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We hired Gala Girl II for a short break from Summercraft. We had a great holiday and enjoyed our time on the boat, and had types of electricity great instruction from Summercraft staff to get us underway. There was however an issue with the bedroom lighting, which caused damage to the lining of the cabin. This could have been dealt with in a friendly, amicable and professional manner. Unfortunately for us, Sue at Summercraft decided to approach things altogether differently. The front cabin of the boat had a fixed internal light that gas laws worksheet with answers couldn’t be moved, it had a toggle switch beneath it. The bedroom light however was a light that swivelled, allowing the light storing electricity in water to be directed. This light fitting was fitted with what we were told later was an ’indicator bulb’, which protruded from the fitting. After being on the boat for a couple of days, we noticed that at some point the bulb had been pointed upwards, making contact with electricity out in one room the roof lining, making a burn mark due to the heat of the bulb. I think a lesson to learned here is to use an LED bulb, which generates very little heat and would be fit for purpose in a confined space, and not likely to be a fire risk. We wasn’t certain when the damage was done, we didn’t notice any smell, but pointed out the damage straight gas 99 cents a litre away upon our return. We didn’t admit liability as we didn’t remember creating the damage electricity prices per kwh 2013, but did say it may have been from our usage of the light. We may have added to previous damage, we just don’t know for sure, and said as much. We were told not to worry about it, and left with our fuel deposit check. All was 10 gases and their uses well. Sue who I understand to be the owner of Summercraft, called me 30 minutes later to discuss the ‘substantial damage’. She asked if we could return so she could ‘adjust the fuel deposit cheque’. Being a reasonable person I travelled back to Summercraft to discuss the matter. Sue then proceeded to be very rude and aggressive. She relentlessly questioned me, in her words questioning me ‘like a barrister’, but in reality not listening to anything I had to say. She denied that there may have electricity song lyrics been any design flaw in the lighting that was fitted, and denied that LED lights would have prevented the situation. I would stress electricity 101 youtube again that regardless of who created the damage the situation would not have occurred had the lighting been fixed like the front cabin light, or not movable, or a low heat / LED bulb. I’ve worked in customer facing environments and had to deal with angry customers that won’t listen to reason, won gas after eating yogurt’t listen to what you have to say, and basically just want to shout at you. This felt like that, but with reversed roles. A very unpleasant experience. The cheque we received for £76 pounds was a fuel deposit cheque, not a deposit for damage. Sue appeared to take great pleasure though in tearing up this cheque in front of me. It seemed like she called me back simply gas you up for the drama of tearing up the cheque, highly unprofessional, rude and discourteous behaviour. She certainly didn’t want to have a conversation, as she wasn’t interested in anything I had to say. Prior to this we had a great time exploring the Norfolk Broads, and our dealings with the boatyard were fine. A 5-star review would have been given, it’s a real shame electricity physics problems that Sue ensured that we left our holiday on a real sour note.