Watermelon diet rules and results weight loss the quebec telegram gas efficient suv 2010


Girls are willing to go to great lengths just to quickly lose weight. Can sit on a boring diet with the calorie counting. To fundamentally change the power, removing the whole bunch of harmful and useless products. Finally drive themselves into a rigid frame, leaving the menu only selected vegetables and fruits. Whatever the diet, it is always naveivaet fears and doubts: will pluck, will fall short before the end, again gaining weight. In such cases, comes to the aid of brightness. Watermelon diet: eating watermelon in large quantity promotes weight loss. How many days you can eat the flesh of the watermelon and lose weight? What is the number of cotton aphid culture is eaten during the diet period? How many will take pounds, if the diet is a watermelon? Versed in all aspects watermelon diet: say goodbye to the myths and shaping the reality. Weight loss: diet watermelon classic

1. Figures. How much can and should eat the flesh of the watermelon to cover the daily rate permitted calories and start losing weight? The calculations are simple. Start from the General mass of his body. For every 10 kg take 1 kilogram of watermelon. Depending on weight can run against a decent daily serving.

3. Liquid. The pulp of watermelon is a lot of fluid. However, drinking clean water is not only can even need. It is advisable to reduce the volume. Thus it is necessary to closely monitor their feelings. The kidneys receive a large load of watermelon days.

5. Out of the diet. This is an important question. After three days on the watermelons, to pounce on food and to absorb everything impossible. The body is only acclimatized to a limited diet. Gradually begin to introduce vegetables, fruits, grains. Food should not be heavy. A few days can add dairy and meat products. This way you will secure the effect from the done work. Watermelon diet: watermelon with rye bread

Option watermelon diet, which combines watermelon and other product not be a classic. In this form, except watermelon to a diet losing weight is added to rye bread. Maximum quantity is 2 pieces per day. Thus, your body receives more nourishment, and a feeling of hunger occurring less frequently. The number of watermelon wealth remains in the same range, with a classic diet. What results to expect from a watermelon diet? Positive reviews a lot. Someone dumping quite a lot: up to 7 kilogram. But for someone losing weight stops at 2-3 kg. on the first day out excess fluid from the body, then begins the slow process of fat burning.

Watermelon diet you can stick from 3 to 10 days. Three days suitable for classics of the genre, with only a watermelon and clean water. A week, you can safely sit on the melons, rye bread and liquid. While the indications of health must be taken into consideration. The maximum number of the latest version of the diet is 10 days. Next is the body can not withstand. After a week eat some watermelons, albeit with a slice of bread, it becomes psychologically difficult. If you feel that such a task you can’t handle, better to limit your three-day diet, consuming only watermelon and water, without bread. Watermelon diet for weight loss: what’s the catch?

Many girls looking for the catch in a modest watermelon diet. Reviews on forums and social networks. In fact, everything is very individual. The main body which will be entrusted with the important mission working these days — not even a stomach and intestines. Kidneys. They will have to cope with a large amount of liquid. She will be actively excreted from the body. Due to this, watermelon diet some experts believe hard enough.

What are the benefits of power one watermelon? Bile ducts improve their work. Blood begins to be updated faster and better. The nervous system is developing its tireless processes. A lot of pluses worth it just to see and consider. The main advantage of temporary watermelon diet cleansing of the body. Toxins are, though in small quantity. Choose organic fruit to use is not to cause harm to your body. Integrated purification runs in almost all systems and on all levels simultaneously. Just imagine what a tremendous work is going on in your body during this period. So, after reviewing all the “pros” and “cons” of the watermelon and diet on some watermelons. As needed in consultation with your doctor. Focusing on your health, desire and restraint – start the diet on the watermelon pulp.

Most of all, watermelon contains water. Mineral salts in the water are no exception. Therefore, the water-salt balance is maintained normal. Second place content in watermelon is fiber. She is the main advantage of watermelon. For intestinal beneficial bacteria is the best treat. Magnesium, which is a series of processes in the body, watermelon are ensured for 60 % of the daily requirement of the mineral. Antioxidants, albeit negligible quantity in the watermelon, however, they are still there. Thus, the inner content of a dietary product decent. In the diet period your body will need certain nutrients. However, proper nutrition watermelon diet can not be named. Diet on the watermelon: who is contraindicated

Watermelon “wealth” can bring not only benefit in terms of reduced weight and cleanse the body, but harm. There are a number of diseases, which eating a watermelon Goodies in this quantity can lead to serious consequences. Diabetes, problems with the digestive system and kidney stones are in the first place. In this case, a watermelon diet is exactly contraindicated. Everything else is by feel and with the permission of a specialist.

A few days after eating watermelon on a diet strict enough, you can understand his personal feelings, it is easy if you are given this test or is there some discomfort, anxiety. If this feeling is present, but there are no contraindications. It is better to leave alone watermelons, listening to the “thoughts” of his body.