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Description: If a pump has a dedicated meter, the electricity used on the meter, in kilowatt hours, can be correlated to a water volume using a pump test. If a dedicated meter is not present gas natural or available, a device called a sub-meter can be installed by qualified electrician. This method requires a log book and occasional data entry to track usage over time gas weed.

Advantages: The Kill A Watt™ electrical meter shows how much power a pump is using.The Kill A Watt™ electrical meter is for various indoor uses with gas vs electric stove standard 110V 15A wiring systems.The meter costs about $20 at home improvement stores. Indoor/outdoor commercial-grade sub-meters are $200 to $300 with some more sophisticated (3phase-240V-200A) systems with monitoring data ports are $400. Once the kilowatt-hours to gallons relationship is determined and calibrated, accuracy is relatively good under steady-state conditions.

Disadvantages: Commercial satellite gas prices going up in nj imagery is often more costly than other types of measuring devices. Satellite imagery at the required resolution may not gas in texas be available in a timely fashion to estimate water use for Statement reports by July 1 of the following year. This method provides an estimate of crop consumptive use, but not the amount diverted from the stream. Crop Duty Estimates/Consumptive Use Estimates

Disadvantages: Crop duties depend on a number of variables being consistent, if not constant, including: soil moisture, average daily temperature during the growing season electricity outage austin, precipitation, method of irrigation, groundwater percolation, soil type, crop type and variety, and availability of nutrients. Since these factors vary seasonally and by location, a crop duty in one area may gas in spanish not be applicable in another area. Other Water Duty Estimates Other Than for Crops

Description: Water diversion pumps using diesel or gas engines that run z gastroenterol continuously typically use x gallons of fuel to pump y amount of water. If the amount of fuel use can be correlated to the amount of water pumped using a calibration procedure, a relationship may be developed between the amount of fuel used and the amount of water pumped. This can give a reasonably good estimate of the amount of water pumped gas stoichiometry examples based on the amount of fuel used to run the diversion pump(s).

Description: This method involves using a float and a stopwatch to estimate the velocity of flow by measuring the time it takes for a float to move a given distance. Since the float is near the top of the cross-sectional flow, it does m gasol nba not represent average velocity. The average velocity can be determined by multiplying the velocity at the top of the cross-sectional gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 flow by 0.8 (Vavg = Vfloat x 0.8). To determine the discharge, you will need to measure the area of flow in the channel and multiply times the average velocity (discharge = velocity x area).

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