chipping away at the pile. As of late, WICA hired Flacco to manually load lumber into the bins to maximize space in the bins. Murf donated his time and tractor to load the bigger items into the bins. Thank you Murf!

Posted March 6, 2018 After some VERY wicked and wild high seas, Honeymoon Beach looked like a large rock pile. Not for lomg though! Intrepid Water Islanders converged on the beach and the dock to clean it right up and make it presentable. astrid y gaston lima reservations Heidi made sure coffee was available for all the volunteers! Good job to all that cleaned up! Thank you Julie Northup for the pictures!

On Friday, February 23, 2018, Water Island was fortunate to have been paid a visit from Department of Public Works Commissioner Nelson Petty, thanks, primarily, to the efforts of Erik Ackerson. The Commissioner was accompanied by Special Assistant Kinila Callendar and Supervisor Sean Brown. Mr. Ackerson was unable attend due to other commitments, so WICA President David Roselle stood in for him. The group was joined by Colette Monroe, Policy Advisor to the Governor.

The primary purpose of the visit was to survey the status of roadside debris removal in response to complaints that some areas had been overlooked and the job of removal was not yet complete. The group made a partial tour of Water Island, stopping to observe remaining debris, and discussion followed regarding solutions. Some of the areas visited were the Firehouse yard, Fort Hill Road, Main Road and Honeymoon Beach.

During the course of the visit, we were informed by Ms Monroe that, subsequent to tours of the island that she made after the two hurricanes with representatives of FEMA, twenty seven projects have been noted and tentatively approved for improvement, including road repairs, removal of downed trees at Honeymoon Beach, repairs to Upper Flamingo (firehouse) Road, and repair of the Dinghy Dock. WICA has little information on the projects, as WICA was not informed of, nor invited to participate in, these surveys, nor the scope of any mitigation or repairs decided upon. The Commissioner explained that financing for these projects, as well as funds for the work that has already been done on island, are still in the hands of the Federal Government, thus stymieing the efforts of DPW. It is frustrating to all concerned. The revelation of these plans is encouraging, nonetheless, and Mr. Roselle, on behalf of WICA, asked for a comprehensive list of the projects so that all Water Islanders may become better informed of plans for the island, and we expect the list to come soon via Ms Monroe. When the approved projects list is received from Ms Monroe WICA will make sure it is available to all Water Islanders.

Roadside grass cutting was among other subjects discussed during the visit. electricity units of measurement Acknowledging DPW�s limited funds, WICA has assumed much of that responsibility. Mr. Roselle requested at least one cutting by the VI Government in 2018, and asked that he be consulted about scheduling in order to maximize the benefit. Additionally, he requested more reclaimed asphalt for the dump road to replace what Irma washed away. Commissioner Petty advised that presently, DPW has no more of the material, but said that more would become available as road repaving projects on St. Thomas are able to be resumed. electricity and magnetism notes During the tour of the island, the condition of other roads was apparent as well.

Mr. Roselle expressed the Civic Association�s desire, as representative of the majority of Water Islanders, to be included in the planning of recovery efforts, and to have a “seat at the table� on future matters relating to the island. Commissioner Petty appeared to think the request reasonable and, at the end of the tour, stated that he will request the Corps of Engineers to bring equipment back to the island to complete debris cleanup.

If past is prologue, and based on our discussions, Water Islanders have reason for cautious optimism. The Department of Public Works has been helpful on several past projects, including last year�s WICA project of paving the Deepwater Dock Road with reclaimed asphalt, for which DPW provided material and trucking at no cost to Water Islanders. As we all are aware, problems remain, and, inevitably, unexpected delays will occur. WICA will continue, with the help and support of other civic minded residents like Erik, to represent the interests of all Water Islanders. Thank You Again WISAR!

Since one can never say “Thank Youâ€ÂÂ? too many times, WICA, on behalf of all of its the members, would like to take this opportunity to again thank Water Island Search and Rescue for their leadership and efforts in the aftermath of the two Category 5 hurricanes that struck in September. From day one, September 7, 2017, Water Island couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated group of people to support our residents, whether in the form of distribution of much appreciated supplies, support or information.

It is important to recognize that IrMaria was a true “trial by fire� for WISAR. Hurricane Irma was the first catastrophic hurricane to strike the Virgin Islands since the organization was founded, and then to be followed two weeks later by hurricane Maria is an almost unimaginable challenge for an untested outfit. grade 9 electricity test and answers WISAR�s performance has been exemplary, thanks to a lot of hard work by dedicated individuals.

