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James owned a large successful Television Post Production facility in Manhattan. In 2010, James sold his company to a large conglomerate and was given a non-compete. Though unable to retire due to his children not yet graduated from High School, they were forced to think early on about their retirement years. Though there was never a doubt that Florida would be the perfect location for retirement, they feared that their dream of living with a spectacular water view near the beach would not be affordable by the time they were ready to move. During their search, they came across a home that was a vacation rental and it was then, they met Sabrina. She explained to them how it was done and what would be needed. Jim and Lucille felt that this was a perfect solution to being able to maintain a home in Florida, without having to be absentee landlords. With that in mind, they searched for a home that would fill the needs of a vacation rental home and can easily be converted to their dream retirement home in the future. They wanted a location that was in the middle of everything yet felt quiet and private. They searched for a specific size and floor plan that could be renovated, into their dream home, in years to come. This little gem of a house was the perfect fit for everyone and after adding the major upgrade of the pool, it was easy to furnish and decorate. Lucille and Jim take great pride in providing an affordable home that gives families a taste of how pleasurable and peaceful it can be, to live in south Florida. Enjoy!

We rented both the three bedroom and the one bedroom units for six people for nine nights the third week of June. The pool is great and so is the location on the intracoastal and it’s close to the beach. But the house is dated and has several issues. I knew going in that it was dated- you can tell by the pictures. It was clean and spacious. But the air conditioner, central AC in part of the house, does not work well. It stayed hot in the two smaller bedrooms even with fans going. And we had a plumbing back up the morning after we got there in the one bedroom. The property manager came and tried to plunge it and it backed up into the shower. She, a cleaning person and a child stayed there for hours until the plumbers came and unclogged the plumbing in the attic. Meanwhile a shower in the three bedroom unit also backed up. They fixed it, unclogging the pipes in the attic and cleaned the bathrooms. Two days later we called them because the dry rotted vertical slats in the one bedroom unit kept falling out and there was no privacy and my parents couldn’t sleep for the light coming in the window. We had tried putting them back in and they would stay for a while and fall back out. They replaced the slats. We thought all was well after that- we had been inconvenienced by their home maintenance items- but after we left we received an email that they are keeping our deposit and filing an insurance claim. I was shocked! How could they possibly blame us for a toilet back up that happened less than twenty four hours after we arrived and slats that were broken when we got there? I have rented houses, condos, hotels, etc. for over twenty years and have never heard of anything that ridiculous. We didn’t even have children with us. It’s an old house with old plumbing and it’s in real need of an update. I just cannot believe they would say these things were damage caused by us! I would suggest that any prospective renters not select this house or this management company. There are some very beautiful houses in the same area that are more updated and better maintained.

This Family created the bathroom issues, I have a plumber reports, I was there all day on Sunday with my maid , a maintenance person and plumbing service (the client was on the beach after to have sent me a text message on Sunday Morning that the bathroom overload on the floor and she needs help, instead she left…) . The plumber stated the Stacks were cleaned, the clog was inside the toilet. Because both toilet are connected, the next door toilet overflowed as well. I got pictures of the damage etc…Also they damaged 9 binds slats, my maintenance person has to replaced all of those and two towels has an hole. She did not admitted that they have created this issues. After the check-out I told her that I would open a claim with the property damage protection insurance to refund the expensive the owner has to pay for her negligence and hold down her security deposit until the insurance would refund me and then I would refund her. Instead she disputed the amount with American Express and complained with HomeAway. Both American Express and HomeAway open an investigation and they gave me reason. So now the last thing she could do, give me a bad review.