Posted February 5, 2018 WICA organized and paid several of our members to make your ride to the trash transfer station a little smoother. Members Stuart Butler, Cliff Moore and Patrick "Murf" Murphy, joined forces on behalf of WICA to create a smoother path to the transfer station. We’re still hoping that DPW will be able to provide more reclaimed asphalt to replace what was washed away in IrMaria, but in the meantime, we hope this helps. If your neck doesn’t hurt after a trip to the dump, you know who to thank. Sad News For Water Island

It is with much sadness and sorrow I share the passing of my mother Margot Edith Hoepfner last Friday Jan 26, 2018. I was holding one hand my brother John the other when she took her last breath at my brother�s home. She was surrounded by family and loved ones and left this earth peacefully after a brief illness. The top picture of her was at Christmas just 30 days prior and the other a beautiful woman with hope and promise of a bright future! She was 88 soon to be 89 in May. She joins my father Gunter Hoepfner who passed away September 26, 2016.

She survived World War 2 in Germany and orphaned at 19 with a 13 year old sister to raise. She married Gunter and immigrated to USA in 1956 with 2 children speaking not a word of English. They successfully started a men’s clothing store “Gunterâ€ââ€?¢s" in 1959 which operated for 41 years. She always supported the business and provided the loving home life we all needed.

As everyone knows, Water Island, along with our sister islands, was devastated by two Category 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria, in September. electricity generation efficiency Many homes were damaged, some severely. We lost Schaeffer Hall and the small pavilion on Honeymoon Beach, and Heidi�s Honeymoon Grill was blown away. Dinghy�s Beach Bar and Grill sustained severe damage as well. The landscape went from green to brown in a day. Many roads became impassable, and Flamingo lagoon became a pileup of damaged craft. electricity year invented It was a bleak time on the island.

A government hired contractor, Rumina Construction, has been working since early October on clean up, starting with Honeymoon Beach. The pavilions and restrooms were demolished and hauled away, boats that had washed ashore were removed, and fallen trees were cleared. The accumulated limbs, etc in the “green dumps� have been loaded onto trucks and removed from the island, and the debris and ruined household goods are being hauled out of the transfer station, as well. They are slowly progressing, and the island is looking better each week

Water Island Search and Rescue, under the direction of Rachael Ackley, took charge from the very first day, opening up the firehouse to displaced residents, distributing relief supplies and disseminating information as it became available. The firehouse became the go to place for residents� needs. WICA donated $10,000 to help WISAR fund needed supplies. WISAR received and installed a 15 kw generator, which had already been provided by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security with the help of Todd Patton of VITEMA, to serve the firehouse, which enabled them to provide important services.

Thanks go to Colette Monroe, who has worked tirelessly representing the VI Government in directing the recovery effort. When Colette isn�t busy keeping an eye on progress on the island and making sure that resources are being used efficiently, she�s meeting with FEMA representatives and other Federal and Territorial officials, reacting as conditions and priorities change.

On October 14, as Water Islanders were lined up for the gas truck (provided by Tri Island Energy every other week), we were thrilled to witness the arrival of 28 linemen from the states, along with bucket trucks and other equipment. These electrical workers have worked diligently, setting poles and stringing wire. Additionally, they have become honorary Water Islanders, doing jobs that weren�t theirs to help restore normality, including refloating the dinghy dock. We are grateful to them for their tireless efforts, and our electrical transmission lines are in better condition now than they have been in many years. They tell me that our appliances should last a lot longer now! There is good reason to believe that electrical service could begin to be restored on Water Island next week!

It�s hard to single out individuals, when so many Water Islanders have contributed so much, not only to the work, but to keeping Water Islanders� spirits up. Sunday pot luck meals on the beach and breakfasts at the fire station, have promoted our feeling of community, and we thank those who are performing these labors of love. I would be remiss to not commend Millie Lovett, who has been a whirlwind of activity, organizing and leading cleanup days, among other efforts,, including a trip to the states to purchase supplies and secure donations. gas vs electric oven review Millie set up a GoFundMe account, and has collected and spent over $20,000 providing relief goods and services to Water Island. Millie has become a valuable member of the community and an inspirational example of the power of a positive attitude. Be sure to thank her when you see her.